HSS College Advising


Reasons to meet with your Major advisor Opens in new window :

  • Questions about your major requirements (e.g. which courses should you take)

  • A course you completed is not showing up in the correct area in your major

  • Your major GPA is below a 2.0

  • Which upper division baccalaureate writing course do you need?

  • Graduation Program information

  • Career related information 

Reasons to meet with a General Education advisor:

  • Understand how to read your Titan Degree AuditOpens in new window

  • Information on your remaining General Education requirements

  • For overall graduation requirements including your unit requirements – 120 overall units, 40 upper division units, 30 units in residence, minimum 2.0 CSUF and cumulative GPA

  • Major and/or minor exploration


Reasons to meet with your College Advisor:

  • You want to begin planning for graduation and have a minimum of 60 units earned and recently met with your major advisor

  • You are ready to apply for graduation

  • You have already applied for graduation​ and your Titan Degree Audit indicates under “Degree Checkout Status” that you are in Applied for Graduation or Department Review or Approved for Graduation

  • Candidates are to meet with your Graduation Specialist and NOT the College Advisor


Reasons to meet with the Graduation Specialist - This is a resource for students who have already applied for graduation and are CANDIDATES for their selected graduation term:

  • You are a student who has applied for graduation and have questions regarding your selected graduation date

  • You are a candidate for graduation and have received either a pre-audit or deferral (graduation deficiency) notice

  • You are a graduation candidate and have identified an error in your General Education or overall graduation requirements (for issues within your major please meet a major advisor)

  • You had previously applied for graduation but stopped attending California State University, Fullerton and now you want to complete your final requirements

  • The graduation term you applied for is no longer the appropriate term based on your remaining requirements

  • An unexpected graduation deficiency has been identified on your Titan Degree Audit


Reasons to meet with a Retention Specialist Advisor:

  • Your CSUF grade point average (GPA) is less than 2.00

  • Your Cumulative grade point average (GPA)  is less than 2.00

  • You are on Academic Notice 

  • Your academic performance is marginal grade point average (GPA) is between 2. 60 and a 2.00

  • You are on Continued Notice

  • You are need assistance withdrawing from a course

  • You are filing for retroactive withdrawal

  • You are filing for a medical withdrawal

  • You need to stop attending courses partially through the semester

  • You are taking a stop out semester while on Academic Notice

  • You are seriously struggling with academics


For questions or further assistance please contact the Student Success Center.