Faculty members who teach in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are scholars who are devoted to study and research in their own professional fields and committed teachers who care deeply about the intellectual engagement and growth of their students.  The College is proud to be home to over 200 faculty members who, together, represent an elite group of nationally and internationally recognized scholars, authors, and teachers.



The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is extremely proud of its accomplished faculty – world-class intellectuals in every department and program. H&SS professors are experts in their fields. They conduct research, publish books and papers, are quoted in the media, present at conferences, and win awards.

How do we describe our faculty? Passionate. Dedicated. Driven. Accessible. They drive our rich and rewarding curriculum, which connects and combines classical liberal arts with outstanding professional study.

We are happy to list the awards received by our faculty and congratulate them for their outstanding efforts.


2022 H&SS Awards Recipients


This year we received twenty-two nominations for the six HSS Faculty Awards. The quality of these applications was, once again, truly impressive and it was a difficult task to select from the high number of exceptional applicants. The high quality of the nominations is a testament to the commitment and excellence of the faculty of this college.


Distinguished Faculty Member

Stephen Stambough,  Politics, Administration, and Justice

Outstanding Scholarship and Creativity

Dustin Abnet, American Studies

Outstanding Teaching

Natalie Novoa,  African American Studies

Outstanding Service

Sarah Hill, Politics, Administration, and Justice

Outstanding Untenured Faculty Member

Trevis Matheus, Geography and the Environment

Outstanding Lecturer

Phuoc Duong, Anthropology/Asian American Studies



2022 Dean’s Faculty Scholarly Achievement Award


Lucia Alcalá -- “A cultural lens on Yucatec Maya families’ COVID-19 experiences” in Child Development.

Jesse Battan -- “What is the Correct Revolutionary Proletarian Attitude toward Sex?”: Red Love and the Americanization of Marx in the Interwar Years” in Marxism and America: New Appraisals.

Kevin Lambert -- “William Thomson’s Notebooks” in Symbols and Things: Material Mathematics in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.




2021/22 Dean's Research Award for Associate Professors


To assist associate professors in completing the research and publications necessary to attain the rank of full professor, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences has established a cash award for research for associate professors. This award has been funded by a gift from an anonymous emeriti faculty member and the Dean’s discretionary account:


Spring 2022

Eric Carbajal, Modern Language and Literatures
Satoko Kakihara, Modern Languages and Literatures


Summer 2022 Research/Writing & Pedagogical Innovations Stipends


Eddy Alvarez, Jr.,  Chicana and Chicano Studies
L. Maria Bo, English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics
Satoko Kakihara, Modern Languages and Literatures
Natalie Novoa,  African American Studies
Hiromi Tobaru,  Modern Languages and Literatures
André Zampaulo, Modern Languages and Literatures


2021/22 International Travel Grants


Fanny Daubigny, Modern Languages and Literatures

Sharon Kim, Sociology

Kevin Lambert, Liberal Studies

Mugdha Yeolekar, Religious Studies


2021/2022 Faculty Recognition: Scholarly and Creative Activity


We are proud of the H&SS faculty who were recognized for their outstanding records of scholarly and/or creative activity. Work produced between January 2018 and August 2021 was considered for the award

Dustin Abnet, American Studies

Sara Fingal, American Studies

Eric Estuar Reyes, Asian American Studies

Sarah Grant, Anthropology

Karen Stocker, Anthropology

Mario Alberto Obando, Jr., Chicana and Chicano Studies

David Kelman, English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics

Kenneth Van Bik, English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics

J. Chris Westgate, English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics

Jochen Burgtorf, History

Jamila Moore Pewu, History

André Zampaulo, Modern Languages and Literatures

Emily Kuffner, Modern Languages and Literatures

Alissa Ackerman, Politics, Administration and Justice

Lidia Nuño, Politics, Administration and Justice

Alexei Shevchenko, Politics, Administration and Justice

David Traven, Politics, Administration and Justice

Yuko Okado, Psychology

Nancy L. Segal, Psychology

Zakyi Ibrahim, Religious Studies

Anthony Alvarez, Sociology

Taylor Cruz, Sociology