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What does Academic Probation mean?

 Academic Probation is when a student’s Cumulative and/or CSUF GPA falls below 2.0. The student’s academic status is then moved from Good Academic Standing to Academic Probation. 

The Academic Probation status is an official acknowledgement that the student is in jeopardy of being dismissed from the University if the difficulty persists. It is not necessarily meant to be punitive, but rather to serve as a wake-up call that the student needs to make some changes. Students on academic probation are expected to take steps to improve their academic progress. 


An HSS student who has been placed on probation must take these required steps: 

STEP 1: Complete the required Academic Probation Tutorial Video


STEP 2: Complete ONE of the options below.

If this is your first semester on PROBATION: Register and Attend ONE required HSS Academic Success Academy: Information Session. Information on how to register for a session will be sent to your CSUF email account. 


If you are on CONTINUED probation: Schedule an Appointment with a Retention Specialist. Instructions on how to make an appointment will be sent to your CSUF email account.

*All other information will be communicated to you directly via your Retention Specialists. For questions please email us at:  


What is Academic Disqualification?

An undergraduate student who begins the semester on academic probation is subject to academic disqualification at the end of the semester when the student's Cumulative and/or CSUF GPA falls below the specific minimum disqualification level for his/her class standing. 

A student can remain on academic probation for multiple semesters as long as his/her GPA does not fall below the disqualification level in relation to his/her class level. See the chart below:


Class Level

Unit Earned

GPA Level


0 – 29 units



30 – 59 units



60 – 89 units



90 or more units


Title 5, CA Code of Regulations, Section 41300; CSU Executive Order 1038


  • Limit your semester units to 14 maximum.
  • The fastest way to raise your grade point average is to successfully repeat courses in which you earned C-, or lower, WU or IC  to receive Grade Forgiveness. You can use Grade Forgiveness to repeat and replace the grade in your GPA up to a maximum of 16 units at CSUF.
  • Meet with both your Retention Specialist and Major Advisor to discuss all your academic options and identify resources that can help you improve your grades.
  • Remember to balance your course load so you don’t take more than two high difficulty courses at a time. 
    Attend Every Class, if something arises be sure to communicate with your professor about your situation  


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