Upper Division Pathways to Success

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has created the Upper Division GE Pathways to Success to allow you to choose from a selection of courses that share similar themes, while also fulfilling your nine units of upper division General Education requirements.

This program, open to all majors, provides a variety of multidisciplinary and interrelated courses which provide knowledge and equip you with transferable skills to increase your marketability. The CSUF catalog is vast and selecting from one of the stimulating Pathways listed below will focus your learning toward a specific theme and provide a competitive edge in your career path.

Gain the knowledge and skills that embody the ideals and values of a liberal education. Explore the website pages and for more information contact one of our advisers listed below.

Program Requirements

  • Complete 9 units of Upper-Division Pathway courses

  • Attend 1 co-curricular campus event related to your Pathway

  • Complete a two-page self-reflection paper

On successful completion of the requirements, the student will earn a Certificate.


Contact Info

Julianne Vartanian, Retention Specialist



globalization Globalization

The Globalization Pathway will encourage students to think critically about global issues that transcend beyond geographic and political boundaries.

human rights and social justice Human Rights / Social Justice

The Human Rights/Social Justice Pathway offers students a cross-disciplinary opportunity to learn about and focus on issues/theories/research related to social justice and human rights challenges.

innovative leadership Innovative Leadership

The Innovative Leadership Pathway is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be innovative leaders and make an impact on society.

Power and Politics Power & Politics

The Power & Politics Pathway explores the relationship between political access and power in order to understand this dynamic at a national, international and transnational level

sustainability Sustainability

the Sustainability Pathway will have the opportunity to take a series of interdisciplinary courses that interweave the social, economic, and environmental pillars of sustainability.