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Cycling to Learn: Study Abroad Denmark

Biking in Copenhagen

Dr. Carrie M. Lane and a group of CSUF students cycled around Norrebro, Copenhagen, during an H&SS Study Abroad trip to Denmark last summer. Norrebro is one of Copenhagen’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, home to most of the city’s newest immigrants. On the tour, students learned about urban planning and policy strategies Denmark is using--with varying levels of success-- to manage its increasingly diverse population. Students experienced firsthand what it’s like to travel by bike in a city increasingly built for bicycles, rather than automobiles.

Copenhagen is an especially great destination for tourists and Study Abroad students because it is easy to navigate by bike (or on public transportation. The Danish people go to great lengths to keep their city accessible, environmentally sound, and user-friendly for families, professionals, and tourists alike. As students learned on the tour, good livable cities don’t just happen--they are the product of collective, ongoing efforts to build and maintain spaces in which people can thrive.

Grace Johnson, American Studies major, Sociology minor and Study Abroad participant, commented, “It was rewarding to see Copenhagen while partaking in its prevalent biking culture. In Copenhagen, people rely on their bikes for transportation, since bikes outnumber cars. The non-smoggy streets are filled with cyclists. The use of bikes has allowed individuals to engage in a healthy lifestyle while being environmentally conscious.”

In addition to their time spent biking and walking around the city, students also conducted service-learning with FoodSharing Copenhagen (https://foodsharingcph.org/), a non-profit organization that redistributes surplus food to eliminate food waste, students helped collect, organize, and distribute food. Students’ service-learning activities, which were funded by the CSUF Center for Internships and Community and Engagement, were part of the Study Abroad program’s broader focus on understanding diversity in Denmark.

Through assigned readings and class outings, students learned about different forms of diversity within Danish culture, including gender, class, race, national origin, and sexuality. The students learned to push beyond stereotypes of Denmark as an ethnically and culturally homogeneous nation to arrive at a more nuanced understanding of the country’s strengths as well as the challenges it faces. “Most Americans’ ideas about Denmark, about any other country, in fact, tend to be partial or even downright mistaken. I wanted students to see that Danes are not all tall, white, Nordic individuals, that Denmark is, in fact, home to a diverse population. I also wanted them to understand that learning about how other countries manage the challenges they face--economic, political, cultural, and environmental--can help us think better about our own country’s future,” says Lane.

“I recommend studying abroad to all students because it is a rewarding experience being immersed in and learning about a whole new culture. Even if you have some hesitations about applying to a program, I say go for it; there are people around who will answer any questions you may have. Coming into college, I never thought I would study abroad, but I decided to take a chance, and I am so grateful I did,” advises Johnson

Carrie M. Lane, Ph.D., is a Professor of American Studies at CSUF. Her research concerns the changing nature of work in the contemporary U.S. She teaches courses on work, women, community, disability, ethnographic research, and the theories and methods of American studies.

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CSUF student researchers look to sweet potatoes as natural alternative in fighting aggressive weed Opens in new window
U-ACRE: Digging Sweet Potatoes

This is the third story in an occasional series about how the Fullerton Arboretum, Cal State Fullerton’s U-ACRE program and Monkey Business Cafe in Fullerton are partnering to provide farm-to-table produce and teach research and life skills to CSUF students and youth who have been in the foster care system. This story focuses on how U-ACRE is testing an organic solution to a serious weed problem. Read more in OC Register.

American Studies Professor Unwraps a Gift-Giving DilemmaOpens in new window
online christmas shopiing

An ugly lamp, a too-small sweater, a figurine gathering dust on a shelf. 

"Gifts are one of the most difficult things for people to part with, even when they don't need, use or even like them," says Carrie Lane, a Cal State Fullerton professor of American studies. "But people hesitate to get rid of a gifted item because it feels like a slight to the person who gave it to them."


Faculty Contribute Presentations and PublicationsOpens in new window

Three faculty members from the Women and Gender Studies Department gave presentations at the National Women’s Studies Association conference in San Francisco, Latoya Lee, Xhercis Méndez, and Tala Khanmalek.

Sharon Sekhon, lecturer in American studies, gave a talk for Loyola Marymount University’s KaleidoLA speaker series.

Faculty and Staff Are HonoredOpens in new window

Shelly Arsneault, professor of political science, received an honorable mention at the Orange County Business Council’s 9th annual “Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet Awards” for her innovative leadership of the City Management Fellowship Program.

Donald Matthewson, lecturer emeritus in political science was recently honored with the conferral of emeritus status.

Scholar's Work Is Framed by Korean WarOpens in new window
Korean Children's Choir

Susie Woo's new book examines the postwar lives of Korean families. Growing up, Susie Woo's parents didn't speak about the Korean War. It wasn't until she was in college that they began to share their experiences.


Is Parenting Overrated?Opens in new window

How much does our DNA shape who we become? Four experts in science and psychology debate the classic "nature versus nurture" question with a eye toward recent breakthroughs in genetic science and DNA testing. Nancy Segal - Professor of Psychology, California State University, Fullerton & Director, Twin Studies Center argues for the motion.


Twinspiracies: The Truth About Twinspeak and MoreOpens in new window

Do twins communicate in the womb? Can they read each other’s minds? ELT tackles listeners’ twin questions and investigates some burning twin-spiracies. Guest: Nancy Segal, psychology professor at California State University, Fullerton, and author of Twin Mythconceptions.


'Cli-Fi' Literary Genre Puts a Human Face on Climate ChangeOpens in new window

Will the Carl's Jr. on campus one day be serving jellyfish?

Students in Nicole Seymour's "Literature and the Environment" class are asked to consider this question after reading Karl Taro Greenfeld's novel "The Subprimes," which focuses on the impact of climate change on foodways.


Research Presentations Include Talk by Rhino ConservationistOpens in new window
Rhino followed by Truck

For Lilia Illes, the compass pointed to South Africa, where as many as 1,000 rhinos are being killed by poachers each year for their horns.

Rhino horns are a valuable commodity in China and parts of Vietnam, where they are mistakenly believed to have medicinal properties — as a cure for cancer or an aphrodisiac, the geography lecturer,  told the audience at the "All Points of the Compass" event.


Campus Named a College of DistinctionOpens in new window
College of Distinction emblem

Cal State Fullerton has received national recognition for its student-centered approach to undergraduate education by the college guidance tool Colleges of Distinction.


Titan Alumna Fashions a Way to Fight Human TraffickingOpens in new window

"I first learned about human trafficking while I was an undergraduate student at Cal State Fullerton. I came across an article about sex trafficking in India and it stopped me in my tracks. I was absolutely horrified..."

Today, Blythe Hill '08, '11 (B.A., M.A. English) is the CEO and founder of the Dressember Foundation, an anti-trafficking organization that engages women and men in the fight to end modern-day slavery.



Wildfire Detection, Rhino Conservation Are Topics of Geography ConferenceOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton's Geography Club and Department of Geography and the Environment will host their annual "All Points of the Compass" conference Saturday, Nov. 2, in the Titan Student Union, Portola Pavilion A and B.

Free and open to the public, the conference showcases research from geography faculty, students, alumni and others.

Hansen Lecture to Focus on Digitizing Japanese American HistoryOpens in new window
Students with teacher in Manzanar library.

In the fall of 2013, Greg Williams contacted Cal State Fullerton's Lawrence De Graaf Center for Oral and Public History with a proposal to create a single website housing Japanese American history archives from various collections in the California State University system.

Today, the systemwide project has 14 collaborators — including COPH — and has received funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, National Archives, National Park Service and the California State Library.


'How to Let Go of the World' Climate Change Film to Be Screened on CampusOpens in new window
Nicole Seymour.

Campus and community members are invited to a free film screening and discussion of the award-winning climate change documentary, "How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change," Tuesday, Nov. 5, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. in the Titan Student Union, Gabrielino Room.


In Memoriam — Nathan WestbrookOpens in new window
Nathan Westbrook.

Nathan Westbrook, a lecturer in psychology for 14 years, died Oct. 11. Westbrook taught courses at the lower- and upper-division levels, including classes on critical thinking in psychology, cognitive psychology and the history of psychology. Colleagues and students have spoken of the care and kindness with which he supported the educational process of psychology majors, as well as students who took psychology courses to meet their general education requirements.

Historian Explores Human Migration at the U.S.-Mexico BorderOpens in new window
Border patrol truck.

Margie Brown-Coronel, assistant professor of history, is fascinated by the ever-shifting meaning of the U.S.-Mexico border and the way in which people navigate these changes. Her research areas include 19th- and 20th-century Latina history, and specifically, the Spanish-Mexican women (Californianas) whose families settled in California in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

 How Social Media Is Influencing the Impeachment ProcessOpens in new window
Social media icons overlayed on White House.

As the impeachment inquiry heats up in Washington, many are drawing parallels to the Nixon administration and Watergate scandal.
But Cal State Fullerton faculty members Scott Spitzer and Jason Shepard argue that it's difficult to make that comparison because today's political and media climate are vastly different — and one of the key reasons is social media.

 The Perks of Studying HorrorOpens in new window
moonlit night

"By looking at historical examples, students learn how to connect monsters to their moment," explained Adam Golub, professor of American studies. "How do monsters speak to what scares us, to what we hate, to what we don’t understand?"


Tori Hust persists in her political endeavorsOpens in new window
Tori Hust.

The political world is quick-paced, attentive and assertive. When it comes to making public policy changes, Tori Hust is very familiar with the work ethic and leadership advocacy in politics. 

Hust, a fourth-year senior and political science major, has built a remarkable portfolio in both student government and leadership. She initially declared her major in criminal justice, but after developing a passion for advocacy and public policy, she made the switch.    Titan News


In Memoriam — Wacira W. GethaigaOpens in new window
Wacira W. Gethaiga.

Recognized by the university as a "kind and helpful adviser to students," Wacira W. Gethaiga, professor emeritus of Afro-ethnic studies, died Oct. 9. 

During his 36 years of service at Cal State Fullerton, beginning in 1969, Gethaiga helped to establish and chair the Afro-Ethnic Studies Department. He and fellow faculty members hoped to increase black enrollment on campus with their curriculum and by visiting surrounding high schools.


Using YouTube to Power a Woodworking BusinessOpens in new window
Chris Salomone working with table saw.

While serving as marketing director for Cal State Fullerton’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences, alumnus Chris Salomone ’06 (business economics) launched Foureyes Furniture, a YouTube-based woodworking business that quickly grew. Last year, the 38-year-old quit his full-time job to focus squarely on his YouTube channel, which, at more than 437,000 subscribers, was rapidly becoming a lucrative income source and fulfilling venture in its own right.


World religions seen through a photographer’s lensOpens in new window
Religion through slides

Global photographers shared the narratives of natives from Mexico to India while contextualizing the religious and cultural themes they embody.

The religious studies department of hosted an informative event that explored everyday religion through photos. Guest speakers Sej Saraiya and Matthew Gush shared travel photographs and explained how they imply cultural context to what they have captured.


A fall lecture series kicks off with discussions about political conflict and sexual assaultOpens in new window
Ella Ben Hagai and Xhercis Mendez

Students and scholars gathered at the humanities and social science building to learn about political engagement between religious groups and the epidemic of sexual assault on university ground. Ben Hagai’s presentation on “Identity, Politics and Inclusion among Muslim and Jewish college students,” studied the relationships between Muslim, Jewish and Arab students on a college campus. Xhercis Mendez took the floor to talk about her findings in, “A transformative Justice Vision for Title IX in the Era of #MeToo.”  Titan News


CSU Pre-Doctoral Scholar Explores Narco Culture in LiteratureOpens in new window
Jessica Lombardo works with faculty mentor.

“I grew up hearing about the cartels,” says Jessica Lombardo, a Cal State Fullerton senior majoring in English, comparative literature and linguistics. Her family came from Sinaloa, the state in Mexico from which came ‘El Chapo’ — Joaquín Guzmán Loera.

“I was always interested in the differences in how narcos are portrayed here versus there.”

Lombardo has been studying narco culture as a McNair Scholar and was recently selected as a California State University Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholar.


CSUF Receives Nearly $11 MillionOpens in new window
CSUF Gateway seal.

Research into manta rays, electron scattering and emerging datasets for agriculture — as well as programs that encourage study in social work, allied health care and STEM fields — have garnered nearly $11 million in awards, grants and contracts during the first fiscal quarter of the academic year.

Grant recipients from the college include Kenneth Van Bik, assistant professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics; Brady Heiner, associate professor of philosophy; John Bock, professor of anthropology; Sheryl Fontaine, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Stacy Mallicoat, professor of criminal justice; Edward Knell, professor of anthropology; and Natalie Graham, associate professor of African American studies.


Graduate Students Learn the Ins and Outs of Managing a CityOpens in new window
City Management Fellowship

Strengthening the pipeline of professionals entering the field of city management, a Cal State Fullerton fellowship program is pairing four graduate students with mentors from the cities of Anaheim, Buena Park, Garden Grove and Mission Viejo.

Now in its eighth year, the City Management Fellowship Program gives students first-hand experiences in the workings of local government while also fostering collaboration between Orange County city leaders.




Scholars Serve Up Lectures on Food, Philosophy and PoliticsOpens in new window

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences presents its fall lecture series, focusing on the theme "Social Movements, Civic Engagement and the Movement of Ideas."

The free, lunchtime lectures will be held in the Humanities-Social Sciences Building, Room 219. For more information, visit the HSS lectures webpageOpens in new window .



Research Is a Passion for MARC ScholarsOpens in new window

Trevor Zimmerman-Thompson carefully places the petri dish under the lens of the microscope, picks up the syringe of mustard oil and squirts a little into the dish.




Equity Issues Depicted in the New Film “Hustlers”Opens in new window
Stripper Pole

Siobhan Brooks, associate professor and department chair of African-American studies, recently shared her expertise and research in a discussion about the recently released film, “Hustlers,” and the issues affecting strippers.





Campus Talk to Explore Everyday Religion Through PhotosOpens in new window
Religious Photo collage

Two photographers, including one Cal State Fullerton alumnus, will reflect on how religion is expressed in quotidian matters such as cooking, clothing and full-fledged ritual settings during an Oct. 8 talk hosted by the Department of Religious Studies.




In Memoriam — Jane W. HipolitoOpens in new window
jane hipolito

Jane W. Hipolito, professor emeritus of English, comparative literature and linguistics, died Sept. 23.

Hipolito, who served Cal State Fullerton from 1968 to 2005, taught a range of courses in American, British and Russian literature; science fiction; the Bible as literature; children's and world literature and classical mythology.




Faculty, Alumni Research and Expertise in Presentation and also Print
Opens in new window

Monica Hanna, associate professor of Chicana and Chicano studies, composed “Reframing the Border in Contemporary Mexican American Documentary.”

In October, Tsong and Eliza Noh, professor of Asian American studies, are among the presenters of “Women & Therapy: Asian American Feminist Scholars’ Reflections and Transformations” at the 2019 Asian American Psychological Association annual conference in San Diego. In addition, Tsong will join alumna


Faculty Researchers Share Expertise at Pollak Library's Noontime TalksOpens in new window
Earthquake researcher Sinan Açkiz studies a surface rupture.

Faculty were busy in the last couple of months, making presentations and having work published. Among them are Monica Hanna, associate professor of Chicana and Chicano studies, and Eliza Noh, professor of Asian American studies from the College of Humanities and Social sciences.





Faculty, Alumni Research and Expertise in Presentation and PrintOpens in new window
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty were busy in the last couple of months, making presentations and having work published. Among them are Monica Hanna, associate professor of Chicana and Chicano studies, and Eliza Noh, professor of Asian American studies from the College of Humanities and Social sciences.



Entrepreneurship Meets Philanthropy and PoliticsOpens in new window
Wu discussion panel.

A standing-room-only audience of political science and business students had an enlightening experience hearing three industry leaders share their experiences on entrepreneurship, philanthropy and politics.

The guest speakers were Kevin Xu, CEO of MEBO International; State Assemblymember Phillip Chen, and Brian Calle, CEO and publisher of LA Weekly and Irvine Weekly.


The 1A Movie Club Sees ‘Hustlers’Opens in new window
Keke Palmer, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu & Lili Reinhart

Inspired by a viral New York Magazine article, “Hustlers” tells the true story of former strip club employees who join forces to swindle their Wall Street clients during the 2008 financial crisis.

RPR’s reviews the movie “Hustlers” for meeting of The 1A Movie Club. This conversation features Siobhan Brooks, Professor of African American studies, at California State University-Fullerton, sociologist and author of, "Unequal Desires: Race and Erotic Capital in the Stripping Industry"



MARC Scholars Include Research on West Nile VirusOpens in new window
Macro look at a mosquito.

Cal State Fullerton students Kendra Paquette and Shaina Nguyen are focused on research they hope could help solve two problems that regularly appear in local and national headlines: wrongful convictions and the West Nile virus.

Their work is part of the Maximizing Access to Research Careers program which offers underrepresented and first-generation juniors and seniors the opportunity to conduct research and receive mentoring from faculty who help them prepare them for competitive doctoral programs.



History Professor Lends Expertise to New Miles Davis DocumentaryOpens in new window
Benjamin Cawthra.

"Throughout Miles Davis's career, fans and critics kept asking of his work, 'Is it jazz?' and he answered with something new that made them ask the question again."

Benjamin Cawthra, a Cal State Fullerton professor of history, recently lent his voice to a documentary on the legendary jazz trumpeter and composer, discussing the artist's early life, his beginnings with Columbia Records and the "Miles Ahead" album cover.



Are You Prepared For An Earthquake?Opens in new window
Earthquake simulator in quad.

Nearly every day, an earthquake strikes somewhere in the state of California.

To increase awareness of the dangers of earthquakes, such as the 6.4 and 7.1 quakes that struck the Ridgecrest area in July, and the importance of preparing for such events, University Police have scheduled two October programs for the campus.




Faculty, Students Receive HonorsOpens in new window
Langsdorf Hall exterior.

From fellowships and awards for research and creativity, Cal State Fullerton faculty and students continue to make their mark. Honors from HSS include:

The student chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society, has garnered its fifth Best Chapter award in six years. Valerie O’Regan, professor of political science, serves as faculty adviser to the university’s Epsilon Eta chapter.

Sawssan Ahmed, assistant professor of psychology, received the 2019 American Arab, Middle Eastern and North African Psychological Association’s (AMENA-Psy) Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Scholarship.



Experts in Pop Culture and Politics Join College of Humanities, Social SciencesOpens in new window
College of Humanities and Social Sciences building

Cal State Fullerton's College of Humanities and Social Sciences added eight new faculty members to its roster this fall. The scholars' areas of expertise span American studies, modern languages and literatures, philosophy, political science, psychology, and gender studies.




A Time to Explore: Students Dive Into Research in the Amazon RainforestOpens in new window
Students hiking in Amazon

A team of student researchers, led by Cal State Fullerton anthropology professor John Patton, traveled to Conambo, Ecuador in 2018 to examine life in the remote tribal community.



CSUF's Kenneth Van Bik Awarded National Science Foundation GrantOpens in new window
Kenneth Van Bik

With nearly two decades of linguistics research in the Tibeto-Burman area, Van Bik was recently awarded a National Science Foundation grant to study six endangered languages in his native country of Myanmar.



Student Digs Up Bone-Thrilling ResearchOpens in new window
Rachel Heil

Rachel Heil believes much can be learned from studying the dead.

The Cal State Fullerton junior recently received a National Science Foundation undergraduate research fellowship to study bioarchaeology at the University of South Alabama's Center for Archaeological Studies, and plans to pursue a career in forensic anthropology.



CSUF Among Top National Institutions for Enrollment, Degrees to Hispanics
Hispanic graduate waving at commencement.

Cal State Fullerton ranked eighth in the nation for Hispanic enrollment among the nation’s four-year schools in Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education’s Aug. 26 issue, “Top 100 Colleges for Hispanics.”

The university currently offers 110 degree programs and in fall 2018 had an enrollment of nearly 40,000 students. Hispanic/Latinx students make up 41.5 percent of the student body.



Anthropologist Honored for Planting Urban Agriculture Research ProgramOpens in new window
Sara Johnson

In recognition of her efforts, Sara Johnson, a professor of anthropology, has been named a 2019 recipient of the California State University's Faculty Innovation and Leadership Awards. The award acknowledges CSU faculty members who have demonstrated leadership to improve student success and outcomes in courses with traditionally low success rates or persistent equity gaps.



Exotic Dancers Organizing Against Decades of ExploitationOpens in new window
High Heel Shoes

Siobhan Brooks, associate professor of African-American studies, is among the experts featured in a recent New York Times article on the members of the stripping industry who are fighting to reform labor practices and end sexual harassment and discrimination in their workplaces.




Why Are We Still Talking About the Wage Gap in 2019?Opens in new window
Siobhan Brooks.

Siobhan Brooks, chair and associate professor of African American studies at CSUF, is an expert on cultural stereotypes, discrimination and pay disparity in a different arena than sales or nursing — exotic dancing. Her work highlights how racial stratification — inequality in social position and rewards based on race — affects wages among black and Latina dancers.




Money Magazine Ranks University in Top Three Percent of Colleges in Annual RankingOpens in new window
Female student studying outdoors.

Money magazine went in search of the key factors that make a university one of the nation’s best colleges, and in this month’s’ 2019 Best Colleges ranking, reported that Cal State Fullerton has what it takes.

Quality of education, affordability and outcomes, were among the factors that led to CSUF coming in the top 3 percent of colleges in the publications ranking: 22nd out of 744 universities across the country and a huge uptick from CSUF’s 2018 ranking of 84th.




Mark Twain’s Quest to Bring Affordable Watches to the MassesOpens in new window
Stephen Mexal

English professor Stephen J. Mexal's explores the history of the signature 'Mark Twain' pocket watch in his article for the Smithsonian.







Titan Voice - Andrea Poma Hernando: Mentors Inspired My Path to Law SchoolOpens in new window
Andrea Poma Hernando

My legs were shaking as I stared at Pamela Fiber-Ostrow, professor of political science, typing on her computer.

“Are you sure that you want to do this?” she asked. I looked around her office, I read all the signs on the wall promoting equal rights and funny political cartoons. I squirmed a little bit on her couch as she looked at me. This was the third time that I sat in her office, on her couch, applying for Moot Court. I took a deep breath and heard myself say, “Yes, I really want this.” Continue reading in the Orange County Register.



Titan Voice - Maria del Carmen González: Tragedies Open Door to Becoming a TherapistOpens in new window
Maria del Carmen González

As an immigrant from Mexico, I became aware at an early age that being a person of color came with unique challenges. So, my dream was to one day have a voice that would empower culturally diverse marginalized communities. At Cal State Fullerton, I found that voice as a result of being able to tell my story. 



Pushing Physics with Exotic Spacecraft PropulsionOpens in new window
Rocket launching a probe into space

Professor Heidi Fearn, a theoretical physicist, and James F. Woodward, professor of history, are combining their research to develop a hypothetical form of spacecraft propulsion so powerful that — if real — it could potentially push our species out to the stars.



The Challenges of the Growing Latino Middle ClassOpens in new window
Latino family sitting outside their house

Anthony S. Alvarez, associate professor of sociology at Cal State Fullerton, is quoted on the challenges facing the growing Latino middle class. Alvarez said, “We still do see high levels of what we would call income volatility, meaning that you have changes in your income from week to week, or month to month or even year to year. This oftentimes makes it very difficult to accumulate savings.”



In ‘Bad Environmentalism,’ CSUF professor advises humor over shame gameOpens in new window
Nicole Seymour

Nicole Seymour believes it’s important to have a sense of humor about the environment.

While mainstream environmentalists might be well-meaning, their dire warnings about climate change and other environmental crises can often have an undesired impact on their audience — inaction, says Seymour, an assistant English professor at Cal State Fullerton.



Exhibit Showcases Memorial Artwork and Its Historic ValueOpens in new window
Folded pamphlet of brass rubbings.

Throughout history, family and friends have attempted to memorialize their dead with images and likenesses. From the 13th through the 17th century, those images developed from stone or wood effigies to monumental brasses.

O’Neal is curator for a new exhibit in the university’s Pollak Library, “Lords and Ladies in Black and White,” which highlights the creation of the brasses and the once popular hobby to create rubbings, or copies, with colored wax over paper laid atop the etchings.



A Summer of Research for MARC ScholarsOpens in new window
MARC Researcher Kendra Paquette works on her computer.

MARC Scholar Kendra Paquette performs an analysis of her research findings. The psychology major is spending the summer using machine learning techniques and social media activity to predict alcohol use disorder in undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Other student researchers from the college include Amanda Golden-Eddy, psychology at the Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) at the University of Michigan and Gerardo Sandoval, psychology at UCLA.



Research, Programs Garner More Than $6 MillionOpens in new window
Individual looking at Langsdorf Hall.

Programs and services that Cal State Fullerton offers to area schools and businesses are among the research and efforts that have received more than $6 million in funding during the period of April 1 through June 30. Funding recipients from the college include Laura Gil-Trejo, director of the Social Science Research Center.




MARC Scholars Ready for Next Challenge: Grad School and a Ph.D.Opens in new window
Erick Auginaldo speaking at commencement.

For 23 years, a Cal State Fullerton program has offered underrepresented and first-generation students an opportunity to conduct research and receive mentoring, all toward the ultimate goal of advancing their educational journey into a research career.

The National Institutes of Health-funded MARC (for Maximizing Access to Research Careers) program began with six scholars and high hopes. MARC Scholars from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences who graduated this spring include, Erick Aguinaldo, Sara Garcia and Vanessa Sanchez.


Campus Announces Faculty Tenure, PromotionsOpens in new window
Professor asking question in front of classroom.
The Office of Faculty Affairs and Records has announced the tenure and/or promotion of 21 HSS faculty members. The achievements are effective Aug. 19.




In Memoriam — George L. FriendOpens in new window
George Friend
George L. Friend, a leader and educator who served the campus community for more than 30 years, died June 6 at the age of 86.




In Memoriam — Perry JacobsonOpens in new window

Perry E. Jacobson, professor emeritus of sociology, died June 2 at the age of 83. The scholar and educator served the campus community for 42 years, teaching more than 320 classes, as well as chairing more than 50 master thesis committees. 


Center Celebrates 50th Anniversary Preserving Oral History for Future GenerationsOpens in new window
Lawrence de Graaf smiles at friends during the COPH celebration.
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Cal State Fullerton’s Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History (COPH) recently invited many of its students, founders and supporters to campus for a day of lectures, programs and a celebratory reception. The afternoon of speakers and panels included center founders and directors, students and alumni, campus history faculty and oral history narrators who have had their stories recorded by COPH and reflected on the experience.




In Memoriam — Tony BellOpens in new window
Tony Bell
Tony Bell, professor emeritus of sociology who served the campus community for 33 years, died May 19. He was 83.

Bell, who joined CSUF in 1968 as a lecturer, was recognized for his research in death and how people react to it. He taught a popular course on death and dying, and trained hospice volunteers in bereavement counseling to help families and patients deal with death and the emotions associated with it.



Faculty, Students Receive Honors for Research and Classroom ContributionsOpens in new window
Several Cal State Fullerton faculty and students have received regional and national honors for their contributions to their fields and as mentors and educators in the classroom. Among recent honorees are Nicole Seymour, associate professor of English and Geography and the environment graduate students Elois Joseph-Pieterse and Olivia Hinton.


Sociology Major Uses Second Chance to Give Back to CommunityOpens in new window
Mir Aminy
Aminy, who graduates Sunday with a bachelor’s in sociology at Cal State Fullerton, has been volunteering at the Higher Ground Youth & Family Services after-school program since last year. It started as a service learning project for one of his classes, but he quickly completed the 40 hours. He finished 120 more internship hours there two weeks ago, but keeps coming back.



In Memoriam — Charles FrazeeOpens in new window
Charles A. Frazee

Charles A. Frazee, professor emeritus of history who served the campus community for 22 years, died May 14 at the age of 89 following a short illness.





University Celebrates Academic Milestone of CommencementOpens in new window
Graduate shillouette

Cal State Fullerton continues all the ‘pomp and circumstance’ of commencement while bringing a streamlined approach to ceremonies this year by eliminating the University Ceremony and focusing on college and department ceremonies.





Student Activism, Nuclear Physics Among Topics for Upcoming SabbaticalsOpens in new window
Langsdorf Hall

Fifty-seven faculty members have been awarded sabbatical leaves for projects ranging from books and publications, artwork creation, research and classroom development. A further 12 faculty were awarded difference-in-leaves, according to Faculty Affairs and Records.




Abrego Future Scholars Overcome the Odds to Earn a College DegreeOpens in new window
Tovar and student Roxana.

Cal State Fullerton graduating senior Roxana Ordoñez wanted to continue her education after high school, but was not encouraged by her family. She became the first person in her family to attend college, and this month, will be the first to earn a college degree.

Ordoñez credits the university's Abrego Future Scholars Program for giving her the financial, academic and emotional support to attend and finish college. She will earn a bachelor's degree in liberal studies and plans to pursue a teaching credential to become an elementary teacher.


OLLI Award Winner Embraces Life With Curiosity and ZealOpens in new window
Enemy Non-Alien

Anneke Mendiola has lived a colorful life, and this May she will add yet another hue when — at the age of 82 — she graduates magna cum laude with bachelor’s degrees in liberal studies and philosophy from Cal State Fullerton





Meet the Kitaokas: The Only Japanese Americans Displaced from Brea, California During World War IIOpens in new window
Enemy Non-Alien

During WWII the US Government considered Japanese Americans to be foreign enemies on the home front. Shamefully in 1942, more than 120,000 Japanese Americans were deprived of their Constitutional protections and subjected to forced relocation and incarceration; their loyalty to the country was questioned simply because they looked like the enemy. The Kitaokas were the  only  family of Japanese descent living in the city of Brea, California when the US entered the War in 1941.



Threads of UtopiaOpens in new window
Military UniformThe Threads of Utopia exhibition is a small snapshot of the German Democratic Republic and a selection of her uniforms. It makes an effort to show the uniform traditions of East Germany both in the military as well as in the civil services. Juxtaposing the background and transformations of the GDR’s uniforms and related paraphernalia are stories and a concise history of the GDR that show the East German leaders’ desire to shape the lives of their citizens from cradle to grave, what happened to those who did not fit in, and how the socialist experiment ultimately collapsed.



African American Activists: Spotlight on the Freedom CenterOpens in new window
MLK and Malcolm X

The African American Activist exhibit chronicles the social activism of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, the Black Panthers, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the life of Angela Davis from 1969-1972, which includes her controversial termination from UCLA, time as a fugitive of law, subsequent incarceration and release from jail and her speech that was given at California State University, Fullerton.

Items in the African American Activists exhibit are from the University Archives & Special Collections: Freedom Center at CSUF.


Class of 2019 Guardian Scholars Celebrate College Accomplishments
Christina Bennyworth hugs President Virjee

Graduating Guardian Scholars from Humanities and Social Sciences include Andres Beltran, sociology, Christina Franklin-Bennyworth, linguistics, Yesenia Gomez, sociology, Jesayha Hamilton, psychology, and Ebony Mixon, sociology and ethnic studies.





Titan Voice - Ginny Oshiro: From Incarceration to GraduationOpens in new window
Ginny Oshiro

Growing up, I excelled in school and felt excited and fulfilled by all the possibilities available to me through education.

Regrettably, those opportunities changed for me as a teenager, and I battled a life-threatening addiction into adulthood. But the path that led me to my redemption at Cal State Fullerton helped me reconnect with that same hope and excitement for the future that I had when I was younger.




Student Leaders and Organizations Honored at Tuffy AwardsOpens in new window
Fifth annual Tuffy Awards

The fifth annual Tuffy Awards, held May 2, honored the contributions of the more than 350 registered student organizations at Cal State Fullerton.

Senior Mirvais Aminy received the Titans Leaving their Legacies Award from Carmen Curiel, associate dean of students for CARES Services.




President's Scholars Celebrate Upcoming GraduationOpens in new window
Graduating President's Scholars with Virjee

Gathering on a beautiful spring evening, hundreds of Cal State Fullerton faculty, staff, alumni, students and families celebrated the upcoming graduation of 16 President’s Scholars and welcomed 17 new students to the program. Seniors from the Humanities and Social Sciences include Shreshta Aiyar, B.A. history, American studies, Riley Greenough, B.A. English and Luke Rodriguez, B.A. political science.




New Campus Center Fosters Brotherhood Among Men of ColorOpens in new window
Male students pose for photos

After Joshua Kelly arrived at Cal State Fullerton, he found himself not liking college or his classes. He hadn’t made any new friends and was dealing with personal issues. But the track and field athlete found his footing when he became involved with the Male Success Initiative-Fullerton program.




CSUF Students Shine at Statewide Research Competition to Win Top AwardsOpens in new window
CSU Student Research Award

Undergraduate Kendra Paquette, a psychology major, and Jessica Barragan, who earned a bachelor's degree in psychology in 2018, delved into research that focuses on eyewitness identifications of disguised suspects since eyewitness misidentifications are the leading cause of wrongful convictions.




McNair Scholars: Advancing Their Dreams of Advanced DegreesOpens in new window
Darnell Calderon presents his research.

Members of the McNair graduating class from the college of Humanities and Socia sciences include Erick Aguinaldo, Judith Avila, Darnell Calderon, Shayna La Scala and Christina Mu.





Students, Faculty and Partners Lauded for Support to Community
Students, Faculty and Partners Lauded for Support to Community

Students, faculty members, and community partners have been recognized with Community Engagement Awards for their collaboration to address community needs through academic internships and service-learning courses. Among them was graduating senior Mir Aminy, sociology and Saul Tobias, associate professor of liberal studies.




Ed Royce Gifts Congressional Papers to Cal State FullertonOpens in new window
Royce Edward

In the first gift of its kind for Cal State Fullerton, retired U.S. Rep. Ed Royce has donated his congressional papers to the university’s Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History.





Campus to Host Statewide Student Research CompetitionOpens in new window
Evelyn Bond works on surf perch research.

Cal State Fullerton is the host campus for the 33rd Annual California State University Research Competition April 26-27.

Student competitors from the college include Natalie Clark, psychology, Kendra Paquette and Jessica Barragan, psychology.





Philosophy Professor Named a Carnegie Fellow
Liu Jeeloo

Philosophy professor JeeLoo Liu has joined a rare group of social science and humanities scholars and writers. On April 23, the Cal State Fullerton chair of philosophy was named a 2019 Andrew Carnegie Fellow.





Campus Empowers ‘Invisible Voices’ at Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month
APIDA History Month 2019

Michael Perez, professor of sociology and faculty athletics representative, served as keynote speaker at the reception. A native Pacific Islander and Chamoru/Chamorro with family roots in Guam, Perez highlighted several themes from the languages of four Pacific Islander groups: the Chamorus/Chamorros of Guam, Kanaka Maoli of Hawaii, Samoans of Samoa and the Kirabati.




Got Twins? Education Isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Experience
LGBTQ Graduate with rainbow inspired cap.

Psychologist Nancy Segal, a nationally recognized expert in twins, and founder and director of the Twin Studies Center at Cal State Fullerton, cautions schools should not take a one-size-fits-all policy with class placement for twins and multiples.





Gift Addresses Challenges of LGBTQ TitansOpens in new window
LGBTQ Graduate with rainbow inspired cap.

Bob Ericksen was inspired to launch the Ericksen LGBTQ Grant Program, which provides financial assistance to LGBTQ-identifying students who have been affected by an unforeseen emergency, crisis, catastrophic event or personal hardship. Support may include funds for basic living expenses, such as housing, transportation or academic funding due to loss of familial support. 




University Awards Recognize the Work of TitansOpens in new window
University Awards 2019

Hundreds of campus faculty, staff and administrators joined in celebration today to honor and recognize the many milestones and achievements accomplished by Titans.





In Memoriam — George Giacumakis

George Giacumakis,  professor emeritus of history and director emeritus of Cal State Fullerton’s Irvine Campus, died April 4 following heart surgery.





‘Be a Lincoln!’ Readings Create Historical Learning Experience
Spanish Civil War Illustration

Consul General Francisco Javier Vallaure de Acha from the Consulate of Spain in Los Angeles, faculty members and students will represent members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and other participants from the Spanish Civil War in a Thursday, April 11, “performative and participatory historical experience” titled “Be a Lincoln!”

The 2-4 p.m. program in Room 360 of the Pollak Library will include a presentation of period artifacts from the Cal State Fullerton Pollak Library Special Collections.



Faculty and Staff Awarded Nearly $3 Million in Grants, ContractsOpens in new window
CSUF Campus

Cal State Fullerton faculty and staff have been awarded grants and contracts for scientific research and student support programs across the campus. Among award recipients during the January-March quarter where Sheryl Fontaine, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Jessica Tessler, a lecturer in psychology. 



Science at Root of This Flourishing FarmOpens in new window
Flourishing Farm

Lady bugs are a sign of good luck... and they’re all over Cal State Fullerton’s Arboretum. U-ACRE, which is Fullerton’s community-based, hands-on research experience, is exposing a new generation of students to food science. 

Anthropologist Granted Fulbright Award to Study Preschool Children in NorwayOpens in new window

Nga Nguyen

Nga Nguyen's curiosity about the world began at an early age in the pages of her favorite books and continues to deepen today in her work as an evolutionary anthropologist. "As I get older, I'm more confident in saying, 'I don't know, but I want to know more,'" she says.

The Cal State Fullerton professor of anthropology was recently awarded a nine-month Fulbright Scholarship to study how time spent in nature affects Norwegian children's play behavior and microbial diversity. OC Register articleOpens in new window


Human Rights, Sex Crimes, Disabilities Among Topics for HSS WeekOpens in new window
HSS Building

From social justice presentations and research symposiums to film screenings and resource fairs, 25 campus activities are scheduled for Cal State Fullerton's annual Humanities and Social Sciences Week.




Crime and Justice in the BorderlandsOpens in new window
CSUF Students in Judge Ruth Bermudez Montenegro's courtroom

Twelve Cal State Fullerton students spend five days along the vast stretch of land where California and Mexico meet, deconstructing the challenges surrounding immigration.




Philosophy Symposium to Address 'The Diversity Question in Science'
Painting by Kyung Sun Cho

Philosophy and women's studies scholars will gather at Cal State Fullerton April 11-12 to address "The Diversity Question in Feminist Philosophy of Science" during the 49th annual Philosophy Symposium. Free and open to the public, the two-day event features seven presentations that will be followed by responses from CSUF students.




Student Research Efforts Showcased at Student Research, Creative Activities DayOpens in new window

Undergraduate and graduate students from across the college disciples stood proudly next to posters detailing their research endeavors as part of this week’s Student Research and Creative Activities Day.


'Empowering Invisible Voices' Is Focus of Heritage MonthOpens in new window
Student dance performance

Cal State Fullerton's annual celebration of Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month, observed in April and May, will address the theme "Transforming Words to Action: Empowering Invisible Voices."





Female Leaders’ Authentic Stories Inspire at President's ReceptionOpens in new window
Women's History Month

Charlesetta Medina, small business specialist and entrepreneur-in-residence at Cal State University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, knows a lot about the obstacles that women leaders face. From being unsure which direction to take, encountering failure and having a limiting mindset — she has experienced all of them.




Campus to Host Statewide Student Research CompetitionOpens in new window
Evelyn Bond works on surf perch research.

Cal State Fullerton is the host campus for the 33rd Annual California State University Research Competition April 26-27.

Student competitors from the college include Natalie Clark, psychology, Kendra Paquette and Jessica Barragan, psychology.





Titan Voice - Miriam Tellez Sorrosa: A Dreamer's Visit to the State of the UnionOpens in new window
Miriam Tellez

"I am overwhelmed, reminiscing about the evening of Feb. 5, when I shared the space with the 116th Congress of the United States. Attending the State of the Union speech with the current identities that I hold was an experience so powerful and exhilarating that, to this day, I am still processing its impact on my life. The opportunity Congressman Gil Cisneros shared with me uplifted my spirit, broadened my horizon, and taught me that caring is what makes one extraordinary."



Scholarship and Award Gala AnnouncedOpens in new window
Graduate being presented with master's sash

The African American Faculty and Staff Association Annual Awards and Scholarship Gala, a faculty-staff recognition and fundraising event for student scholarships, will be held Friday, March 15, from 5:30-11 p.m. in Portola Pavilions of the Titan Student Union.




History Faculty Member to Discuss 'The Muslim Question'

Aitana Guia, assistant professor of history, will give a lecture on "The Muslim Question: The Current Struggle for Belonging in Europe and America" Wednesday, March 20, at the Fullerton Public Library. The free, public event takes place from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Community Room. For more information, click link above.


24th annual Psychology Day sparks students interest in internshipsOpens in new window

Students attended presentations hosted by psychology professors and panels for graduate schools, along with learning information about internships on Psychology Day on Monday.



Oral History Center Honors Former Sheriffs, Political LeaderOpens in new window

Community and political leaders joined members of the campus community in celebrating the lives and oral histories of three county giants during the March 7 “Celebrating the Legacy of Orange County’s Political History” event hosted by Cal State Fullerton’s Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History.



Titan Voice: Study in Vietnam Awakens the Senses, Inspires Future ResearchOpens in new window

My journey with a dozen Titans to Vietnam and the K’Ho Coffee farming cooperative, 10 kilometers north of Dalat, was part of a Jan. 1-19 student abroad trip led by Sarah Grant, an assistant professor of anthropology who has been researching the Southeast Asian coffee industry for more than a decade. Continue reading in the Orange County Register.Opens in new window



Black Excellence Shines at President’s ReceptionOpens in new window
Gwen Alexis delivers the 2019 Black History Month keynote address

When considering the words “black excellence,” Gwendolyn Alexis says she found herself “traveling back in time.”

The keynote speaker of the Feb. 27 Black History Month President’s Reception took her audience on a journey to “the continent of Africa, in a civilization older than time,” to the great libraries of Timbuktu and the kingdoms of Queens Amina, Sheba and Nefertiti. O.C. Register articleOpens in new window



Third Spring Lecture Series EventOpens in new window
Interdisciplinary Conversations: Community, Identity and Belonging

“Conversations on Community, Identity and Belonging” is the theme of the lecture series hosted by the College of HSS. Members of the campus community are invited to bring their lunches and listen to the presentations held in Room 360 of the Pollak Library.

Monday, March 18 - “Los Angeles: A Proustian Fiction in a Noir City" and "Building Interfaith Spaces on Campus,” noon-12:50 p.m.



Campus Names New EmeritiOpens in new window
 Titan letters at sunset

President Fram Virjee has awarded emeritus status to several individuals during the month of February including Nancy Fitch, professor emeritus of history, in recognition of 32 years of service to Cal State Fullerton. 





New Research Shows Microscopic Organisms in Gulf Limit Greenhouse Gases and Global WarmingOpens in new window
Kylie Caesar in National Park
Geology alumna and national park ranger Kylie Caesar and her faculty research adviser, Sean J. Loyd, led a collaborative study that focused on mineral formation by a community of unique microorganisms — tiny living organisms invisible to the naked eye — in the U.S. Gulf Coast subsurface.




Two Grad Students Take Three Minutes to Win Campus Grad SlamOpens in new window
Grad Slam Winners

Graduate students Benjamin Stanonik and Erica Stemmler made short work of Cal State Fullerton’s first Grad Slam contest, in which competitors had three minutes and use of a single slide to present their thesis research. They walked away with the competition’s top prizes.

Other competitors from Humanities and Social Sciences include Joshua Cawley, Eztli Herrera-Gardea, Hilary Keil, Erika Orozco, Christopher Ortega, and Blanca Quinteros.



Iliad International Reading Event, March 22

During the week of March 20 to 24, libraries all over the world, are inviting readers to reconnect with the first Western epic, to rediscover the Iliad. If would you like to join us as a reader, March 22 from 12 to 2 pm, or know of someone who would, please contact Patricia Prestinary, pprestinary@fullerton.edu or call 657-278-4751.


Students Learn Lessons of Grit and Drive From Latino Entrepreneur and AuthorOpens in new window
George Pla speaking to students

A dozen Latino students from across majors had the opportunity to gather for an informal conversation this week with entrepreneur, philanthropist and author George L. Pla who relayed the obstacles, challenges, as well as the triumphs, of pursuing the American Dream.




Leadership, Authenticity Are Focus of Women's History Month CelebrationOpens in new window
Women's History Month Illustration

More than 25 other events are planned for Women's History Month, including  "RBG" Documentary Screening and Discussion, hosted by the Division of Politics, Administration and Justice, Thursday, March 27 at 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Gordon Hall, Room 205




A Window Into the AmazonOpens in new window
CSUF student Cristian Acevedo collects palm fronds to thatch a roof

Cal State Fullerton researchers examine life among the tribal community of Conambo, Ecuador, led by anthropology professor John Patton.




University to Honor Visionary AlumniOpens in new window
Vision and Visionaries awardees

Five Titan alumni and an honorary alumnus will be recognized for their service and support of the university on Thursday, Feb. 28, during Cal State Fullerton’s annual Vision & Visionaries dinner and celebration at El Dorado Ranch.

This year’s honorees include Elizabeth Macias ’95 (B.A. psychology and ethnic studies), superior court judge, County of Orange receiving the Distinguished Alumna Award.



Second Spring Lecture Series EventOpens in new window
Interdisciplinary Conversations: Community, Identity and Belonging

“Conversations on Community, Identity and Belonging” is the theme of the lecture series hosted by the College of HSS. Members of the campus community are invited to bring their lunches and listen to the presentations held in Room 360 of the Pollak Library.

Tuesday, February 26 - “Creating a Holocaust Landscape in Wartime France” and “The “Black Friend”: A History,” 11:30 a.m. - 12:50 p.m.


Faculty Members to Present Research at Spring Conferences Opens in new window

Thomas Fujita-Rony, associate professor of Asian American studies, participated in a Jan. 30 panel discussion on “Japanese Internment and America’s History of Family Detention” presented by UCI’s School of Law.

Brittney Hofer Swanson and Connie Moreno Yamashiro, assistant deans in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, will present workshops at the Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators’ 11th annual Best Practices Conference April 14-17 in Riverside.

Alissa R. Ackerman, assistant professor of criminal justice, will deliver a presentation on “Sexual Violence Prevention: Accountability and Responsibility in the Post #MeToo Era” at the 2019 Continuum Conference in Ontario, Canada. 


CSUF professor Karen Linkletter retiring after 15 years at CSUFOpens in new window
Professor Karen Linkletter sitting in her office.

Finishing a 15-year tenure as a professor of American Studies at Cal State Fullerton, Karen Linkletter will be retiring at the end of the spring semester.





CSUF DACA Recipient Attends State of the Union AddressOpens in new window
Miriam Tellez

Miriam Tellez, a 22-year-old sociology major, showed her support for the recipients of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program at the State of the Union address. Tellez, one of 20 immigrants in attendance, met two of her political heroes, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi.




Titan Alumni Selected for Competitive Capital Fellows ProgramOpens in new window
Minerva Jimenez and Phyillis Macharia

From Santa Ana to Sacramento, two Cal State Fullerton alumni are gaining firsthand experiences in California's government branches as members of the 2018-19 class of Capital Fellows.





Center for Oral and Public History to Celebrate Three Orange County LeadersOpens in new window
Brad Gates, Sandra Hutchens, Richard O’Neill

Cal State Fullerton's Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History will honor three community leaders at its annual "Celebrating the Legacy of Orange County's Political History" event Thursday, March 7, at the Summit House in Fullerton. The event features a 5:30 p.m. reception and 6 p.m. dinner and program.





Undocumented Youths' Experiences in America & Activism Focus of New CourseOpens in new window
Kimberly Cruz Alvarez

Student Kimberly Cruz Alvarez and her education faculty mentor Julián Jefferies know firsthand what it's like to be undocumented and living in the United States.

Cruz Alvarez is a "Dreamer" who came to America with her mother from the border town of Mexicali, Mexico, as an infant and grew up in Los Angeles. Jefferies, a native of Argentina, dreamed of a college education in this country and ventured to the U.S. as a young adult, where he experienced obstacles and unknowns about his future.




Dreaming of Change: DACA Student Attends State of the Union AddressOpens in new window
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, CSUF student Miriam Tellez & Gil Cisneros

Miriam Tellez, a sociology major who plans to graduate in May, recently had an experience she won’t soon forget. Brought to the United States from Mexico when she was eight years old, Tellez is a Dreamer — one of thousands of undocumented residents who arrived in America as children. Last week, this Dreamer attended the State of the Union address, as the guest of U.S. Rep. Gil Cisneros (D-39th).



Droughts, Desert Studies & Female Screenwriters Among Faculty TalksOpens in new window
Zzyzx students conducting research

The free "Faculty Noontime Talks" are scheduled for noon-1 p.m. at Pollak Library.

Monday, April 22 — "Organic Intelligence," by Bach Ho, lecturer of philosophy and computer science
Tuesday, April 23 — "Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Doing Human Rights Work at the Karnes and Dilley Federal Immigration Detention Centers," by Robert Castro, professor of criminal justice, in Room 299



Experts to Examine 'Crimmigration, Forcible Separations, Family Detentions'Opens in new window
American Flag behind barbbed wire

Examining the Trump administration's policy dynamics driving family separations, how these separations took place and the consequences of these policies, Cal State Fullerton will host a panel presentation on "Crimmigration, Forcible Separations and Family Detentions" Thursday, Feb. 28, from 2-4 p.m. in the Titan Student Union, Portola Pavilion AB.



Criminal Justice Majors Spend Their Winter in the 'Land Down Under' Opens in new window
Australia Study Abroad Courtroom

From indigenous cultures to restorative justice, a winter study abroad program in Australia gave 15 Cal State Fullerton students an inside look at issues of crime and justice from the other side of the world.



History Month to Shine a Light on 'Black Excellence' Across Generations Opens in new window
Gwendolyn Alexis

Activist and educator Gwen Alexis will headline Cal State Fullerton's annual celebration of Black History Month, delivering the keynote address at a Wednesday, Feb. 27, president's reception.



Orange County Rep. Gil Cisneros Invites Titan DACA Student to State of the UnionOpens in new window
Miriam Tellez and Rep. Gil Cisneros

Rep. Gil Cisneros, D-Yorba Linda, invited as his guest Miriam Tellez, a sociology major at Cal State Fullerton who has status in this country under a program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which gives Tellez and some 700,000 other young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children a temporary reprieve from the threat of deportation.


KonMari Organizing Craze Sparks Questions About Modern LifeOpens in new window
Professional Organizing

Getting rid of six old coffee mugs feels great — almost virtuous. As a researcher, this makes her suspicious.

Carrie Lane, professor of American studies, who researches the changing nature of work and home life in contemporary America, says the latest organizing craze inspired by Netflix's new series, "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo," is reflective of larger societal issues.



University Fêtes City Managers, Council Leaders Opens in new window
City Managers

Cal State Fullerton President Fram Virjee met with Orange County city managers and city council members to emphasize the university’s commitment to the region and its role in preparing the next generation of leaders in city administration. Shelly Arsneault, professor of political science, shared just one of the ways in which Cal State Fullerton develops a pipeline for local government staff and public servants: the City Management Fellowship Program.

What's in a Cup of Coffee? Students Get a Taste While in VietnamOpens in new window

While sorting coffee cherries in Vietnam, the second largest producer of coffee in the world, 13 Cal State Fullerton students recently got a taste of the process from harvest to roast. The visit to the K'Ho Coffee farming cooperative was part of a Jan. 1-19 study abroad trip led by Sarah Grant, an assistant professor of anthropology who has been researching the Southeast Asian coffee industry for more than a decade.

Recently Published Faculty Works AnnouncedOpens in new window

Recently published faculty works include: Lidia Nuño and Veronica Herrera, assistant professors of criminal justice, and alumna Meagan Koontz ’18 (B.A. criminal justice) are among the authors of an article on “Hispanic Youth and Illicit Drug Use: Assessing the Relevance of Risk and Protective Factors, ” and Valerie O’Regan and Stephen Stambough, professors of political science, authored the article “Term Limits and Women’s Representation: A Democratic Opportunity and a Republican Dead-end”

Dynamic Duos: Why Science Loves Twins

Nancy Segal, professor of psychology and director of the Twin Studies Center at Cal State Fullerton, discusses the origins of twin research design in a piece explaining why science loves studying twins.


A Capitol Adventure: Panetta Scholar Looks Back on Internship ExperienceOpens in new window


As an intern for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, political science junior Tori Hust had a front-row seat to some of the most pressing issues in the nation’s capital.


In Memoriam — David J. PivarOpens in new window


David J. Pivar, professor emeritus of history who served the university from 1965-96, died Jan. 8 at the age of 85. During his 31 years on campus, Pivar served as the founder and first chair of the American Studies Department, played a major role in revising both the undergraduate and graduate history curriculum, and taught the university's first courses in women's studies.


Scholars Explore 'Community, Identity and Belonging' in Lecture SeriesOpens in new window


From an overview of immigrant due process rights to the history of the "black friend," the College of Humanities and Social Sciences' 2018-19 lecture series continues this spring with a focus on "Interdisciplinary Conversations on Community, Identity and Belonging."


Moot Court Team Garners National Awards for WritingOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton students placed among the nation's top 80 teams for writing and oral arguments at the 2019 American Moot Court Association National Tournament Jan. 12-13 in Orlando, Florida.


University Hall Renamed Milton A. Gordon Hall in Honor of Former PresidentOpens in new window

The California State University Board of Trustees today (January 22) renamed Cal State Fullerton’s University Hall as Milton A. Gordon Hall in recognition of the 21-year legacy of service by the university’s fifth president.


Titans 'Activate the Dream' of Martin Luther King Jr.Opens in new window

Sharing how they have activated Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream in their own lives, and how they plan to help others activate their dreams, the Cal State Fullerton campus community will come together for two days of reflection and service in honor of the late civil rights icon.


Titan Voice - Claire Jenkins: Moot Court Experience is Preparation for Career GoalsOpens in new window

Moot Court is a national competitive program in which undergraduate students participate in arguments before a mock Supreme Court. Competitions are divided into rounds, each carrying a unique set of challenges. Every round is different, but they all begin in the same way.

I take deep breaths.


African American Studies Faculty Member Pens Perspective Piece on 'Democratic Plantation'Opens in new window

In 2017, Candace Owens, then known as the YouTuber Red Pill Black, posted a short video called “How to Escape the Democrat Plantation (an easy guide).” In it, she compared African Americans who were physically enslaved before 1865 to their present-day descendants who, she argued, are mentally enslaved by the Democratic Party. Article in the Washington Post by Tyler D. Parry, an associate professor of African American studies at CSUF.


In Memoriam — Mark RedheadOpens in new window
Mark Alan Redhead, professor of political science, died Dec. 18 after a long illness. He was 50 years old. Since joining Cal State Fullerton in 2003, Redhead taught core classes in both the undergraduate and graduate political science programs. In addition, he published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and authored two scholarly books, "Charles Taylor: Thinking and Living Deep Diversity" and "Reasoning With Who We Are: Democratic Theory for a Not So Liberal Era."


Campus Garners $5 Million in Grants and ContractsOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton faculty and staff, programs and research efforts have garnered more than $5 million in grants and contracts during the second fiscal quarter of the academic year.


In Memoriam — Gloria RockOpens in new window

Gloria Rock, an associate professor emeritus of philosophy who served Cal State Fullerton for 24 years, died in August.  During her time on campus, 1969 to 1993, Rock distinguished herself as a dedicated teacher of logic with high academic standards for her students. The Department of Philosophy credits her with creating a logic laboratory and developing a multicultural course on western civilization.

Graphic Novel and History Anthology Are Among Latest Faculty WorksOpens in new window

Faculty experts in humanities and social sciences, arts, communications and library are recent authors of a variety of books and journal articles published during the fall semester. HSS works include those by Arthur Hansen, professor emeritus of history, Lucia Alcalá, assistant professor of psychology, and Adam Golub, professor of American studies.


Professor Seeks to Understand China's 'Moral Crisis'Opens in new window

Home to 20 percent of the world's population, China's evolving moral psychology is the focus of a Cal State Fullerton professor of philosophy's latest research. In his new project, "Understanding China's Changing Moral Psychology," Ryan Nichols is using an interdisciplinary approach to study what some people say is the country's moral transformation as it continues rapid economic development and inches closer to global industrial dominance.


Most Influential Titans

Alumna Kelsey Brewer ’16 (B.A. political science) was among the Orange County Register’s 2018 top 100 influencers in Orange County.


Geographer Contributes to Naming of Lunar Craters in Honor of Apollo 8

Dydia DeLyser, who, as an associate geography professor at Cal State Fullerton is usually more focused on earthly matters, has been busy this year assisting in an effort to restore the names of three lunar craters significant to the Apollo 8 mission that had been renamed after a compromise with the Soviets in 1970. OC Register Article link hereOpens in new window


Titans Win at Moot Court Regional Competition, Advance to NationalsOpens in new window

Two Cal State Fullerton students will advance to the 2019 American Moot Court Association National Tournament Jan. 12-13 in Orlando, Florida, after garnering trophies at the Western Regional Moot Court Competition Nov. 30-Dec. 1 in Fresno, California.



Alzheimer's Disease and Homelessness Are Topics of Eclectics Lecture SeriesOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton faculty experts and community professionals will present an Eclectics lecture series this spring, focusing on such topics as paleoclimatology, Alzheimer's disease and homelessness. Free and open to the public, the series is hosted by the university's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.


African American Studies Department Sponsors Talk on Racism in SportsOpens in new window

Hosted by Cal State Fullerton's African American Studies Department and College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the “Race, Gender and Sports” forum explored the deeply rooted issues of racism in the sports industry and whether the issues have progressed throughout the years.


After Growing Up in a 'Cult,' Alumna Says Education Was a Way ForwardOpens in new window

"Did you grow up in a cult? Take this quiz and find out now." As a teenager, Flor Edwards, Titan alumna '11 (B.A. communications), could not get to the quiz in Seventeen magazine fast enough.

The quiz was how Edwards discovered that the first 12 years of her life were unlike those of her peers at the Los Angeles public school she attended.


CSUF history class goes digital to tell story of Santa Ana’s public muralsOpens in new window

Jamila Moore Pewu wants to show her students that books aren’t the only way to explore history.

Her idea of a compelling history project is one that’s collaborative, where students work together to gather, analyze and share data. If the project delves into local history and has a component that is useful to the community, that’s even better. Read more at OC Register link above. Related story link here.Opens in new window


Panel at CSUF reflects on racism in sports in the past and its legacy today Opens in new window

Maya Washington didn’t start learning the whole story about her father’s time playing football for Michigan State University until she went to a memorial service for Bubba Smith, one of his teammates, in 2011. Read more at OC Register link above.


Students Assist 'Surf City' With Hiring, Retention StrategiesOpens in new window

Last spring, students in Cal State Fullerton's "Public Organizational Theory and Behavior" class partnered with the city of Huntington Beach to study four of its employment categories: accounting, analyst, clerical and engineering.


Orange County: A Fusion of Food and CulturesOpens in new window
culinary display

One of Anthony Rendon’s top priorities when he became speaker of the California State Assembly was civic engagement.

Why food?

“Food lends itself to community and there’s no better place than Orange County to see this,” he said. “Orange County is the doorstep to the multicultural experience.


Digital Humanities Colloquium to Focus on Santa Ana's Public MuralsOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton's Department of History and nonprofit organization California Humanities are partnering to present a Digital Humanities Colloquium and launch the Mapping Arts OC digital platform, which maps and showcases Santa Ana's public murals and utility boxes.


Project Rebound student Joseph Cruz shares his storyOpens in new window
Alec Calvillo

Joseph Cruz hit rock bottom when he was incarcerated at the age of 18 and was sentenced with 30 years to life. But while he was incarcerated, he rediscovered his passion for education and developed a love for mentoring younger inmates. Cruz is one of the newest scholars in Cal State Fullerton’s Project Rebound, a philanthropically-funded program that helps guide formerly incarcerated students through higher education.


Asian Pacific American Resource Center Celebrates 10 Years of 'Radical Dreams'

As Cal State Fullerton prepares to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Asian Pacific American Resource Center, faculty and staff emphasize that the center's vision took root more than 20 years ago.


Geographer Contributes to Naming of Lunar Craters in Honor of Apollo 8 Space MissionOpens in new window

An unexpected turn in Dydia DeLyser's research career led her to play a part in the naming of two craters on the moon to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 space mission.



Fourth Fall Lecture Series EventOpens in new window
Photo of 4 sets of feet

“Conversations on Community, Identity and Belonging” is the theme of the lecture series hosted by the College of HSS. Members of the campus community are invited to bring their lunches and listen to the presentations held in Room 360 of the Pollak Library.

Monday, December 10  — “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is turning 70. Do we have stronger communities and humanist identities today?,” 12:00 - 12:50 p.m.


Faculty Publications Explore Arab-Israeli Conflict, Use of Social Media as a Training ResourceOpens in new window
William Haddad

Professor emeritus of history William Haddad has authored “The Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Arab Press: the First Three Decades,” a brief historical narrative of Arab newspapers from the 1940s to the mid-1970s, and how the Arab print media viewed the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Center for Oral and Public History Talk to Focus on Its Past, Present and FutureOpens in new window

Celebrating 50 years of recording and preserving the region's stories, the Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History at Cal State Fullerton will host a panel discussion detailing the history of the center and its goals for the future, Tuesday, Nov. 27

Political Experts Predict Voters Without Party Preference Could Decide Local Congressional RacesOpens in new window
voting booth

Stephen Stambough, Cal State Fullerton professor of political science, commented on the increasing population of voters with no party preference (NPP).

Celebrating 'Native Voices Rising: Defending Land and Life'Opens in new window

Cal State Fullerton recognized and celebrated the diversity of its Native American students, faculty and staff last night with native prayer and blessing, songs and dancing. This led up to a presentation by keynote speaker Eric Tippeconnic, a member of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma, an artist and lecturer in history on campus.

Historians to Honor 100th Anniversary of 'War to End All Wars'Opens in new window

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I, Cal State Fullerton's Department of History will host a two-day educational event featuring presentations from faculty members, students, alumni and emeriti.

The free, public event will be held in Pollak Library, Room 360.

Professor Daniel Rueckert teaches English as a second languageOpens in new window
Daniel Rueckert

Before becoming a professor in the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program at Cal State Fullerton, Daniel Rueckert, Ph.D. taught English to Latin-born players from minor league baseball teams who were pursuing a professional athletic career.

In Memoriam — Charlene RigginsOpens in new window

Alumna, educator and oral historian, Charlene Marine Riggins, died Oct. 29. Riggins' 43-year career at Cal State Fullerton began as a graduate unit evaluator in the Office of Admissions and Records. She later worked as a lecturer and oral historian in the Department of African American Studies until 2018.

Asian American Studies Researcher to Give Book Talk on Campus

Amy Sueyoshi, interim dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University, will discuss her book "Discrimination Sex: White Leisure and the Making of the American 'Oriental'" Thursday, Nov. 8, from 2:15-3:15 p.m. in Room 180 of the Pollak Library. The talk is presented by Allison Varzally, professor of history, and the Asian Pacific American Resource Center.


Titan Voice - Meghan Waymire: On a Mission to Boost Voter RegistrationOpens in new window

In my senior year of high school, I participated in We The People, a competitive program where students perform mock congressional hearings. Although I had always been intrigued by politics, We The People solidified that interest, taught me how to research and showed me just how important it was for people — especially young people — to get involved in the political process.

Third Fall Lecture Series EventOpens in new window
Photo of 4 sets of feet

“Conversations on Community, Identity and Belonging” is the theme of the lecture series hosted by the College of HSS. Members of the campus community are invited to bring their lunches and listen to the presentations held in Room 360 of the Pollak Library.

Monday, November 26 — “Queer Athlete,” and “Crossover: Ethnic Basketball Leagues and Community Building,” 12:00 - 12:50 p.m.


In Memoriam — Arnold MillerOpens in new window
Arnold Miller

Dr. Arnold Miller, passed away on October 19, 2018, in place of an obituary we are honoring him by republishing an article about him published in the OC Jewish Life Magazine in June of 2009. Click here to read full article.Opens in new window

'Al Tanto' Symposium to Probe Issues Impacting the Latinx CommunityOpens in new window

Education, incarceration, immigration and housing are the key topics of Cal State Fullerton's "Al Tanto" Latinx Community Symposium Wednesday, Nov. 14, from 8:45 a.m.-2:30 p.m. in the Titan Student Union, Ontiveros Room.

Students in Civic Engagement Class Aim to Reach Young Voters of ColorOpens in new window

This semester, in a class called "Civic Engagement Through Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies," 20 students are partnering with the Korean Resource Center in Fullerton to register voters and educate citizens on key issues in the Nov. 6 election.

Campus Member Honors, Publications and PerformancesOpens in new window

Faculty members’ accomplishments are reflected in new books, a professional promotion and a recent theatrical performance.

Nicole Seymour, associate professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, is the author of the just-published book, “Bad Environmentalism: Irony and Irreverence in the Ecological Age.”

Political Science Experts Speak to Taylor's 'Swift' ActivismOpens in new window
Taylor Swift

Valerie O’Regan and Stephen Stambough, professors of political science, recently commented in The Washington Post on Taylor Swift’s decision to share her political views.

Using celebrities to convey messages to the public is successful because people are more likely to listen to them.



California’s Proposition System, Explained by a CSUF Political ScientistOpens in new window

From repealing the gas tax to regulating kidney dialysis clinics, voters are being blasted this election season with commercials and ads about issues on the November ballot.

Sarah Hill, a Cal State Fullerton associate professor of political science who specializes in California government, hosted an Oct. 23 ballot proposition workshop on campus to help students, faculty and staff learn more about the midterm issues.

Campus Joins in Worldwide Tribute to 'Frankenstein'Opens in new window

In an international commemoration of the 200th anniversary of “Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus,” Cal State Fullerton is joining universities and institutions around the world to honor the lasting influence of author Mary Shelley and her novel’s impact on literature and other genres. OC Register coverage
Opens in new window

Violence Prevention Conference to Explore Impact of TechnologyOpens in new window

Alissa R. Ackerman, assistant professor of criminal justice and a sex crimes researcher, will kick off the conference with a keynote presentation, "Filling the Void: How Technology Fosters Connection and Healing From Intimate Violence."


Indigenous History Month to Focus on 'Defending Land and Life'Opens in new window

Eric Tippeconnic, lecturer in history and a professional artist, will serve as keynote speaker for the free, public event. A member of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma, Tippeconnic's research and artwork support the belief that Comanche and other indigenous cultures, while intimately connected to their origins and history, also are contemporary, alive and constantly evolving.

Second Set of Topics of Fall Lecture Series
Photo of 4 sets of feet

“Conversations on Community, Identity and Belonging” is the theme of the lecture series hosted by the College of HSS. Members of the campus community are invited to bring their lunches and listen to the presentations held in Room 360 of the Pollak Library.

Monday, October 29 — “Zombies are Us: The Undead and Our Imagined Community,” and “Ecosexuals Unite! Environmental Activism in LGBTQ+ Communities,” 12:00 - 12:50 p.m.


Academic Program Gets a New Name

The Gerontology Program, in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, is changing its name to the Aging Studies Program. The change, part of a national trend to attract students to the area of study, was signed into effect by President Fram Virjee on Oct. 12.

New Students Ready to Learn and Serve Welcomed Into the President's Scholars ProgramOpens in new window

These Cal State Fullerton students are part of the 2018 incoming class of President's Scholars — a group of 20 freshmen who are accomplished and high-achieving high school graduates selected for the merit-based scholarship program.

CSUF professors talk predictions for midterm elections at panelOpens in new window
CSUF Panel on Midterm elections

The midterm election panel called, “Critical Choices, Potential Changes, and Enormous Consequences” covered the current political climate, midterm voter turnout predictions and the possibility that the 2018 midterms will be the next Year of the Woman.


Vietnamese Pop Music

Musician and scholar Jason R. Nguyen will visit the campus Monday, Oct. 29, to give a presentation on "How Vietnamese Pop Became a Tradition, and How 'Traditional' Music Gets Its Groove Back." The talk, which will be held at 10:30 a.m. in the Titan Student Union's Titan Theater, is sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. For more information, contact Linh Nguyen at linhknguyen@fullerton.edu or Sarah Grant at sagrant@fullerton.edu.


Titan Voice - Brittany Kuhn: Coming Out via the School NewspaperOpens in new window
Brittany Kuhn

After years of honest intentions and misdirected hope, I told my family that I was gay.

Writing those words changed my life.


Land Use and Conservation Advocate to Keynote Geography ConferenceOpens in new window
Coyote staring

Cal State Fullerton alumna Melanie Schlotterbeck '98, '01 (B.A. geography, M.S. environmental studies) will keynote the All Points of the Compass geography conference at her alma mater, Friday, Nov. 2, in the Titan Student Union's Portola Pavilion A and B. Her talk, "Geography Weaves Many Landscapes Together" will center on a case study of the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor.

Political Science Experts Discuss What to Expect in the Midterm ElectionsOpens in new window


Four Cal State Fullerton political science faculty members will discuss the importance of the congressional midterm election, what it says about the current political climate and the impact the election will have on future national policy during a Monday, Oct. 15, panel discussion at the Fullerton Public Library.


Future College Educators Named Predoctoral ScholarsOpens in new window

Nine underrepresented students at Cal State Fullerton have begun a new educational journey, working toward a doctoral-level degree to someday teach on a college campus. From HSS we have Mariana Bruno, M.A. history; Gemayel Goxcon, M.A. geography; Jeffrey Harris, M.A. anthropology; Sarah Hernandez, M.S. psychology; Kimberly Madrigal, B.A. sociology; and Christina Mu, B.A. psychology.


CSUF Receives Nearly $8 Million in Funding for Research, Student ProgramsOpens in new window

Programs that support student research, and encourage and support higher education endeavors are among the recipients of  grants and contracts awarded during the July-September quarter.
Sara Johnson, professor of anthropology
Laura Gil-Trejo, director of the Social Science Research Center
Brady Heiner, associate professor of philosophy
Sheryl Fontaine, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Natalie Navar, archivist, Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History


Research From Skid Row to Outer SpaceOpens in new window

A group of 18 students participated in the Ronald McNair Scholars Program. This program helps undergraduate students gain valuable research experience as they get ready for graduate school.



Campus Honors Veteran Faculty, StaffOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton has recently honored several faculty and staff members with the title of emeritus. Among the most recent are:
Yichin Shen, associate professor emeritus of English, comparative literature and linguistics
Heping Zhao, professor emeritus of English, comparative literature and linguistics

Masculinity, Politics and Personality Are Topics of New Faculty PublicationsOpens in new window

Three new books, several articles and presentations, and awards for creativity and service are among the latest accomplishments by Cal State Fullerton faculty members.


First of Fall Lecture Series
Photo of 4 sets of feet

"Conversations on Community, Identity and Belonging" is the theme of the lecture series hosted by the College of HSS. Members of the campus community are invited to bring their lunches and listen to the presentations held in Room 360 of the Pollak Library.

Thursday, Oct. 11 — "The Philosophy of Building Community and Fostering Belonging Through Project Rebound," 11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m.


'Black Disability Symposium' Brings Artists, Activists to CampusOpens in new window
Leroy Moore

Coinciding with National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Cal State Fullerton's African American Studies Department will present a Monday, Oct. 1, "Black Disability Symposium" from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Titan Student Union's Titan Theater.


City Management Fellows Gain Insights Into Local Government WorkOpens in new window

With limited public sector experience, Cal State Fullerton master of public administration student Amanda Aguilar saw the City Management Fellowship Program as an opportunity to get an exclusive and practical look at local government work.


Titans Ramp Up Voter Registration, Education EffortsOpens in new window
Voter Registration

On the eve of National Voter Registration Day (Sept. 25), campus groups at Cal State Fullerton are amplifying efforts to increase voter registration for the midterm election.


Four New Scholars Join College of Humanities and Social SciencesOpens in new window
HSS Building

With a range of expertise in sociology, modern languages and literatures, linguistics and religious studies, four new faculty members joined Cal State Fullerton's College of Humanities and Social Sciences this fall.


Presenting at the American Psychological AssociationOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton faculty members and students were among the presenters at the recent American Psychological Association annual convention in San Francisco.

Philosophy Researchers Learn to Diagnose DisagreementsOpens in new window

What makes some disagreements so intractable, and what strategies can be implemented to make them more productive?

Intrigued by these two questions, a team of Cal State Fullerton philosophers set out to better understand disagreement culture in the United States, with the goal of developing training materials to help people improve the way they conduct disagreements.

McNair Scholars Excel in Graduate-Level ResearchOpens in new window

18 students in Cal State Fullerton’s McNair Scholars program recently completed about two months of research at universities across the map. McNair scholar Darnell Calderon, a sociology major, partnered with grad students at UCI to explore coping mechanism among children, mothers, incarcerated fathers and grandparents. He’s also conducting research on determinants of anti-immigration attitudes.

New Class of Guardian Scholars Ready to Start CSUF College JourneyOpens in new window
Incoming Guardian Scholars

14 new Guardian Scholars — for current and former foster youth — freshmen and community college transfers — have been awarded full-ride scholarships.

University Names Inaugural Faculty Diversity and Inclusion FellowsOpens in new window
Alexandro Gradilla

Six faculty members have been named to Cal State Fullerton's new Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Fellows Program. The pilot program — led by the divisions of Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, and Academic Affairs — aims to promote the recruitment and retention of a high-quality and diverse faculty and staff at CSUF.

Model minority myth explored in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is topic of CSUF professor Opens in new window
Crazy RIch Asians

The stereotypes explored in “Crazy Rich Asians” are part of what’s referred to as the model minority myth, something studied by Cal State Fullerton professor of philosophy Emily S. Lee. Lee describes the model minority theory as the belief that “lifestyle patterns and cultural values of some racial minority group (Asian) are more conducive to successful integration into the mainstream U.S. economy than those of other groups.

What Twins Can Teach Us About Nature vs. NurtureOpens in new window
twins with differences

Nancy Segal, CSUF professor of psychology, discusses the vast impact that growing up together vs. growing up apart from one another can have on twins.


Campus Announces Recent AppointmentsOpens in new window

Matthew Jarvis begins a three-year term as chair of the Division of Politics, Administration and Justice.
Karyl Ketchum is acting chair of women and gender studies for a one-year term.
Jessica Stern was appointed to a one-year term as acting chair of history.

President Welcomes New Faculty to CampusOpens in new window

English, Comparative Literatures and Linguistics — Kenneth Van Bik
Modern Languages and Literatures — Daniel Rueckert
Religious Studies — Mugdha Yeolekar
Sociology — Taylor Cruz

In Denmark, Students Consider Possibilities for Food SustainabilityOpens in new window

Passionate about the environment and sustainability, American studies major Aliza Alvarado traveled to Denmark this summer to learn how one of the world's happiest countries develops policies around such issues.

Faculty Members Reprise Popular Lectures for Lifelong LearnersOpens in new window

From Shakespeare's Women to twin research, and the history of Disneyland, Cal State Fullerton faculty members headline the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute's fall Eclectics lecture series.

Students Discover What Tree Rings Can Reveal About Droughts, FiresOpens in new window
Tree Ring Sampling

Trevis Matheus, Cal State Fullerton assistant professor of geography and the environment, who specializes in dendroclimatology, took eight students in his "Mountain Field Geography" class to Sequoia and Yosemite national parks for 10 days over the summer to learn how to sample trees.

In Memoriam — Ellen M. CaldwellOpens in new window
Ellen Caldwell

Ellen M. Caldwell, a longtime associate professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics at Cal State Fullerton, died Aug. 10.

Is ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Asian Enough?Opens in new window

Crazy-Rich-AsiansChristina Chin, assistant professor sociology, discusses the impact of the soon-to-be-released film "Crazy Rich Asians," especially in regard to the Asian American second-generation experience, in ways not previously captured on the big screen.

In Memoriam — Anne T. FeraruOpens in new window
Anne Feraru

Anne T. Feraru, professor emeritus of political science who joined Cal State Fullerton in 1966 and received emeritus status in 1990, has died.


CSUF's Project Rebound Launches Housing InitiativeOpens in new window
Heiner and Silva

Cal State Fullerton's Project Rebound, in partnership with A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project, has introduced a housing initiative to support students in achieving their higher education goals.

Historian Behind the ‘I Have a Black Friend’ Essay Wants to Reach People Beyond His ClassroomOpens in new window
Tyler Parry

Writing an illuminating short read that explains racism, history, and culture isn’t easy, Tyler D. Parry, associate professor of African-American studies, said. It takes work to explain hundreds of years of history in a few hundred words. But that work benefits the world outside a college classroom, and it should be rewarded in the tenure process, Parry said.

Titans Primed for Doctoral ProgramsOpens in new window
Mercy Tran Dubongco

With curriculum vitaes pages deep with research presentations, publications in progress, teaching experience and accolades, four Cal State Fullerton graduates are continuing their educational journeys this fall with support from the Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program.

DC Scholars Branch Out in WashingtonOpens in new window
DC Scholars summer

14 Cal State DC Scholars are interning at nonprofits, advocacy groups, congressional offices, executive agencies and business groups in Washington, D.C., this summer.

Faculty Tenure and Promotions AnnouncedOpens in new window
CSUF Campus Library

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Records has announced the tenure and/or promotion of 65 faculty members.

Social Justice Is at the Heart of Cambodia Study Abroad ProgramOpens in new window
Cambodia Study Group

How can a society that has lived through genocide achieve both justice for the victims and national reconciliation? How can a developing country pursue economic growth while protecting its culture and environment? These are questions 12 Cal State Fullerton students considered while studying abroad in Cambodia this summer.

In 'Sex, Crime and Culture' Class, Students Scrutinize Policies, PracticesOpens in new window

Alissa Ackerman, an assistant professor of criminal justice and sex crimes researcher, teaches students to explore a variety of perspectives in CSUF's "Sex, Crime and Culture" class.

Campus Prepares Students for Careers in National Security, IntelligenceOpens in new window

To expand the pool of people gathering and analyzing intelligence following 9/11, the United States government and intelligence community began reaching out to universities to create a pipeline for students to enter such careers.

'Time Banking' Is Catching on in the Digital WorldOpens in new window

Ed Collom, CSUF director of faculty affairs and records and a former chair and professor of sociology,  who co-authored "Equal Time, Equal Value: Community Currencies and Time Banking in the US," stated that in order to be successful, time banks must have official hosts and infrastructure because “technology can help build trust.

MARC Scholars Travel for Summer Research OpportunitiesOpens in new window

This summer, seven Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) scholars will be trading their summer vacations for laboratories and research. It’s well worth it, they say, as it moves them closer to the reality of an advanced degree and a career in scientific exploration.

A Three-State California?Opens in new window

California Historian, Professor Volker Janssen, joins KPCC’s “Take Two” to talk about the motives of past “split” proposals in California, and the difficulties facing the “Cal 3 Initiative” that will appear on this November’s ballot. Listen hereOpens in new window by clicking the play button at the top of the screen. This piece starts at 30:45.

University Names Inaugural Mellon Mays Undergraduate FellowsOpens in new window
Mellon Mays Fellows

Last winter, Cal State Fullerton was selected to receive a $444,319 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to establish a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF) program. The recipients will participate in summer programs and with the guidance of their mentors — spend four weeks conducting research for their first academic year as Mellon Mays Fellows. 

Ethiopian Monkeys and STEM Education Among Eclectic Faculty ResearchOpens in new window
gelada monkey

Faculty members from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences have been showcasing their research in a variety of ways, from online videos to publications in scientific journals to community presentations. The Guassa Gelada Research Project, a long-term study of a wild population of gelada monkeys, is co-directed by CSUF faculty members Peter Fashing and Nga Nguyen.

First-Generation Titans Take on New Educational GoalsOpens in new window
Christina Rowley, McNair Symposium

Cal State Fullerton’s Ronald McNair Scholars Program is a federally funded effort to provide faculty mentors, graduate-level research internships, workshops and seminars — all focused on helping low-income, first-generation and underrepresented students prepare for transition to a master’s degree or doctoral program.

'As Told by Bold' Podcast DebutsOpens in new window
BOLD scholars

In response to their charge of transforming themselves and their communities, the first group of BOLD Scholars has taken on the development of a podcast.

How an Internship Landed a Student in HollywoodOpens in new window
Ameya Agavekar

Three Titans lauded the importance of utilizing Cal State Fullerton’s resources in finding internships that will help propel them toward future careers.

Outstanding Graduate Student Advances to Doctoral Program in PsychologyOpens in new window

While working with young children as part of her clinical psychology practicum, Cal State Fullerton graduate student Christina Rowley saw that children younger than 7 years old were already facing a variety of stressors and developing maladaptive coping strategies.

Distinguished Military Graduate Proves She Has the Right StuffOpens in new window
Daisy Larios

Throughout her career at Cal State Fullerton, Daisy Larios has shown determination and dedication in both her studies and in ROTC. Both served her well as she graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in English and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Campus Members Receive Accolades, Leadership PositionsOpens in new window

Natalie Fousekis, professor of history and director of the Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History, was recognized with the 2018 James V. Mink Award from the Southwest Oral History Association.

Patricia Perez, professor of Chicana and Chicano studies, was selected to serve as chair of the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE)/Educational Testing Service Outstanding Dissertation Competition. Award winners will be announced next year at the annual AAHHE conference in Costa Mesa.


Big Data Scholars Face New Challenges at Doctoral Institutions Across the CountryOpens in new window

Four Cal State Fullerton graduates who explored the world of big data through a National Institutes of Health funded program will be taking on new challenges and opportunities in doctoral programs.

From Bruce Springsteen to the Anthropology of Aging: Faculty Leaves and Sabbaticals AnnouncedOpens in new window

Faculty leaves and sabbaticals have been awarded for projects ranging from studies into herbicides in water and the psychological concept of courage, to writing books on student activism and Bruce Springsteen's conception of the American dream.

Identical Twins Hint at How Environments Change Gene ExpressionOpens in new window
twins with differences

The discussion of nature and nurture is an ongoing focus of twin studies research with epigenetics being the next frontier. Nancy Segal, CSUF professor of psychology and director of the Twin Studies Center, said that “nature and nature work in concert affecting every measurable human trait.”

Supplemental Instruction Program to Receive International RecognitionOpens in new window

SI Leadership

A campus program that helps students successfully complete historically difficult courses is being recognized for not only meeting its core mission but increasing retention and graduation rates.

Psychology Researchers Excel at Western Regional ConferenceOpens in new window

More than 100 students, faculty members and alumni from Cal State Fullerton's Psychology Department contributed research to the 2018 Western Psychological Association convention this spring.

Titan Honored for Commitment to Cross-Cultural UnderstandingOpens in new window

Maricruz Garcia Garibay, a Cal State Fullerton psychology major, found herself the only native Spanish speaker on a recent study abroad trip to Madrid, Spain. She quickly assumed the role of translator and cultural liaison for the group.

Mother, Son and Daughter to Graduate TogetherOpens in new window
Pantaleon Family

Maria Barrientos de Pantaleon, her daughter, Elisa, and son, Mario, will be receiving their degrees from Cal State Fullerton.

History Professor Hailed a 'Role Model for Faculty ServiceOpens in new window '

Colleagues of Nancy Fitch express the power her presence brings to a room, never afraid to speak the truth and always committed to championing students' needs.

What does it mean to be Vietnamese in California? Cal State Fullerton experts share insightsOpens in new window

For recent Vietnamese immigrants, the American dream is the California dream and, specifically, the Little Saigon dream, said Sarah Grant, assistant professor of anthropology who took part in a panel on “Vietnamese California” earlier this semester.

Titan Voice: Saba Ansari on a Day in Sacramento Lobbying on Behalf of Her Fellow StudentsOpens in new window

This spring, I was fortunate enough to travel to Sacramento alongside CSUF President Fram Virjee, retired state Sen. Dick Ackerman and other proud Titans to speak with countless legislators about the importance of fully funding the California State University’s 23 campuses for the upcoming academic year.

Bravo: CSUF Professor’s Latest Book Tells Story of Swapped TwinsOpens in new window
Segal Twins

CSUF professor of psychology Nancy Segal released a new book that tells the tale of two pairs of identical twins, each separated at birth in Colombia. Segal has been making local appearances, discussing her latest book, “Accidental Brothers: The Story of Twins Exchanged at Birth and the Power of Nature and Nurture.”

In Memoriam — Marcial PradoOpens in new window

Marcial Prado, professor emeritus of foreign languages and literatures, died May 3. Prado joined Cal State Fullerton in 1974 as an assistant professor of Spanish and was awarded the emeritus title in 1996.

President's Scholars Celebrate GraduationOpens in new window

“You set the bar for the rest of our 40,000 students. You are the physical manifestation of ‘Titans Reach Higher.’ And we celebrate your accomplishments,” Cal State Fullerton President Fram Virjee welcomed guests of 23 President’s Scholars.

From HSS, Arielle Garcia, B.A. psychology

'Alternate Facts' SeriesOpens in new window
Alternate Facts

Tuesday, May 8, 11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m., Room 360 of Pollak Library
"A Refugee Crisis in Europe? Words, Facts and the Politics of Fear,"Aitana Guia.

"Distinguishing Fact From Fiction: The Moral and Ethical Difficulties of Working With Forced Confessions," Kate Burlingham.

Philosophy Department Hosts Talk on 'Black Women, Domestic Violence'

Alisa Bierria, a UC Berkeley scholar in gender and women's studies, will give a Wednesday, May 9, campus talk on "Black Women, Domestic Violence and Paradoxical Space." The free, public event will be held from 2:30-4:30 p.m. in Alvarado AB of the Titan Student Union. For more information, contact Brady Heiner, associate professor of philosophy, at bheiner@fullerton.edu.

Symposium Focuses on Housing Solutions for OC's HomelessOpens in new window
Brewer Homeless Symposium

Nearly 200 people gathered at Cal State Fullerton Friday, April 27, for the “Symposium on Homelessness in Orange County,” sharing information and opinions on the search for long-term solutions to an embroiled regional problem.

In Age Of #MeToo, Can There Be Forgiveness, Second Chances?Opens in new window
Empowered Woman

“Is there room for redemption and rebirth, in our time of Google trails and hashtag headlines?” At times, when famous men have made public apologies that are deemed insufficient, it can cause them to retreat from view, said Alissa Ackerman-Acklin, CSUF assistant professor of criminal justice. That, she said, is the opposite of what we should want.

Two Sets of Identical Twins Swapped at Birth, Reunited 25 Years LaterOpens in new window
Segal Twin Research

“Accidental Brothers: The Story of Twins Exchanged at Birth and the Power of Nature and Nurture” is the latest book out from Nancy Segal, CSUF professor of psychology and director of the Twin Studies Center.

Faculty Noon Time Talks: Spring 2018 SeriesOpens in new window
April 30, 2018 (12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.)
Creating an Exit Strategy: German-French Collaboration in the final year of World War II, Gayle Brunelle, Ph.D.

CSUF Hosts Symposium Seeking Solutions to HomelessnessOpens in new window
Skid row

The College of Communications and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Center for Public Policy will host a Friday, April 27, "Symposium on Homelessness in Orange County."

Scholar Reveals an American History of Tuition-Free UniversitiesOpens in new window
Tyler Parry

For many, the idea of tuition-free universities, championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic primaries, was radical. Tyler D. Parry, a Cal State Fullerton associate professor of African American studies, counters that the U.S. already has a historical example of tuition-free universities.

'African American Civic Engagement' Team Exemplifies Spirit of InclusionOpens in new window
Alina Mirceau-Trotz and Siobhan Brooks

"The event gave students a chance to ask CSUF alumni questions about what ethnicity, racism and gender equality looked like 40 years ago, and draw connections to how these issues are addressed today," according to Stan Breckenridge, retired lecturer, and Siobhan Brooks, chair and associate professor, both of African American studies.

Cooper Center Project Update
Working at Coopers Center

This past summer the Cooper Center took on a massive project to re-box and organize all of the Cooper Center’s archaeological collections. Much of this progress is thanks to Monica Morales, a recent CSUF graduate in Anthropology.

Campus Honors Students for Top Scholarly and Creative ActivitiesOpens in new window
Student posters

Creative and scholarly works in fields were recognized with this year's Outstanding Student Scholarly and Creative Activities Awards during Student Creative Activities and Research Day.

Titans to Share Stories of Women in Politics, Postwar Migration ExperiencesOpens in new window
Tape recorder

Female activism, postwar migration experiences and other topics will be featured during the 2018 Southwest Oral History Association conference at Cal State Fullerton April 27-29.

Alumni to Share 'American Wings, Iranian Roots' at Library Author TalkOpens in new window
Kristin and Reza

Alumni Reza Abedi and Kristin Orloff will give a campus talk on "American Wings, Iranian Roots," a book penned by Orloff about Abedi's journey from a gold medal wrestler to immigrating to America following the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Titans in Student Research Head to Statewide CompetitionOpens in new window

Juan Carlos Fermin, philosophy
“The Ethics of Belief in Uncertain Times”

Faculty Noon Time Talks: Spring 2018 SeriesOpens in new window
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 (12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.)
Down by the River: the Creative Community of Muscle Shoals, Cameron Walker, Ph.D.

Monday, April 23, 2018 (12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.)
Healthy Cities by Design? Car Culture, Social Movements, and the Greening of the Turia River in Valencia, Spain (1957-2018), Aitana Guia, Ph.D.

'Alternate Facts' Series Back This Spring With New LineupOpens in new window
Alternate Facts

Cal State Fullerton's College of Humanities and Social Sciences' lecture series explores controversial theories and separate fact from fiction on a variety of subjects in history, science, education and philosophy.

Monday, April 16, noon-12:50 p.m.
"The Father, the Son and the Spectre of Anxiety: The Deception of Richard Henry Dana Jr."
"Being as a Model Minority"

English Majors Volunteer for Environmentally Themed Art ExhibitionOpens in new window
Reclaimed Landscapes
Piles of worn clothing items arranged in a vivid spectrum of color carefully settle along the walls of the Nicholas & Lee Begovich Gallery at CSUF, resembling the rich sedimentary layers of Earth. The striking display of discarded belongings is intended to unearth the harsh realities that lie buried beneath landscapes.


'Journey in Advocacy' Teaches Students How to Have a Voice in PolicymakingOpens in new window

"Many students have never been to Sacramento before," said Sarah Hill, associate professor of political science and course instructor. "This class teaches them how to participate in state and local government, while giving them the chance to meet with legislators and alumni to learn about potential career opportunities."


Poetry and LGBTQ Community Health Subjects of Upcoming Faculty ActivitiesOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton faculty members will be taking part in two May programs focused on two very different subjects: poetry and community health among the LGBTQ population.


'Aging and Dementia' Class Prepares Students for National Health Care CrisisOpens in new window
Alzheimers Walk

To put a human face on Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, a Cal State Fullerton gerontology class is taking students inside a local care facility that serves approximately 100 patients with dementia every day.


Discussing Fascism in Pre- and Wartime FranceOpens in new window
Fascism Lecture

Campus and community members are invited to attend a Saturday, April 14, Patrons of the Pollak Library lecture, “Type Tarzan: Recruiting for the Extreme Right in Pre-War and Wartime France, 1935-1945” by Gayle Brunelle, CSUF professor of history.


Symposium to Highlight Memory and History of Spanish Civil WarOpens in new window
spanish civil war

Students enrolled in a new history class at Cal State Fullerton will present a Monday, April 9, symposium on the memory and history of the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War. Titled "The Good Fight," the free, public event takes place in Room 360 of the Pollak Library.



Heritage Month Speaker Dreams of Preserving 'Ancestral Intelligence'Opens in new window
Student PASA Dance Group

Cal State Fullerton's celebration of APIDA Heritage Month continues through April and May.



‘Tiger parenting’ talk, slam poetry part of Asian heritage month at Cal State FullertonOpens in new window
Traditional Filipino Dance

“Resist: Visible and United” is the theme of this year’s Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month at Cal State Fullerton.

Guest speakers, poetry readings, documentary screenings and a night market are among the events planned.



Why Cal State Fullerton students are studying topics ranging from makeup to zombiesOpens in new window

Erick Aguinaldo is used to being asked why he’s into makeup.

The Cal State Fullerton psychology student chuckles and explains why he researches how perceptions of attractiveness and competence vary depending on how much makeup women wear.


'This is for the mostless' Author to Visit Campus During HSS WeekOpens in new window
Jason Perez

Jason Magabo Perez, a poet and author who brings visibility to social justice issues, will serve as keynote speaker for Cal State Fullerton's April 9-12 Humanities and Social Sciences Week.

From Australia to Myanmar, Scholars Talk Dance, Human Rights and VinylOpens in new window

In late February, Jesse Battan, professor of American studies, presented the paper “From Fourier to Freud: Changing Conceptions of ‘Sexual Revolution’ in the United States, 1820-1930” at the international conference on “Sexual Revolutions — Sexual Politics,” sponsored by the International Network for Sexual Ethics and Politics and the Center for Ethics and Value Inquiry, and held at the University of Ghent, Belgium.

Finding New Answers to Why Black Lesbians MarryOpens in new window
Siobahn Brooks

Siobhan Brooks, co-chair and associate professor of African American studies, has found in her research that “black lesbian and bisexual women primarily view marriage as giving them community recognition as group members,” she said. "Many black lesbians are fighting for racial community recognition, not state-sanctioned rights.”

In Memoriam — Frank G. VergesOpens in new window
Frank Verges

Frank G. Verges, professor emeritus of philosophy, died Feb. 12 at the age of 81.

Mindfulness Expert to Deliver Keynote for Asian Heritage MonthOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton's Titan Night Market is back, along with several guest speakers, poetry readings, documentary screenings and a president's reception — all to celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month in April. Charlotte Ái Nguyễn, founder and guiding teacher of Get Free!, is the keynote speaker for CSUF's April 3 reception.

Literature, Culture and Languages Conference
Literature Culture & Languages

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures is hosting its 11th annual conference, focusing on "Literature, Culture and Languages," Friday, April 6 from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. in the Humanities-Social Sciences Building. For more information, contact the department at 657-278-3534.

Students Prepare for In-Demand Careers in Aging

To promote careers in aging, CSUF's gerontology program and Sigma Phi Omega will host a "GeroPalooza" aging awareness and resource fair Tuesday, April 3 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. For more information, contact 657-278-7057 or gerontology@fullerton.edu.

Anthropology Student Among 'Next Generation of Public Problem Solvers'Opens in new window
Marco Moreno

Marco Moreno, a Cal State Fullerton graduate student in cultural anthropology, believes much can be learned from studying the murals and graffiti of Orange County.

His thesis project examines public art as a form of expression and education for communities that have either been marginalized or misrepresented in written histories.

Celebrate OC Nature and Ancient Wonders This Spring at Science EventsOpens in new window
Tucker Wildlife

Cal State Fullerton is celebrating Orange County's nature and ancient wonders this spring — from offering guided bird walks to exploring the region's early history.

DC Scholars Capitalize on a 'Once in a Lifetime' ExperienceOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton student Leah Milhander dreams of becoming a U.S. ambassador to another country. She also sees herself working for the State Department or the Peace Corps. 10 Students Explore Public Service Careers in Washington, D.C.

Titan Voice - Sophia Chang: The Unexpected Wedding PlannerOpens in new window
Sophia Chang

For someone who has been trying to plan her future and, ultimately, gets a completely different result, I am the perfect case. I graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 2008, having double-majored in art history and anthropology and minored in Asian studies.

CSUF President’s Reception for Women’s History Month encouraged women to ‘reclaim their own time’Opens in new window
Womens History Month

A bubbling crowd of students, faculty and staff took their seats for the annual CSUF Women’s History Month reception at the Fullerton Marriott on Thursday.

“Reclaiming Our Time” was the theme of the reception hosted by the WoMen’s and Adult Reentry Center and the Women and Gender Studies Department.

Industry Leaders Prepare Students for In-Demand Careers in AgingOpens in new window

As the number of aging adults rises in Orange County and across the nation, Cal State Fullerton continues to help students explore in-demand careers in the field of gerontology.

CSUF professor John Bock pushes for environmental sustainability on campusOpens in new window

As a professor of anthropology and the current director for CSUF’s Center for Sustainability, John Bock understands the impact of a single footprint. “We use urban agriculture as a lens to understand food security, sustainable development and environmental justice,” Bock said.

Lil' Libros Co-Founders Headline Women's History Month ReceptionOpens in new window
Ariana Stein and Patty Rodriguez

Ariana Stein and Patty Rodriguez are entrepreneurs, business partners, mothers and childhood friends. They're also the driving force behind a bilingual children's book series, Lil' Libros, which encourages bilingualism and a passion for reading.


CSUF Faculty Contribute to Special Issue of Academic JournalOpens in new window
Noh, Phi, and Yuying

Cal State Fullerton faculty were contributors to a special issue of Women & Therapy.

Faculty Noon Time Talks: Spring 2018 SeriesOpens in new window
Ben Cawthra

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 (12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.)
Benjamin Cawthra, Ph.D.
Yesternow: Jack Johnson, Documentary Film, and the Politics of Jazz

'Alternate Facts' Series Back This Spring With New LineupOpens in new window
Alternate Facts

Cal State Fullerton's College of Humanities and Social Sciences' lecture series explores controversial theories and separate fact from fiction on a variety of subjects in history, science, education and philosophy.

Tuesday, Mar. 13, 11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m.
"Too Perfect to be True: 'Fake' Research or Yet Another Crisis for the Academy"
"Science and Politics in the Age of Alternative Facts"

Women's History Month to Focus on 'Reclaiming Our Time'Opens in new window
Womens History Month

Cal State Fullerton brings thought-leaders, advocates and mentors to campus this month as part of the university's celebration of Women's History Month. With focus on the theme "Reclaiming Our Time," events will include panel discussions, film screenings and a poetry slam.

Annual Awards & Scholarship Gala, In Memory of Dr. Milton A. Gordon Opens in new window

The African American Faculty and Staff Association is proud to host its Annual Awards and Scholarship Gala. All proceeds from this event will generate future scholarships for CSUF students in memory of President Milton A. Gordon.

Authors of 'My Life' Book Series & California Literature to Give TalksOpens in new window
Susan Straight

The lunchtime conversation will focus on how reading California literature "not only informs us about the history of places we think we already know, but also trains us for resistance, instilling values essential to democracy, like stewardship and empathy, while cultivating responsible imagination," Sexton said. The Department of English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics is co-hosting the event.


Seeing Orange CountyOpens in new window
Oranges on the vine

Elaine Lewinnek, professor of American studies, takes the reader on a trip through the diversity of Orange County. From the 9,000-year-old Panhe village to the Ronald Reagan-sanctioned military-industrial research site just up the road, the rich culture is what brings people from across the U.S.-Mexican border and over the Pacific Ocean to experience this place called Orange County.

CSUF professor Carrie Lane displays unique passion for workOpens in new window
Carrie Lane

Carrie Lane, American studies professor at CSUF, is nothing short of accomplished.

With a bachelor’s in anthropology from Princeton and a Ph.D. in American studies from Yale, her education and passion for American studies, one of her most recent studies focuses on professional organizers.


Center for Oral and Public History to Recognize OC Political LeadersOpens in new window

The contributions of three Orange County political leaders will be recognized March 1 by Cal State Fullerton's Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History.

Asian American Studies Evolves From Program to DepartmentOpens in new window

Reflecting its continual growth since the 1990s, Cal State Fullerton's Asian American Studies Program officially became a department last week. The proposal was unanimously approved at a Jan. 25 Academic Senate meeting and signed into effect Feb. 13 by CSUF President Fram Virjee.

'Honoring the Difficult' Through Art
Honoring the Difficult, Difficult Times, Difficult Art

Natalie J. Graham, poet and associate professor of African American studies, and filmmaker Keya Vance will facilitate a Wednesday, Feb. 21 poetry workshop and film screening from 2:30-3:45 p.m. in the Titan Theatre. Drawing upon themes from Alice Walker's book "The Same River Twice: Honoring the Difficult," participants will discuss how artists navigate cultural legacies and contemporary scenes of pain and grief.


Social Justice Summit Brings Actress Asia Jackson to CampusOpens in new window

Islamophobia on college campuses, stepping up to rape culture, reframing disability, and pain and anger in the LGBTQ community are a few of the featured topics at Cal State Fullerton's 2018 Social Justice Summit, which will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 24 in the Titan Student Union.


Indie Filmmaker Kelly Reichardt Among Subjects of Recent Faculty PublicationsOpens in new window

Kelly Reichardt: Emergency and the Everyday,” co-authored by Nicole Seymour, assistant professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics.


Grant Will Prepare CSUF Undergrads for Humanities DoctoratesOpens in new window
Humanities Building CSUF

Thanks to a $444,319 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation through the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF) program, a select group of students who pursue a doctorate in the humanities immediately after completing a bachelor’s degree will receive academic opportunities and financial support to realize their educational dreams.




African American Studies Department Open House

The African American Studies Department is holding an open house for students on Feb. 12 from 1:30-3:30 in Hum 312. Faculty will be there to discuss course offerings for the fall. Food and drinks will be available.

'Alternate Facts' Series Back This Spring With New LineupOpens in new window
Alternate Facts

Returning this spring with a new slate of scholars and topics, Cal State Fullerton's College of Humanities and Social Sciences' lecture series will explore controversial theories and separate fact from fiction on a variety of subjects in history, science, education and philosophy.

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m.
"Alternative Histories of Southern California"


MS-13 Researcher Advocates for Deeper Understanding of Gang ExperiencesOpens in new window
MS13 gang

Lidia E. Nuño, a Cal State Fullerton assistant professor of criminal justice, is one of a handful of researchers across the country studying the MS-13 gang's presence in the United States and Central America.


In Memoriam — Lydia VélezOpens in new window

Lydia Vélez, professor emeritus of modern languages and literatures, died Jan. 10 at the age of 71. A dedicated teacher and respected colleague, Vélez specialized in Spanish American literature. In addition to critical articles on the works of such authors as Julia de Burgos, Elías Miguel Muñoz and Etnairis Rivera, Vélez published short stories and two collections of poetry.

How Did North Korea Become a Nuclear Weapons Power? A CSUF Professor Offers Some ContextOpens in new window

While many wonder what North Korea is going to do with its nuclear power, Kristine Dennehy, chair and professor of history, explains how the country’s complex history has led North Korea to its current place in the world.


Q&A with Poet and Professor of African American Studies, Natalie GrahamOpens in new window
Natalie Graham

In BEGIN WITH A FAILED BODY, winner of the 2016 Cave Canem Poetry Prize, poet and professor Natalie Graham considers the wounded self trapped between poverty and memory. By retrieving her past, her family and her community to bear witness with her, Graham’s debut collection is entrancing and profound.


Criminal Justice Professor on Restorative Justice In HollywoodOpens in new window

Professor of Criminal Justice, Alissa Ackerman quoted in The Washington Post article “Enough with naming and shaming: It’s time for restorative justice in Hollywood” by Chief Film Critic, Ann Hornaday.


Research on Tweeting, Bilingualism, Music Part of Library Lecture SeriesOpens in new window

Feb. 27 — "Boom Conversation on Vietnamese California" by Jason Sexton, Boom editor and Pollak Library faculty fellow; Sarah Grant, assistant professor of anthropology; Allison Varzally, professor of history; and Phuoc Duong, lecturer in Asian American studies.

Emeriti Give Back Through Scholarships to StudentsOpens in new window

Eleven Cal State Fullerton students have begun the spring semester with scholarships underwritten by the university’s emeriti including Dianna J. Blake, English.

Cal State Fullerton Receives $444,000 Grant to Prepare Students for Doctoral Degrees in HumanitiesOpens in new window
Doctoral Graduate

Cal State Fullerton will receive $444,319 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to establish a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF) program. The focus of the funding will be to increase rigorous academic opportunities and provide financial support for students who will pursue a Ph.D. in the humanities immediately after completing their bachelor’s degrees.

Titan Voice: Riley Greenough — Reflections of a President’s ScholarOpens in new window
Riley Greenough

My parents and I toured nearly a dozen college campuses in all parts of California before I decided to attend Cal State Fullerton. I was an anxious high school senior, desperate to fit in at the college that would be my college for the next four years.

Trump’s Comments Invoke Model Minority MythOpens in new window
Donald Trump

Eliza Noh, associate professor of Asian American studies, was quoted in a Washington Post analysis stemming from President Trump's controversial comments last week about immigrants.


Historian Examines 'A Divided Korea'Opens in new window
koreas border

Amidst heightened military tensions between North and South Korea, the two nations recently met face-to-face in the Demilitarized Zone for the first time in more than two years. Cal State Fullerton historian Kristine Dennehy sees the talks as a step toward improved relations for the divided country.

Titans to Honor Legacy of MLKOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton will honor the legacy of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. during a weeklong celebration at the top of the spring semester.

Titans Deliver TED Talks Worth SharingOpens in new window

"Twins: A Window Into Human Nature" (TEDx Manhattan Beach, 2017)
Nancy L. Segal, author, professor of psychology and director of the Twin Studies Center, draws from her twin research to illuminate the important role genes play in decision-making and behavior.


Most Influential 2017: Cal State Fullerton’s Heiner helps ex-convicts get college degreesOpens in new window

Brady HeinerBrady Heiner is the director of Project Rebound, which helps former inmates get a college degree once they’re out of prison. Brady is one of OC Register's Most Influential people of 2017.

Recognizing the Impact of Religion on Public LifeOpens in new window
religions symbols

Benjamin J. Hubbard, professor emeritus of comparative religion, penned a commentary for the Los Angeles Times/Daily Pilot opinion section on the importance of recognizing how much religion impacts public life “in ways that please some and frustrate others.”

Only 3% of former foster children graduate college. Here’s how universities are working to change thatOpens in new window

“When I was here at Cal State, I was homeless for three months,” Sharon Luisjuan said, looking west across the Cal State San Bernardino campus. A former foster youth who had aged out of the system, Luisjuan beat the odds and earned a college degree with the help of CSUSB’s Renaissance Scholars program. 


External Funding Supports Studies in Health Care Disparities and Ecosystems, Student Programs and Tutoring ServicesOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton faculty and staff have been busy garnering grants and contracts for everything from a financial planning initiative to research on health care disparities in Latinos. More than $2.1 million was received during the campus’s second quarter.

Patricia Literte, associate professor of sociology and director of the McNair Scholars Program
Laura Gil-Trejo, director of the Social Science Research Center
Sheryl Fontaine, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Sawssan Ahmed, assistant professor of psychology

Students Explore Migration Issues and Share Research Projects in MexicoOpens in new window

Through two Cal State Fullerton study abroad programs in Mexico this fall, students had the opportunity to present their research projects, learn about transnational migration and experience the Mexican culture.

Campus Members Honored for Service, Expertise and CreativityOpens in new window

Whether its work in the classroom, in academic departments, in professional organizations or behind the camera, Cal State Fullerton faculty and staff have displayed dedication, expertise and creative skills that has earned their recent recognition.

Campus Symposium to Discuss Solitary Confinement, Prison ReformOpens in new window

California prison hunger strikes in 2011 and 2013 sparked several debates about human rights, incarceration and state priorities. Ending the practice of solitary confinement will be the focus of a Saturday, Dec. 9, symposium hosted by Cal State Fullerton and California Families Against Solitary Confinement.

Faculty Service RecognizedOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton is recognizing 69 faculty members for their outstanding service to students, the University or the external community.

Future of Malls and Online RetailersOpens in new window

Ray Young, professor emeritus of geography, discussed the many reasons behind the decline of retailers in Orange County, as well as the trends within online shopping, during a recent lecture for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute on campus.

Titans Learn About Global Refugee Crisis While Studying AbroadOpens in new window

"There is no one poster child for what a refugee looks like or what they are seeking safe haven from," says Pamela Fiber-Ostrow, a Cal State Fullerton professor of political science.

Fiber-Ostrow leads a six-week study abroad trip to Italy each summer, where students learn about the complexities of the worldwide refugee crisis in addition to being exposed to Italian life and culture.

Digital humanities keynote speaker highlights the importance of geographic information systemsOpens in new window
Christy Hyman, who studies 19th century American history using geographic information systems (GIS), was invited by Cal State Fullerton’s Department of History and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to deliver the keynote presentation for the fall Digital Humanities Student Symposium. Hyman’s doctoral work focuses on using historical data and geography to track the patterns and movements of enslaved runaways and laborers.



Graduate Students to Showcase Digital Humanities ProjectsOpens in new window
Graphic Novel Art
Three Cal State Fullerton graduate students will showcase their digital humanities projects on women's suffrage, Japanese internment in Brea and women's reproductive health during a two-day symposium Nov. 15-16.


Tradition of Teaching Persists in Native American HeritageOpens in new window

"What is the oldest role of American Indians?" Paul Apodaca posed this question during his keynote presentation for Cal State Fullerton's Native American Heritage Month reception.

"We were teachers," said the associate professor of sociology and American studies at Chapman University. "We've been teaching Europeans for 500 years — teaching them where the food is, teaching them how the animals lived, teaching them how the seasons worked...


Graphic novels exhibit at Cal State Fullerton shows myriad paths to creativityOpens in new window
Graphic Novel Art

For many of us, our first “book” was a comic book. The combination of words and images drew us in, whether the Avengers or Archie.

A new exhibit at Cal State Fullerton shows the power and popularity of storytelling that combines words and images.

Criminal Justice Researcher Sheds Light on Sexual ViolenceOpens in new window

Committed to deepening students' understanding of criminal justice complexities, Alissa Ackerman joins Cal State Fullerton's Division of Politics, Administration and Justice this fall. The new assistant professor will teach courses on "Research Methods" and the "Foundations of Criminal Justice."


Lives Still in Limbo' to Highlight Undocumented Immigrant StoriesOpens in new window

Roberto G. Gonzales, professor at Harvard, a leading researcher on the experiences of undocumented immigrants in the United States will address the topic from 4-6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 9, in Pollak Library's Rotary Club of Fullerton, Room 130.


Titans Unite for Native American Heritage MonthOpens in new window

"We Are Still Here" is the theme of Cal State Fullerton's celebration of Native American Heritage Month. Among the November activities is a reception hosted by President Mildred García, featuring keynote speaker Paul Apodaca, a specialist in folklore, mythology and American Indian studies.

Lecture Series to Investigate 'Alternate Facts'Opens in new window


Cal State Fullerton's College of Humanities and Social Sciences presents its annual lecture series, focusing on the theme "Interdisciplinary Conversations on Alternate Facts: Evidence, Interpretation and Reality."

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m.
"The Dreyfus Affair: Fake Facts, Fake News and a Suspicious Investigation that Continues to Haunt France," Nancy Fitch, and "Mexico Under President Pancho Villa…? Storytelling, History and the Counterfactual"


Faculty Authors See Work in Books and ArticlesOpens in new window
Siobhan Brooks

Siobhan Brooks, co-chair and associate professor of African American studies, published an article on “Black on Black Love: Black Lesbian and Bisexual Women, Marriage and Symbolic Meaning” in The Black Scholar: Journal of Black Studies and Research.


Scholar Examines Environmental Issues With a Literary LensOpens in new window

"I want my students to get a sense of the wide range of artistic, and not purely scientific, responses to environmental crisis," says Nicole Seymour, whose research focuses on the relationship between the environment and literary texts.

Twelve Alumni Honored by African American Studies DepartmentOpens in new window

The African American Studies Vision for the Future Fund will provide for student scholarships and opportunities to gain hands-on learning experiences, as well as support faculty research and academic conferences.


Titans Study Human-Wildlife Conflicts in South AfricaOpens in new window

When a Cal State Fullerton humanities course offered her the opportunity to learn about human-wildlife conflicts in South Africa, she packed her bags for a summer among lions, rhinos, baboons and more.


Faculty Poets to Present Works
partial stone sculptured head

Natalie J. Graham, associate professor of African American studies, will present a 10 a.m.-noon Wednesday, Oct. 25, "From Memory to Poem" poetry reading and workshop in Room 130 of the Pollak Library. For more information, contact ngraham@fullerton.edu.

Boom California’ Presents Brown-Bag ConversationsOpens in new window
Aerial of Orange County

Cal State Fullerton American studies professor Elaine Lewinnek will be part of a lunchtime conversation Tuesday, Sept. 19, at Pollak Library on "Boom Conversation: Three Orange Counties."

Short Story, Editorial Among Recent Faculty PublicationsOpens in new window
Adam Golub

Adam Golub, associate professor of American studies, took first runner-up honors in Pulp Literature’s Raven Short Story Contest with “The Pool Guy” published in the summer issue of the literary magazine. He also authored “Stomping the Undead: A Blues Theory of Zombie Culture” that was published in the spring issue of Quarterly Horse: A Journal of [brief] American Studies.


Alternate facts gain historical perspective from Cal State Fullerton researchersOpens in new window
A Wedding 1897

“Which is right? And which is an illusion?”

And with due respect to the Moody Blues, can what’s not true still be real?

In a year of questions about fake news, Cal State Fullerton is presenting a lecture series to give some historical perspective on “alternate facts.”


Geography Conference to Explore Hurricanes, Climate ChangeOpens in new window

What can Spanish shipwrecks in the Caribbean and tree growth records from the Florida Keys reveal about hurricanes and climate change? Grant Harley, assistant professor of geography at the University of Idaho, will share his research as keynote speaker of Cal State Fullerton's "All Points of the Compass" geography conference.

MacArthur 'Genius' to Discuss Human Smuggling IndustryOpens in new window

Anthropologist Jason De León, newly named recipient of the 2017 MacArthur Fellowship, will speak at Cal State Fullerton Thursday, Oct. 19, on the relationship between transnational gangs and the human smuggling industry.

New Anthropologist on Campus Explores Immigrant ExperiencesOpens in new window

Anthropology's insistence on the equality and integrity of all cultures, as well as an emphasis on qualitative research, resonated with Ahmed Afzal and inspired him to pursue the field of cultural anthropology.

Seeing Double: Separating Facts From Fiction on Twins ResearchOpens in new window
Twins research

Psychology professor Nancy L. Seagal, one of the world's leading experts on twins, will soon release her latest book on the subject.

In “Twin Mythconceptions: False Beliefs, Fables and Facts About Twins,” Segal separates fact from fiction about more than 70 commonly held beliefs about the origins and development of twins.

Center for Oral and Public History Lecture: A Documentarian's LifeOpens in new window

Stephenson's talk, 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 25, "Wide-Angle View: An Experimental Approach to Writing and Documentary Work," is based on two decades of researching the life and work of photographer W. Eugene Smith, a pioneering documentarian for Life magazine.

From autism to zebrafish, experts set up shop at Cal State FullertonOpens in new window

When newly hired professors arrive at Cal State Fullerton, they don’t unpack just laptops, lesson plans and brand-new flip-flops. They bring research – and sometimes the funding for that research.

Tree rings, zebrafish, military prisons, property rights, nanotechnology, sexual violence and David Bowie – these are some of the research projects that accompanied the 2017-18 crop of 43 new faculty members.


Buffalo Soldiers, Titan Alumni Focus of New Library ExhibitOpens in new window

Looking at "African American Civic Engagement" throughout the decades, Cal State Fullerton's African American Studies Department presents a new exhibit on the contributions of Buffalo Soldiers during the 1860s and the University's alumni from a century later.

New Faculty Member Examines North American BorderlandsOpens in new window

Hoping her classrooms serve as spaces for Cal State Fullerton students to explore and examine American cultures in the past and present, Sara Fingal, a new assistant professor of American studies, is teaching "Americans and Nature" and "California Cultures."

Octopus Study in the Works for Animal Behavior ResearcherOpens in new window

Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, Jessie Peissig was drawn to the study of animals at an early age. Today, the Cal State Fullerton psychology professor specializes in researching and teaching animal behavior.


Report: Policing Around the NationOpens in new window

One-third of police chiefs and sheriffs have a graduate degree, and one-third of sworn officers have a bachelor's degree or higher, according to a new study from Cal State Fullerton's Center for Public Policy and the Police Foundation, the largest and most comprehensive study conducted since 1978 on the role of higher education in policing


CSUF Awarded $12 Million in Grants, Contracts and Program FundingOpens in new window

More than $12.1 million has been awarded to Cal State Fullerton during the first quarter of the academic year. The funding supports programs that help students go to college, earn degrees in specific fields, expand high-impact practices for students and benefit communities, and underwrite faculty research, much of which is conducted with students working alongside faculty members.


Lecture Series to Investigate 'Alternate Facts'Opens in new window

Cal State Fullerton's College of Humanities and Social Sciences presents its annual lecture series, focusing on the theme "Interdisciplinary Conversations on Alternate Facts: Evidence, Interpretation and Reality."

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m.
"What Twins Tell Us About Who We Are: The Science Behind the Fascination, " Nancy L. Segal
"Polarized Policing," Jay Wachtel

In Memoriam — Seymour ScheinbergOpens in new window

Seymour "Sy" Scheinberg, chair and professor of history emeritus, died Sept. 29 at the age of 85. A memorial service will be held at 1p.m. Oct. 3 in the chapel of Harbor Lawn, Mt. Olive Cemetery, 1625 Gisler Ave., Costa Mesa.


Psychology, Philosophy Experts to Discuss Moral DilemmasOpens in new window

Can science provide the moral answers to such issues as abortion, euthanasia and organ donation — without the guidance of religious ideology or philosophy? Cal State Fullerton alumnus Michael Shermer '78 (M.A. psychology) returns to his alma mater Thursday, Oct. 19, to present his case.


One Day's Trash: Graduate Student Researches Campus RecyclingOpens in new window

Maelynn Dickson with “Mount Recyclemore”

By the time Maelynn Dickson sits down to write her master's thesis, she will have completed more than 10 dumpster audits to assess waste diversion behaviors at Cal State Fullerton.

The geography student's research, "Promoting Successful Campus-wide Sustainability Through Hands-on Education," collects data on recyclable materials from the Humanities-Social Sciences Building .

Local City Managers to Mentor Public Administration StudentsOpens in new window
City Manager Fellows

Four Graduate Students Named City Management Fellows.

‘Boom California’ Presents Brown-Bag ConversationsOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton American studies professor Elaine Lewinnek will be part of a lunchtime conversation Tuesday, Sept. 19, at Pollak Library on "Boom Conversation: Three Orange Counties."

The conversation will focus on Orange County today, known for its beach cities, amusement parks, and diverse political, economic and ethnic compositions. 

A Decade of Teaching Harry PotterOpens in new window

With red hair, freckles and a determination to learn, it's no wonder Brittany Cochran landed in the same house as the famous Weasley clan on the first day of her Harry Potter class at Cal State Fullerton. The class, which fills up quickly according to its instructor Erin Hollis, will be offered in spring 2018 for the 10th time. 


Titan Goes From Candy Striper to President at Kaiser PermanenteOpens in new window

Julie Miller-Phipps, who earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology at CSUF, talks about her ascension to a top post with Kaiser Permanente. She credits the “focus on group process” in her coursework with her success in leading such a large organization.


Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Remain Underrepresented on TelevisionOpens in new window

Christina B. Chin, assistant professor of sociology, and one of the authors of “Tokens on the Small Screen,” examines the role of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders on prime-time television.


Seven Titans Named CSU Pre-Doctoral ScholarsOpens in new window

Seven underrepresented students at Cal State Fullerton have begun a new educational journey, working toward a doctoral-level degree and, someday, teaching on a college campus.


Defense, Incarceration Researcher Joins American Studies FacultyOpens in new window
Alison Kanosky

Alison Kanosky was drawn to American studies for two reasons: its interdisciplinary approach and the growing amount of critical and political work coming from the field.

Teaching such courses as "American Character" and "Theory and Method of American Studies" this fall, Cal State Fullerton's new assistant professor focuses her own research on how defense and incarceration policies affect communities.


CSUF researcher examines “invisible” Korean War adopteesOpens in new window

B&W Korean Photo On Cell Phone

“They were the first K-Pop group,” said Susie Woo, a Cal State Fullerton American studies professor. “(But) their day-to-day life was very different than what the photographs captured.” Woo is trying to capture this disparity for a book she is writing. She is researching the experience of Korean War adoptees and military brides, many of whom she said experienced the harsh reality of the United States.

Psychology Professor Debunks Popular 'Twin Mythconceptions'Opens in new window
twin mythconceptions cover

Can twins communicate telepathically? Should twins be separated in school? Do twins skip generations?

In her latest book, "Twin Mythconceptions: False Beliefs, Fables and Facts About Twins," Cal State Fullerton professor of psychology Nancy L. Segal separates fact from fiction.

Explore Over 180 Million Years Of OC History at 'Ancient Wonders'Opens in new window

The John D. Cooper Archaeological and Paleontological Center will host "OC’s Ancient Wonders," a free educational family event this Saturday, Sept. 9, featuring the region's rich heritage of natural history, prehistoric animals and plants, and Native American culture.

Faculty Presentation TopicsOpens in new window

Timothy Henry, lecturer in English, comparative literature and linguistics, discussed “Making a Dictionary of Ventureño,” the process of creating a native language dictionary from fragmented sources, Aug. 10 at the Chumash Indian Museum in Thousand Oaks.

“Vietnamese American Older Adult Depression and Help-Seeking: A Pilot Study” with graduate counseling student Vi Pham and undergraduate psychology major Phuong Nguyen;


Free Lectures for Curious MindsOpens in new window

Nov. 2 — "Malls, Discounters and Amazon: Retail Competition in the Internet Age" presented by Ray Young, CSUF professor emeritus of geography

Dec. 7 — "Political Women: Recording Stories of Local Women Making Change" presented by Natalie Fousekis, CSUF professor of history and director of the Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History

Are dystopian novels a call to action for millennials? CSUF student sees a brave new worldOpens in new window

Looking at the world through the eyes of a dystopian heroine occupied much of Cal State Fullerton student Brittany Goss’ past year. In May, she presented her research paper, “Young Adult Dystopian Literature Creating a Generation of Activists,” at the university’s senior honors presentations.

Psychologist Brings Zebrafish Research to CampusOpens in new window
Adam Roberts

It might seem like zebrafish are worlds away from people experiencing disorders such as schizophrenia and autism, says Adam Roberts, but scientific breakthroughs often start with animal models like these.

Cal State Fullerton's new assistant professor of psychology hopes that his research scanning fish brains can provide clues for understand learning and memory in human beings.

Cal State Fullerton student gets to embrace the warmth of small-town America in AlaskaOpens in new window
Sheridan's Glacier

Maelynn Dickson completed conservation aimed at preventing the death of salmon offspring and ensuring current trails were maintained; without maintained trails, visitors tend to go off trail, which ruins the surrounding ecosystems and habitats.


Geographer Examines Tree Rings to Understand Climate ChangeOpens in new window
Tree rings, dendrochronolgy

What can tree rings reveal about a region's history, and how can this knowledge help guide environmental policies? These are a few of the questions Trevis Matheus hopes to understand as a researcher of dendrochronology, paleoclimatology and weather.

Newest Guardian Scholars Begin Their Titan Educational JourneyOpens in new window
Guardian Scholars, 2017

Cal State Fullerton has welcomed 15 former foster youth to the campus as this year’s class of incoming Guardian Scholars. The Guardian Scholars program awards former foster youth a full scholarship to the University and provides additional assistance to help them succeed in their educational endeavors.

Welcoming the Newest Class of President’s ScholarsOpens in new window
2017 Presidents Scholars

This year’s group of President’s Scholars spans six colleges, with 17 students joining the most elite cadre of Cal State Fullerton students. The President’s Scholars program is a rigorous initiative for high achievers in high school and military veterans entering from community college that provides high achievers with experiences and opportunities in academics, leadership, service and mentorship.

Firefighter-turned-scholar at Cal State Fullerton studies science of wildfiresOpens in new window
Firefighter Chacon

A former firefighter, Pedro Chacon, has been accepted to attend the Strategic Environmental Research Initiative Fire Summer Seminar at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara.

Summer days for these CSUF students were anything but lazyOpens in new window
DC Scholars - Hill, Maskarino and Gonzalez

DC Scholars - Fourteen Cal State Fullerton students dipped their toes into the democratic progress this summer working in Washington, D.C., as part of the DC Scholars Program. Their internship sites included the U.S. Department of Agriculture, House Foreign Affairs Committee and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Skeptical of One-Sided History? Rewrite it.Opens in new window
Jessica Stern

Skeptical of historical literature’s portrayal of Native Americans as gift-givers who did not understand commodity exchange, Jessica Stern, associate professor of history, began digging deeper into decades of study by anthropologists.

CSUF Researchers Explore Influence of Walt Disney Co.Opens in new window

Why is the iconic scene of Snow White sleeping in a coffin absent from the ride at Disneyland? How was Walt Disney portrayed by the media during his lifetime? 

Underlying Cal State Fullerton’s nationally ranked academic programs is a culture of curiosity that has inspired several faculty members and students to explore questions like these through scholarly research.

Philosophy Professor’s Teenage Discovery of Neo-Confucianism Leads to BookOpens in new window
Jeeloo Liu

Chinese philosophy is widely taught at universities across the nation, says JeeLoo Liu, department chair and professor of philosophy. But for lack of a suitable introduction, she adds, few instructors venture to teach neo-Confucianism and most American scholars in Chinese philosophy still restrict their research to ancient Chinese philosophy.

Historian's Book Explores Vietnamese Migrant Children and AdoptionOpens in new window

Allison Varzally

Allison Varzally, associate professor of history, recently penned the book “Children of Reunion: Vietnamese Adoptions and the Politics of Family Migrations.”

Issues discussed in the book, says Varzally, are paralleled today by the growing population of migrant and often parentless children crossing oceans and borders to see refuge in the United States.

Puerto Rico Study Program Life-Changing Experience for StudentsOpens in new window
Puerto Rico Students Farm

Student Anthony Flores discovered that indeed "The World is Your Classroom" earlier this summer when he studied in San Juan and Vieques, Puerto Rico. Flores and his classmates were exposed to the educational, social and health needs of the island population, and gained experience working for social change. 

Affordable Health Care: What's Next?Opens in new window

As Republican legislators stepped aside and defected from party efforts to overhaul the Affordable Care Act last week, Cal State Fullerton experts on politics and health care grew curious about the fate of the promised repeal.


DC Scholars Dive Into Work in WashingtonOpens in new window

2017 DC Scholars

Jared Hill, Paulette Maskarino, and Raul Gonzalez are among 14 Cal State Fullerton students working in Washington, D.C., this summer as part of the DC Scholars Program. Students may work in congressional offices, for nonprofits and advocacy organizations, or in executive and governmental agencies.



Summer Internship a Dream OpportunityOpens in new window
Nicolette Passerello

When Nicolette Passerello got an email about applying for a fellowship in which she could spend the summer interning with a nonprofit and gain valuable, high-impact, real-life experience, she saw it as an incredible opportunity.


Book Explores Migrant Farmworker Students and Educational SuccessOpens in new window

A recently published book by Cal State Fullerton faculty members Patricia Perez, chair and professor of Chicana and Chicano studies, and Maria Estela Zarate, professor of educational leadership, explores how to help farmworker students.


Student Researcher Recognized for Graduate Thesis on SeabirdsOpens in new window
elegant tern with fish

For her master's thesis research, alumna Chelsea (Rankin) Felbeck ventured to Southern California coastal areas to observe the elegant tern, a mostly white seabird with a reddish orange bill and crown of black on its head.

Insatiable Learner Wins Osher Lifelong Learning Institute’s Betty Robertson AwardOpens in new window

A Titan with an appetite for learning is the recipient of the 2017 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) Betty Robertson Award.

Sanford “Sandy” George graduated from Cal State Fullerton in May with a master’s degree in geography while attending simultaneous courses in religion at the University of Southern California.

Geographer Wins Alumni Association’s Faculty Student Service AwardOpens in new window
Salim Zia

Zia Salim, Titan alumnus and assistant professor of geography, knows engaging students requires stretching learning beyond the classroom and putting curiosity and new skills to work in research and hands-on projects.


Faculty Writing Explores Urban PlanningOpens in new window

New this month is “Latino City: Urban Planning, Politics and the Grassroots,” by Erualdo R. González, associate professor of Chicana and Chicano studies.

CSUF Expert: Lessons from Vietnamese Adoptions Apply to New Wave of Migrant ChildrenOpens in new window

In research by Allison Varzally,associate professor of history at Cal State Fullerton, she discovered that as the U.S. expanded its military and economic involvement in Vietnam during the 1960s, adoption became an important route of entry into American society for Vietnamese and Amerasian children. Confronting dispiriting levels of poverty, violence and political chaos, residents of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala have attempted to find refuge in the United States in recent years.

Travel and New Experiences Help Shape Future Scholars - McNair Scholars Spend Summer Expanding Research ExperiencesOpens in new window

Scholar Mercy Tran will be traveling to the University of Michigan to conduct research in psychology under the institution's Summer Research Opportunity Program.

Political Scientist Named Academic Senate ChairOpens in new window

Political scientist Stephen Stambough was unanimously elected May 18 to serve as the 2017-18 chair of Cal State Fullerton's Academic Senate.

CSUF to Host North American Sport History ConferenceOpens in new window

International sport historians and scholars will assemble May 26-29 at Cal State Fullerton for the 45th annual convention of the North American Society for Sport History. This year's conference features 46 panel presentations on a variety of topics, such as doping, politics, sports medicine, race and gender. 

CSUF Grads Share How They Got to the TopOpens in new window
Omar ChavezGrad

Omar Chavez, earning a bachelor's degree in linguistics, is the first CSUF student in Project Rebound to graduate. 

Assistant Professor of American Studies Named an Emerging Faculty LeaderOpens in new window
Susie Woo

Susie Woo, assistant professor of American studies, was named this week as one of 10 emerging faculty leaders in the Nancy Weiss Malkiel Scholars Awards Program. 

Grad School Dreams RealizedOpens in new window

McNair Scholar, Vincente Mata

What once was a dream is coming to reality for 10 first-generation college students. Not only are they completing their undergraduate studies this spring, they also have been accepted into graduate programs at universities across the country. Read More!


Women and Gender Studies Shifts to Department StatusOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton President Mildred Garcia recently approved changing the Women and Gender Studies Program to a department. Read more by clicking the link above!


Faculty Honored as ELEVATE FellowsOpens in new window
Alcala and Waller

Lucia Alcala, assistant professor of psychology, and Patrice Waller, assistant professor of secondary education, are among 18 ELEVATE Fellows selected from across the country.

I’ll Get You Out of Here, Abuelo!’ With Director Montse ArmengouOpens in new window
Montse Armengou

CSUF’s Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History will host a Wednesday, May 10, screening of “I’ll Get You Out of Here, Abuelo!” and discussion with director Montse Armengou. 

And the Tuffy Award Goes to...Opens in new window
Tuffy Award Recipients

More than 350 students, faculty and staff gathered May 4 to recognize the contributions of Cal State Fullerton's student organizations to the University and beyond. 

Unheard LA: Hidden Stories of Southern CaliforniaOpens in new window
Barbara Gonzales

Fresh from completing her master’s degree in at CSUF, Brenda Gonzales was back on campus in 2006 teaching a course in American government, yet she had never voted.

In this radio segment, she talks about choosing political science as her major “because I wanted to understand the forces around me that were keeping me from being an American.”

In Memoriam — Richard ‘Dick’ McFarlandOpens in new window
Richard Mcfarland

Richard “Dick” McFarland, professor emeritus of psychology, died April 26. He was 82.  

McFarland joined Cal State Fullerton in 1969 and served the campus for 28 years. The biological psychologist’s research interests included studies of emotion, music and autonomic changes accompanying emotional experience.

CSUF grad: Pride in American present, Mexican pastOpens in new window
Victoria Coronado

"My CSUF story begins with my grandparents. Both sets of my grandparents came to the United States from Mexico to ensure a better future for their children. This change, while necessary, did not come without hardships." - Victoria Coronado

U-ACRE Wins a Statewide Award for Sustainability in AcademicsOpens in new window
Woman measuring a plant

Cal State Fullerton’s U-ACRE Project, a community-based urban agriculture research effort affiliated with the University’s Center for Sustainability, has received a Best Practice award in “Sustainability in Academics: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.”

Much Ado About Shakespeare's Leading LadiesOpens in new window
shakespeare books

Kay Stanton, Cal State Fullerton professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, will present a Saturday, May 6, talk titled "Shakespeare's Women." The 2 p.m. event takes place in Room 130 of the Pollak Library.

In Her Voice: Exhibit Shares Oral Histories of Nine Latina ActivistsOpens in new window
Antonia Hernandez, Michele Martinez and Helen Torres

The oral histories of nine Latina community activists, including Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez, are featured in “Voces de Liberación: Latinas and Politics in Southern California,” a graduate-student-curated exhibit in the Pollak Library April 27 through June 21.

Noted Twin Expert Publishes New BookOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton’s Nancy Segal, a foremost expert in the field of twin studies and director of the University’s Twin Studies Center, has added another book to her list of publications based on her twin studies. “Twin Mythconceptions: False Beliefs, Fables and Facts About Twins.”

Titan voice Agnieszka “AJ” Pollard: From Poland to SoCal — an American dream continuesOpens in new window
A J Pollard

Growing up in post-communist Poland, the American Dream was constantly on my dad’s lips. Eventually, my parents made my dad’s hope a reality, and my family immigrated to America.

Project Rebound Director Receives Leadership AwardOpens in new window

Brady Heiner, director of Cal State Fullerton’s Project Rebound, received the Leadership Award at Wednesday’s University Awards Program in recognition for his vision and perseverance to expand the program for formerly incarcerated individuals to California State University campuses systemwide. 

Cal State Fullerton Professor Co-Edits New Anthology on UnemploymentOpens in new window
anthropologies of unemployment

In a new book, Cal State Fullerton American Studies Professor Carrie M. Lane delves into the world of not working in co-editing Anthropologies of Unemployment: New Perspectives on Work and its Absence. The collection spans the globe in looking at job seeking culture and the shame of being out of work.

Transgender activists urge human rights for all at CSUF rallyOpens in new window
Transgender Rally

Fighting for the rights of transgender people is fighting for the rights of all the marginalized, several speakers told a small diversity rally on the Cal State Fullerton campus Wednesday, April 12.


Poets Welcome HereOpens in new window

Three contemporary poets will share their work during Cal State Fullerton's celebration of National Poetry Month. The Tuesday, April 18, poetry reading event, "You Are Welcome Here," takes place in the Pollak Library’s Rotary Club of Fullerron Room 130.

Transracial Adoption, Memory and Down Syndrome are Topics for Annual Psychology DayOpens in new window

Research presentations on transracial adoption and memory competency take center stage at the Tuesday, April 11, Psychology Day, organized by the International Honor Society in Psychology at CSUF (PSI CHI), the Psychology Department Student Association and the Latin@ Student Psychological Association.

Where the World's Only Grass-Eating Monkeys ThriveOpens in new window
From National Geographic Article Opens in new window

National Geographic writer, Craig Welch, visits the Gelada Research Project - founded and run by Peter Fashing and NGA Nguyen from CSUF's Division of Anthropology.



Alumni Mentors Put Focus on Careers in AgingOpens in new window

Five speakers, including Alumna Diane Patterson, editor of the “Journal of Success in Aging,” will network with students about the gerontology field Wednesday, April 5, during the Careers in Aging event.


Film Screening: Story of a Transgender Latina Teenager Opens in new window

Cal State Fullerton presents a free film screening and panel discussion of "Becoming Johanna," a short documentary that follows a transgender Latina teenager as she navigates adolescence and young adulthood.


Former U.S. Senator Encourages Student Involvement in PoliticsOpens in new window
Barbara Boxer at CSUF

“How do you feel about our country?” asked former U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer as she addressed several hundred people gathered March 20 at Cal State Fullerton. “I love being on college campuses because I want to inspire young people to be involved in the politics of YOUR country.


Center for Public and Oral History Named for Founding Faculty Member Lawrence de GraafOpens in new window
Lawrence de Graaf

The University’s Center for Public and Oral History, focused on recording Orange County’s history, will now be named for Lawrence B. de Graaf, professor emeritus of history — a founding faculty member and creator of Cal State Fullerton’s first archive and the Oral History Program.


Examining the Legacy of California Historian Kevin StarrOpens in new window
Kevin Starr

Cal State Fullerton students taking courses in American studies, history and the honors program often delve into the writings of Kevin Starr, the late California historian and former state librarian.


Talk With Former Sen. Barbara Boxer Launches Humanities Week on CampusOpens in new window
Barbara Boxer

A talk and book-signing by former Sen. Barbara Boxer will kick off Humanities and Social Sciences Week Monday, March 20, in the Titan Student Union. Student symposiums and presentations will follow, highlighting the college’s programs and degrees. 

A CSUF expert asks: 'Can the center hold in our national life?Opens in new window

Can the center hold in American public life or are we doomed, in the Trump era, to even greater divisiveness and alienation? The poet W.B. Yeats asked a similar question in his 1919 poem "The Second Coming." With a pessimism borne out by subsequent events in Europe, Yeats feared that the second coming might not be of Christ but of a "rough beast" that would plunge the world into darkness.


American Studies Students’ Research Highlighted in SymposiumOpens in new window

More than two dozen undergraduate and graduate students will present their research focused on race, gender, sex and identity Monday, March 20, at the fifth annual American Studies Student Association Symposium. The one-day symposium sponsored by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Inter-Club Council and the American Studies Student Association begins at 8:30 a.m. in the Titan Student Union.


Tattooed: Inked Women’s History Is Focus of Anthropology ExhibitOpens in new window
Tatoo Exhibit

Photographs and largely unknown personal histories of women and tattoos before World War II are in the spotlight for “Tattooed and Tenacious: Inked Women in California’s History,” an exhibit of the Anthropology Teaching Museum opening Thursday, March 16.

In Memoriam — Jack ElenbaasOpens in new window

Jack Elenbaas, professor emeritus of history, died Feb. 22.

Elenbaas joined Cal State Fullerton in 1969 and taught for 35 years before being granted emeritus status in 2005. The educator also served as the Department of History’s graduate adviser for more than a decade.

CSUF Hosts Hermanos Unidos National Leadership ConferenceOpens in new window
Hermanos-Unidos Group Shot

Cal State Fullerton hosted the Hermanos Unidos National Leadership Conference Feb. 18, with more than 500 in attendance from 15 schools across the state. The conference theme, "La Revolución," focused on overcoming barriers through educational and social empowerment.

A Woman Walks Into a Room ...  Rewriting the Script for Women at the HelmOpens in new window

For screenwriter Rosanne Welch, the ripple effect of being the woman in the room begins like this: “The doctor walks in …”  

“All I have to do is write She says … and they have to hire a female. That’s how powerful it is to have a female voice in a room,” says the lecturer of cinema and television arts. 

How Disney Inspired the Careers of Three CSUF Faculty MembersOpens in new window
David Marley

Three Cal State Fullerton faculty members recently shared how they turned their passion for the Walt Disney Co. into academic and professional.

David Marley '98 (M.A. history), history and honors program lecturer, used the skills he learned during his master's program at CSUF to write the first oral history of a specific Disney attraction, "Skipper Stories: True Tales From Disneyland's Jungle Cruise."

Campus Shines Light on Women's History MonthOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton honors women's achievements throughout history with a variety of events during the month of March, including a March 23 president's reception. 

Bravo! -- Cal State Fullerton accomplishmentsOpens in new window

"Latino City: Urban Planning, Politics and the Grassroots" by associate professor of Chicana and Chicano studies Erualdo R. González

Cal State Fullerton to Honor Distinguished, Honorary AlumniOpens in new window
Rendon and Brewer

Three Titan alumni and an honorary alumna will be recognized for their service and support of the University on Saturday, March 4, during Cal State Fullerton’s Vision & Visionaries dinner and celebration. The Vision & Visionaries awards are the highest honors that the University bestows on alumni and community supporters. 



Moot Court Team Wins at National TournamentOpens in new window

Four of the six Cal State Fullerton teams competing at the American Collegiate Moot Court Association's national tournament brought home awards this past January.

The competition took place in St. Petersburg, Florida at the Stetson College of Law, where 80 teams from 55 universities from across the United States converged to take part in written and oral argument contests.


Why Men Don’t Want the Jobs Done Mostly by WomenOpens in new window
Photograph of main cleaning through door window

New York Times article quotes and cites “Does The ‘Glass Escalator’ Compensate For The Devaluation of Care Work Occupations?” an article published in Gender & Society coauthored by Carter Rakovski, Professor of Sociology.




CSUF Model UN Team Wins Three Outstanding Awards

The CSUF Model UN Team, consisting of 21 students and one faculty, won three outstanding awards at the Inland Empire Model UN Conference on February 4th 2017. 

1. Ya-ting Chang  OUTSTANDING DELEGATE  representing GERMANY at the UN General Assembly.

2. Amanda Kammer  OUTSTANDING DELEGATE   representing  SPAIN at the UN General Assembly.

3. Sara Salinas OUTSTANDING DELEGATE  representing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of AUSTRALIA at the CRISIS COMMITTEE.

“All the other students did very well as a team, but there are no team awards at the conference,” Choudhury Shamim, Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Model UN Advisor, said, adding “I am confident that we will do very well when we go to New York in Mid-April to participate at the National MUN Conference.”


Epidemic Experts to Discuss ‘The Shape of Global Disease’ at Two-Day ConferenceOpens in new window

Alumna and AIDS researcher Navid Madani and a dozen faculty members will discuss how the treatment of epidemics and disease connect to issues of race, gender and sexuality during the Feb, 24-25 “The Shape of Global Disease” program at Cal State Fullerton.

CSUF celebrates Black History MonthOpens in new window
Joel Abraham

Associate professor of biological science Joel Abraham served as the keynote speaker at the annual reception celebrating Black History Month on February 7.

The month-long celebration continues with an open house of the university’s African American Resource Center and a screening of the film “Birth of a Nation.”

'Should We Still Study Slavery?' and Other Topics at Social Justice SummitOpens in new window
Tyler Parry

A daylong program examining issues such as the study of slavery, preserving culture, domestic violence, homelessness and mental health in the transgender population will be held Feb. 25 at Cal State Fullerton. The keynote speaker is Tyler D. Parry, CSUF assistant professor of African American studies, whose research examines slave marriage and violence in the African diaspora.

Faculty Writing Explores LGBT Health, Biometrics, Urban PlanningOpens in new window

The research and work of CSUF faculty members in such wide-ranging topics as upban planning and mental health among black LBT women, have been published. “Latino City: Urban Planning, Politics and the Grassroots,” is by Erualdo R. González, associate professor of Chicana and Chicano studies and Siobhan Brooks, assistant professor of African American studies wrote “Black LGBT Health in the United States: The Intersection of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation” published in January by Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group.

Center for Oral and Public History Honors Orange County’s Political LeadersOpens in new window
Fousekis, Vasquez, Grindle, Fontaine & Barbaro

Nearly 200 local politicians, community representatives and university leaders gathered Feb. 9 to honor political powerhouses Frank Barbaro, Shirley Grindle and Gaddi Vasquez, and to focus on the mission of Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Oral and Public History to record Orange County’s political history.

In Memoriam — Albert FloresOpens in new window
Albert Flores

Albert Flores, professor emeritus of philosophy, who had been honored as one of Cal State Fullerton’s Outstanding Professor and Faculty Leadership in Collegial Governance recipients, died Jan. 14. He was 70.
Update: A memorial service for Albert Flores will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, March 11, in the Kinesiology and Health Science Building at CSUF.

Workshop Offers Training in Capturing Oral Histories Opens in new window

Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Oral and Public History will host a free, 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11, workshop to teach oral history methodology. Students, community members and members of nonprofit groups are encouraged to attend the public workshop led by Natalie Fousekis, professor of history and director of the center, and Cora Granata, professor of history.

Contributions of Black Scientists Honored at President's ReceptionOpens in new window
Black History Month 2017

"Celebrating Black Scientists" was the theme of Cal State Fullerton's Black History Month Reception, hosted by President Mildred García Feb. 7 in the Titan Student Union.

"We applaud the African-American men and women, who despite systemic racism, were able to achieve this country's greatest breakthroughs in the field of science, medicine, astronomy and beyond," said García in her opening remarks.

A New View Into The Primate Birthing Process
primate mother

During a 10-year span, a team of primatologists witnessed 15 daytime births in wild gelada monkeys residing in the grasslands of high-altitude Ethiopia. Behavioral biologist Nga Nguyen and her colleagues in the Guassa Gelada Research Project describe the births in a new paper in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. The paper provides "the most detailed account of behaviors surrounding birth for any wild nonhuman primate to date."


Partnerships and Dedication Earn Faculty Member an ‘Engaged Scholar’ Award
Jennifer Yee

Jennifer Yee, associate professor of Asian American studies, was selected as the 2017 Community Engaged Scholar award recipient for the Western Region of Campus Compact.


In Memoriam - Dennis BergOpens in new window
Dennis Berg

Dennis F. Berg, professor emeritus of sociology whose international travels helped Cal State Fullerton establish global connections in Vietnam and China, died Jan. 19. He was 77.


Advancing Educational Opportunities for Those Who ServeOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton has partnered with the Peace Corps to offer advanced educational opportunities to those who have served in the Peace Corps. As part of the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, the University will provide financial assistance and professional experience — via internships in underserved communities — to former Peace Corps volunteers accepted into the graduate degree program in anthropology. 


Counting the Homeless: CSUF Assists in Orange County’s Homeless TallyOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton students and faculty will help early Saturday, Jan. 28, when the campus becomes one of five deployment centers for Orange County’s count of the homeless population. 

Alumna Earns Presidential Early Career AwardOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton alumna Makeba Parramore  Wilbourn ‘97, ‘01 (B.A., M.A. psychology), assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University, was named a recipient of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers.

CSUF psychology student investigates the effects and importance of facial expressionsOpens in new window
Deshawn Sambrano

Cal State Fullerton psychology student Deshawn Sambrano has created an elaborate database of facial expressions from a diverse range of people by recording and observing volunteers’ facial expressions when watching scenes from films and television shows like “Bambi,” “Seinfeld,” “The Mummy” and “Fear Factor.”


Opens in new window
Recent Faculty Publications AnnouncedOpens in new window

Siobhan Brooks, assistant professor of African American studies, authored the chapter “Balancing Act: Identity Management and Mental Health Among Black LBT Women” in “Black LGBT Health in the United States: The Intersection of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation” scheduled for release in January by Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group.


Department of Geography Name Change ApprovedOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton President Mildred García, on Monday, approved changing the long-standing Department of Geography to the newer title of Department of Geography and the Environment.

Financial Aid for the Middle Class - A Rising Dilemma Opens in new window
Kelsey Brewer

Titan alumna and  former CSU Student Trustee, Kelsey Brewer, shares the challenges of managing college costs from a middle-income perspective where you're too poor to pay for college but too rich to qualify for aid. 


In Memoriam —Michael E. BrownOpens in new window

Michael E. Brown, professor emeritus of political science, died last month. He was 77.

Brown, joined the CSUF faculty in 1967 and received emeritus status in 2000. He was known for pioneering research of the late 1960s and early '70s on drug use among area teens and his assessments on the relationship between drug use, and political and social alienation among adolescents.

Associate Vice President for Government and Community Relations Wins National Award
Owen Holmes

Owen Holmes, associate vice president for government relations, can add another award to his growing list: The CASE Marvin D. “Swede” Johnson Achievement Award that recognizes individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement, quality and effectiveness of state relations on behalf of a higher education institution or state system. 

New Anthology Commemorates Campus Poetry TraditionOpens in new window

"Open Doors: An Invitation to Poetry" honors emerging and accomplished poets who have read their work during the University's annual celebration of National Poetry Month, a tradition that began in 2002.

Celebrate the release of a new poetry anthology, compiled by three Cal State Fullerton faculty members, Dec. 8 in the Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery of the Pollak Library. The free, public event will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m.

In Memoriam - George PollakOpens in new window
Paulina and George Pollak

George Pollak, one of Cal State Fullerton’s earliest major donors, died November 16. Pollak’s name, alongside that of his wife, Paulina June Pollak, professor of English and comparative literature emeritus, graces the name of the University’s library.


University Launches Emergency Fund for StudentsOpens in new window

Packing food for project-safe

On #GivingTuesday — a global day of giving taking place this year on Nov. 29 — Cal State Fullerton invites the community to support a critical effort to raise funds for students who face food insecurity and homelessness.

Titans Remember Loved Ones During Día de los MuertosOpens in new window

Dia de los muertos 2016

Visions of marigolds, candles and skulls filled Cal State Fullerton this week, as the campus and community gathered to celebrate Día de los Muertos.

Hosted by several student organizations, the Nov. 1-2 festivities included live music and dance performances, arts and crafts, altar exhibitions, face painting and a candlelight vigil.


CSUF President García LaudedOpens in new window
President Mildred Garcia at graduation

California State University, Fullerton President Mildred García is among 25 top education leaders recognized this month as “Hispanic Leaders and Role Models in Higher Education” by Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine.


'Prehistoric OC' Features Dinos, Volcanos, Storytelling & MoreOpens in new window
Volcano's Power in a Garbage Can Demonstration

"Prehistoric OC," a family festival celebrating archaeology, paleontology, history, culture and science, is set for Saturday, Oct. 15, at Ralph B. Clark Regional Park in Buena Park.


Campaign 2016: Political Science Experts to Discuss How Gender Impacts the ElectionOpens in new window
Stambough, O'Regan & Fiber-Ostrow

The Division of Politics, Administration and Justice; Department of Women and Gender Studies; and the WoMen’s and Adult Reentry Center will host a panel discussion “Women and the 2016 Election” on Tuesday, Oct. 11.



Mapping the University and a Career: Geography Students Gain GIS ExperienceOpens in new window
GIS for the Arboretum

Want to know what type of tree is in the roundabout in front of Cal State Fullerton?

Geography students developed a way to answer questions on height, width, common and scientific names of every one of the campus's 2,333 trees, as well as when it was last pruned, what its general condition is and other information. All thanks to geographic information system (GIS) equipment.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla Joins CSUF’s Efforts to Register Young VotersOpens in new window
Signing up young voters

A concert, debate viewing parties, panel discussions on propositions and a partnership with California Secretary of State Alex Padilla are set to motivate CSUF’s young voters to participate in the 2016 Presidential election.

CSU Names Eight Titans as Pre-Doctoral ScholarsOpens in new window
Pre -DoctoralScholars

Eight Cal State Fullerton graduate students are part of the 2016-17 class of California Pre-Doctoral Scholars. The California Pre-Doctoral Program is designed to increase the diversity of the pool of potential faculty by supporting the doctoral aspirations of CSU students who have experienced economic and educational disadvantages.


University Adds Food Studies MinorOpens in new window
Photo of hands planting seedlings

Students seeking careers in food tourism, health and geography have a new minor to consider. Cal State Fullerton has added food studies to its list of minors this semester.





Nineteen Named to CSUF's Top Scholastic ProgramOpens in new window
2016 Presidents Scholars

Earlier this month, 19 new President’s Scholars joined Cal State Fullerton’s student body. As President's Scholars, they hold the most prestigious status the University accords to incoming students. 


CSUF Now Among Top 'National Universities'Opens in new window
CSUF walkways

In a major indication of the University’s growth and evolution as an institution on the national stage, U.S. News & World Report, in its most recent rankings released today, heralds Cal State Fullerton as a top “national university.”

Annual Lecture Series Prompts Discussions on 'Crossing Borders'Opens in new window
Stan Breckenridge

A Tuesday, Sept. 13, concert and talk titled “Crossing Borders: A Musical Journey of American Music (and Identity)” launches the College of Humanities and Social Sciences annual lecture series for interdisciplinary conversations. 

Speaking Up for EducationOpens in new window
Anthony Rendon

Assemblyman Anthony Rendon can trace the spark that ignited a career passion for the environment back to a Cal State Fullerton classroom.

“It was my first exposure to environmental studies that later led to a decade of work in the environmental movement with the Los Angeles and statewide chapters of the League of Conservation Voters.”

 2016’s States with the Biggest Bullying ProblemsOpens in new window

Associate Professor, Karyl Ketchum weighs in on WalletHub Article: 2016’s States with the Biggest Bullying Problems. 

College of Humanities and Social Sciences to Celebrate Student Success at Open House
HSS Week

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences Student Success Center will host an Open House from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 8, in front of the west entrance of the Humanities-Social Sciences Building. 

In Memoriam - Annabelle HaakerOpens in new window

Annabelle Haaker, professor emeritus of English, died Aug. 21 at the age of 96. The scholar joined the university in 1965 and served the campus for nearly 20 years.


Assistant Professor and Writer Wins Poetry PrizeOpens in new window
Natalie Graham

Natalie Graham, assistant professor of African American studies, is the winner of the 2016 Cave Canem Poetry Prize for her manuscript “Begin with a Failed Body.” 

Faculty Expertise Is Going PlacesOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton faculty are traveling across continents sharing their experience and knowledge in a variety of ways.


3-D Geography: Augmented Reality Sandbox Brings Maps to LifeOpens in new window
Augmented Reality Sandbox

Greg Beringer '16 (B.A. geography), who begins graduate studies in geography in the fall, encouraged students to get their hands dirty as he demonstrated an augmented reality sandbox he built in spring. The portable sandbox won’t debut in geography classrooms until fall, but it’s already getting oohs and aahs usually reserved for summer fireworks. 

Students' Poster Takes Top Prize at Statewide Geographical Society ConferenceOpens in new window
Dickson and Moreland sustainability poster

A sustainability poster created by Cal State Fullerton undergraduate geography students recently received the first place Joe Beaton Poster Award at the 2016 Conference of the California Geographical Society. 


Cooper Center Event July 17 Focuses on Fossils, OC’s Past Opens in new window
Cooper Center Event

"From Dinosaurs to People: Reliving Orange County's Past" will be presented Sunday, July 17, at the Heritage Museum of Orange County. The free family event features paleontology, archaeology, fossils and more.

Where Art and Anthropology Meet: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Yields New Ways of Teaching and LearningOpens in new window
Art & Anthropology Meet

Recent visitors of the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet might have come across a unique sight — a collective “memory tent.” They could write down a recollection they had of the swap meet on a piece of tarp, which would then become part of the tent. They could “exchange” their memory for an item characteristic of the swap meet, such as a toy or candy. 


Ethnic Studies Research Published, PresentedOpens in new window

Siobhan Brooks, assistant professor of African American studies, is the author of “Staying in the Hood: Black Lesbian and Transgender Women and Identity Management in North Philadelphia.”posted online in March by the Journal of Homosexuality.

Tyler D. Parry, assistant professor of African American studies, co-authored “The Canine Terror,” posted online in May in Jacobin magazine.


The Women of El Toro: App Shares Veterans’ History With Great Park Visitors Opens in new window
Sutko and Burrough

Visitors can now tour Orange County Great Park while listening to a free app that shares the stories of female veterans and military wives who lived and worked at the former El Toro Marine Corp Air Station. The Women of El Toro app was created by Cal State Fullerton’s Daniel Sutko, assistant professor of human communication studies, and xtine Burrough, associate professor of communications.

Dream of a College Degree AchievedOpens in new window

A realization of dreams and the anticipation of promising futures set the celebratory tone when faculty and staff members, family, donors and friends gathered May 4 for Cal State Fullerton's annual Guardian Scholars Recognition Reception to honor nine graduating seniors.

Local High School Students GEAR UP for CollegeOpens in new window

About 150 high school seniors from Anaheim attended classes on campus this month to experience university life and develop strong academic habits as part of the college-readiness program GEAR UP. 


CSUF Political Science Professor Discusses Clinton's NominationOpens in new window
Stephen Stambough

Stephen Stambough, professor of political science, participated in a Q & A from the Washington, D.C., studio of CTV News on June 8. Stambough, who is currently accompanying students in the Cal State DC Scholars Program, commented on the presidential election following Tuesday’s primaries.

The League of Women Voters of Orange Coast presents Black Lives MatterOpens in new window

The speaker is Siobhan Brooks, assistant professor of African Studies, CSUF.

Building a Leader Begins Within
Kelsey Brewer

Kelsey Brewer tells the short version of her story this way: “Cal State Fullerton saved my life.” She was failing English, drowning in self-doubt and nearly failed to graduate high school. Her grandmother — a mentor and best friend — was dying. And the day before Pearlie Marlene Newell Brewer died, the troubled teen promised to do the one thing her grandmother wasn’t given the opportunity to do: graduate from college.


Faculty Members Chosen for Emerging Leaders ProgramOpens in new window
Bowers and Mallicoat

The American Association of State Colleges & Universities announced June 1 that two Cal State Fullerton faculty members are among 26 candidates selected to participate in the inaugural class of the association’s Emerging Leaders Program, Erica Bowers and Stacy Mallicoat.

Dream of a College Degree Achieved: Campus Salutes Former Foster YouthOpens in new window
Graduating Guardian Scholars

A realization of dreams and the anticipation of promising futures set the celebratory tone when faculty and staff members, family, donors and friends gathered May 4 for Cal State Fullerton's annual Guardian Scholars Recognition Reception to honor nine graduating seniors. 

Geographer Challenges Students to Travel the WorldOpens in new window
Brian McCabe

What makes a corporate trainer leave Starbucks at the height of its expansion to teach at a university? For Cal State Fullerton lecturer Brian McCabe, it was his desire to help students have the same ‘light bulb’ moment he had when he first discovered the field of geography. 

Model United Nations Team Wins Outstanding DelegationOpens in new window
Model UN

Cal State Fullerton’s Model United Nations team recently received an Outstanding Delegation Award at the 2016 National Model U.N. Conference in New York City. The award is the highest honor given during the annual conference.

Singer-Musician Paul Simon Subject of June 4 TalkOpens in new window

"Paul Simon: A Half-Century of American Music" is the title of a Saturday,
June 4, Cal State Fullerton Patrons of the Pollak Library talk. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Academic Senate Re-elects Emily Bonney as ChairOpens in new window
Emily Bonnie

Cal State Fullerton's Academic Senate has re-elected Emily Bonney, associate professor of liberal studies, as the senate chair for 2016-17.


Alumni Association Names Outstanding Senior and Graduate StudentOpens in new window
Brewer and Bartholomew

Recognized for their achievements in academics, community service and extracurricular activities, Cal State Fullerton students Kelsey Brewer and Rex Bartholomew are the recipients of the Alumni Association’s 2016 Outstanding Senior and Outstanding Graduate Student awards.



Educator Takes Part in State Department ProgramOpens in new window

Nathan T. Carr, professor of modern languages and literatures, is taking part in a 17-day English Language Specialist Program in Indonesia. The program is part of a U.S. Department of State public diplomacy initiative that sends “experts in the field of English language education to lead intensive English language teacher training projects overseas.”

Associate Professor of Political Science Sarah Hill Provides Insight on Primary ElectionsOpens in new window
Sarah Hill

Associate Professor of Political Science, Sarah Hill, joined the cast of KTLA 5 to talk about the recent West Virginia Primary elections, and what they could tell us about the upcoming General Elections. More specifically, the state of the state of the Trump campaign with female voters, and the Clinton campaign with male voters. Click the headline to watch the clip.

Physical Activity Research Helps Children With Genetic DisorderOpens in new window
Prader Willi

For Daniela Rubin and her team of faculty and student researchers, their goal is to help children with a rare and complex genetic disorder live happier and healthier lives.

Culture Nights Mark CelebrationOpens in new window
Culture Nights

The theme of Cal State Fullerton’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month was “Navigating Identity. Standing in Solidarity. Promoting Visibility.”

DC Scholars Visionary Honored With Inaugural AwardOpens in new window
DC Scholars

Margaret McCarthy’s early vision for the DC Scholars Program was for Cal State Fullerton students to have a transformational experience and engage in a meaningful way with politicians in the nation’s capital. “We envisioned combining three experiences — study away, working and being immersed into a more formal East Coast culture.”

Millennial Matters with KPCCOpens in new window
Millennial Matters

Cal State Fullerton millennials spoke about politics, housing, activism and love with KPCC’s “Take Two” host A Martinez at Thursday’s discussion. KPCC was on location in the Titan Theatre for a two-hour program about all things Gen Y.

As U.S. population ages, CSUF steps up with educational offerings for students eying fast-growing gerontology fieldOpens in new window
 Laura Zettel-Watson

What is gerontology? Simply put, gerontology is the study of aging. Laura Zettel-Watson, Cal State Fullerton associate professor of psychology and coordinator of the university’s Gerontology Academic Program, fields this question regularly.

Artful Influence: Conference Examines the Lasting Impression of Philip K. DickOpens in new window
Phillip Dick

For Professor David Sandner, the year of science fiction at Cal State Fullerton continues with this month’s two-day conference: “Philip K. Dick, Here and Now.”

Prof. Siobhan Brooks Quoted in NBC News Story About How Colleges Are Welcoming LGBT StudentsOpens in new window
Sioban Brooks

"This void in curriculum fosters an environment where queer students are isolated and invisible on campuses, sometimes subject to violence and/or mental health issues, which can lead to suicide. Visibility is a big deal for queer students, especially of color, along with feeling safe on campus and in the classroom.”


Student Researchers to Represent Campus at Statewide ContestOpens in new window
Student Research

Ten Cal State Fullerton student researchers from across disciplines will represent the University during the 30th annual California State University Research Competition April 29-30 at Cal State San Bernardino. The researchers were selected during a campuswide contest held in February.


Exploring TwinsOpens in new window
Nancy Segal

Twin sisters, separated at birth but who rediscover each other online, are the subject of a 2015 documentary being screened at 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 26, as part of Asian American and Pacific Islander Month.

The Politics of Adult Literacy EducationOpens in new window

“Politics of Adult Literacy Education in the United States” is the focus of a Thursday, April 28, public symposium sponsored by Cal State Fullerton’s Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Program and the campus TESOL Club.

AAPI Reception Embraces Identity, Solidarity and VisibilityOpens in new window
AAIP Reception

Welcome remarks by Craig Ihara, professor emeritus of philosophy, and a dance performance by the South Pacific Islander Cultural Association kicked off the April 7 Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month reception at the Fullerton Marriott.

Titans to Present Research in Washington, D.C.Opens in new window

Two student research projects have been accepted for presentation at the April 19-20 “Posters on the Hill” event in Washington, D.C. The program, established by the Council on Undergraduate Research, is an opportunity for select students from across the country to present their research before legislative leaders, federal agency program officers and the press.

Why Asian Americans Are the Most Educated Group in AmericaOpens in new window
Asian American Graduates” width=

Asian-Americans are the highest-earning and fastest-growing racial group in the United States.

They’re also the best educated, as new numbers released by the U.S. Census Bureau demonstrate. More than half of Asians in the United States, 54 percent, have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Campus Holds 'Conversation About Religion in California'Opens in new window

Four Cal State Fullerton professors, representing different religious faith traditions, will share their insights during a free, public lecture, “Religious Complexities: A Conversation About Religion in California” at 6-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 20. The program will take place on campus in Room 203 of the Pollak Library.

Assistant Professor of Sociology Called One to Watch by ‘Diverse’ MagazineOpens in new window
Maria Malagon

Maria Malagon, assistant professor of sociology, was the first in her family to go to college and graduate. Born to Mexican immigrants, her parents valued education and supported her goals

CSUF experts: When it comes to body-worn cameras, there's still a lot to learnOpens in new window
Body Cam

Police require the support, or at a very minimum the consent, of the public to maintain public order and enforce the law. When police are viewed as acting legitimately – lawfully, fairly, effectively – they not only receive that support and consent, but the public is also more likely to comply with the law and the police who enforce it.

Why Erasing California's Anti-Semitic, Racist History from Public Display is the Wrong MoveOpens in new window
Hindenburg Park” width=

Professor of History, Cora Granata's Op-Ed article in the LA Times on a recent controversy surrounding the LA County Park know as "Hindenburg Park".

News Reporter to Speak About the Pursuit of a StoryOpens in new window
Saul Gonzalez

The College of Humanites and Social Sciences and the Center of Oral and Public History will host Saul Gonzalez, a producer and reporter for PBS and KRCW, in a Monday, April 11, talk about the constant search for the story.

Exploring OC's Archaeological PastOpens in new window
Archeological Collection

Research being done with Orange County’s archaeological collections — including that done by faculty, staff, students and alumni of Cal State Fullerton — was the subject of a special session at the March 10-13 Society for California Archaeology 2016 annual meeting in Ontario, Calif.

Titans to Present Research in Washington, D.C.Opens in new window

Two student research proposals have been accepted for presentation at the April 19-20 “Posters on the Hill” event in Washington, D.C. The program, established by the Council on Undergraduate Research, is an opportunity for select students from across the country to present their research before legislative leaders, federal agency program officers and the press.

Student Researchers to Represent Campus at Statewide ContestOpens in new window

Ten Cal State Fullerton student researchers from across disciplines will represent the University during the 30th annual California State University Research Competition April 29-30 at Cal State San Bernardino. The researchers were selected during a campuswide contest held in February.

CSUF Recognized for Tech in Teacher Prep ProgramOpens in new window

California State Fullerton and Lehigh University, have earned certification from a nonprofit organization for their emphasis on the use of technology in learning in their teacher preparation programs.

Campus Celebrates Faculty Scholarly and Creative ActivityOpens in new window
“CSUF Signage

University honors 70 faculty members during a noon program held today (March 23) in the Titan Student Union.

News Reporter to Speak About the Pursuit of a StoryOpens in new window

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Center for Oral and Public History will host Saul Gonzalez, a producer and reporter for PBS and KCRW, in a Monday, April 11, talk about the constant search for the story.

Political Experts Discuss the Possibility of a Brokered GOP ConventionOpens in new window

Each time the presidential primary and its candidate pool spin out of control, seemingly with no one at the wheel, the race becomes more unpredictable and potential damage stretches into years, say Cal State Fullerton political science experts.

Brewing Up Some Research on Vietnamese Coffee GrowersOpens in new window
“Vietnamese Coffee

A coffee enthusiast fascinated with its origins, Cal State Fullerton assistant professor of anthropology Sarah Grant became intrigued with the Vietnamese coffee industry after researching its history.


An undergrad's pursuit of African American studiesOpens in new window
“Undergrad Finn”

Looking back, I can see how a variety of experiences throughout my life have led to my major in African American studies at CSUF and my passion for social/racial justice.

Dr. Jochen Burgtorf Installed as National president of Phi Alpha Theta
“Dr. Burgtorf

Dr. Jochen Burgtorf, Professor of History, was installed as the National President of Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society) on January 9, 2016, during the organization's biennial convention in Orlando, Florida. where he delivered a luncheon address titled "Castles, Criminals, and Canonized Canines: The Magical World of Disney Medievalisms." He will be serving a two-year term as the organization's president (through January 2018).


CSU Creates Video Highlighting the Work of Nancy Segal
“Nancy Segal

Nancy Segal, world renowned expert on twins, was recently 1 of 5 selected to receive the prestigious CSU Wang Family Excellence award, making her the 11th Cal State Fullerton recipient. Click the headline to see a video highlighting some of her work.

The Ongoing Battle Over Ethnic StudiesOpens in new window
Siobhan Brooks

Siobhan King Brooks, assistant professor of African American studies, is featured in The Atlantic in an article about a new study that suggests ethnic stuidies courses can dramatically elevate the achievement of at-risk students.

Students Share Immigrant's StoriesOpens in new window
Immigrant's Stories” width=

About 20 Cal State Fullerton students are placing the finishing touches on written and oral histories they’ll share with a special German delegation Saturday, March 12, at the first Long Table event in the United States.

'No Más Bebés' Documentary ScreeningOpens in new window
Virginia Espino

The Center for Oral and Public History will host a 5-7 p.m. Monday, March 14, screening of “No Más Bebés” with the film’s co-producer, Virginia Espino.

Student postpones classes to follow Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign across the nationOpens in new window
Cynthia Montes” width=

Cynthia Montes was one semester away from graduation, but the Cal State Fullerton senior potentially postponed her graduation and left everything behind to become a member of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.


President’s Reception Celebrates History and AchievementOpens in new window
Black History Month

More than 100 campus and community members, including two CSU Board of Trustee members, were in attendance at last night’s Black History Month Reception hosted by President Mildred García.


Cooper Center Installs Exhibition at Local LibraryOpens in new window
Cooper Center Exhibition

Fossils and artifacts uncovered in Orange County will be on exhibit through April 24 at the Rancho Santa Margarita Library, thanks to the efforts of the Dr. John D. Cooper Archaeological and Paleontological Center.


African American Studies Student Receives Disneyland Resort ScholarshipOpens in new window
Brei Burries

Brei Burries has been working to choreograph dance steps to gospel music, and is continuing those efforts in African-American studies at the university.

CSUF Experts Analyze Presedential Debates Live on New Campus WebsiteOpens in new window

Seeking more substance from the presidential candidates? Want an expert analysis of the Thursday, Feb. 11 Democratic debate? Look no further than Cal State Fullerton's Presidential Debate Portal.

CSUF Researchers Study the use of Makeup by WomenOpens in new window

Does a face full of makeup suggest a woman will be perceived as beautiful? Cal State Fullerton Associate Professor of Psychology Jessie Peissig is working to answer this question and more.

Professor Emeritus and Author Benjamin Hubbard Discusses His New Book, ‘A Battlefield of Values’Opens in new window
Benjamin Hubbard

KUCI radio personality Claudia Shambaugh, host of "Ask a Leader," spent an hour on Jan. 19 with guest Benjamin Hubbard, professor emeritus of comparative religion at Cal State Fullerton.

CSUF Student Praises Experience in Washington, D.C.Opens in new window
Amanda Martinez and Ed Royce” width=

“It was a life-changing experience,” said Amanda Martinez, a junior majoring in political science with a minor in economics, who just returned from a semester in Washington, D.C., as part of the prestigious Panetta Congressional Internship Program.

Titans Present Research in Washington, D.C.Opens in new window

Senior Alysia Vazquez (Liberal Studies) will be on hand to present 1 of two student research proposals accepted for the "Posters on the Hill" event on April 19-20, 2016 .

Moot Court Teams Take Home National PrizesOpens in new window
“Moot Court

Five of seven Cal State Fullerton teams brought home prizes. Read more about the team and individual accomplishments here!


Psychology Professor Wins CSU Wang Family Excellence AwardOpens in new window
Nancy Segal

Nancy Segal, world renowned expert on twins, is 1 of 5 selected to receive the prestigious CSU award, making her the 11th Cal State Fullerton recipient.

CSUF Expert Cites Research Showing the Way People Dress Affects the Way they Act and FeelOpens in new window
Melinda Blackman

For this reason, Psychology professor, Melinda Blackman encourages her students to dress formally for an interview, even when it is conducted over the phone...

Campus Political Experts Say Fear Drives Voters

Roughly one year out, faculty from the Division of Politics, Administration, and Justice shed insight on the 2016 presidential elections.

Moot Court Earns High MarksOpens in new window
Moot Court

4 teams earn bids to the national tournament, while 6 individuals took home awards at the Western Regional Tournament at Westwood College on November 20th and 21st.

The Voice of the Unheard
Areli Gonzalez-Castillo

Areli Gonzalez-Castillo's (Latin American Studied '14) graduate studies focus on the struggle of Mexican and Central American immigrants.

Research Reveals 'nature vs. nurture' in TwinsOpens in new window
Dr. Nancy Segal

Dr. Nancy Segal's research on twins was recently published in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior. 


Dr. Terry Snyder Authors New Book
Dr. Snyder

Dr. Snyder, professor of American Studies authored recently The Power to Die: Slavery and Suicide in British North America. 


Center for Oral and Public History Recognizes Four Political Figures
OC Politics” width=

Howard Adler, Marilyn Brewer, Jim Morrissey, and Jerry Patterson are honored for their contributions to the Center for Oral and Public History.

CSUF expert says sleep is still a deep mystery for expertsOpens in new window
Deborah Wilson-Ozima

Cal State Fullerton psychology lecturer and CSUF alumna Deborah Wilson-Ozima recently gave a presentation, titled “What is Sleep?” as part of the university’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute free fall lecture series.

McNair Scholar Aims to Improve the Lives of WomenOpens in new window
Blanca Ramirez

Blanca Ramirez, a sociology major and psychology minor as well as a McNair Scholar, was accepted into the Princeton Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program.

Psychologist Finds Link between Full Bladder and Effective Lying
Iris Blandon-Gitlin

Associate Professor of Psychology Iris Blandon-Gitlin discovers correlation between bladder pressure and the ability to lie. Her research aims to contribute to research in the field of criminal justice. 


Assistant Professor Bonnie Williams Receives Fellowship Award
Bonnie Williams

Williams received a 2015-16 American Postdoctoral Fellowship Award for "Linguistic Gifts: Teaching African American Verbal Tradition to College Writers." 

Dr. Brady Heiner Discusses Mass Incarceration and Racial DisparityOpens in new window
Dr. Brady Heiner

Heiner, professor of philosophy at CSUF, was featured on Strange Fruit, a weekly talk show on race and gender discussing plea bargaining.

Professor Natalie Graham explores topics of masculinity in “Black Men in America” CourseOpens in new window

Students consider topics from a historical and sociological perspective on the depiction of African American men from the 1850’s until today. Graham will be hosting a symposium at the end of the semester on pop culture depictions of fatherhood.

Associate Professor Jennifer Trevitt Researches Stress Triggers Opens in new window

 Trevitt’s and a few students researched how diet, exercise, and stress can control anxiety levels.

Associate Professor Receives Recognition
Gregory Chris Brown

Gregory Chris Brown, associate professor of criminal justice, is recognized for his work with the Southern California Cease Fire Committee.

CSU Trustee Kelsey Brewer speaks on "The Value of Being Real" 
Kelsey Brewer

Cal State Fullerton Alumna speaks about personal experiences leading to new student trustee position for California State University Board of Trustees. 

Associate Professor Alexandro Gradilla featured in Soul Rebel Radio Show
Dr. Gradilla

Dr. Gradilla speaks about the importance of ethnic studies in "The School of Life" Friday, September 4th on KPFK 90.7 FM. 

Todd Callahan receives Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement
Todd Callahan

A Cal State Fullerton student and Long Beach Fire Department fire inspector, Callahan is one of 23 recipients who demonstrated superior academic performance, personal accomplishments, community service, and financial need.


Research Featured in Upcoming Presentations
Dr. Ronald D. Rietveld

Upcoming talk by Dr. Ronald D. Rietveld at Iowa Museum Association conference about Lincoln discovery.


Alums Volunteer at Potter's FieldOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton Alumnus Craig Goralski and Alexis Gray hot an annual field school where students exhume remains at a cemetary for California Department of Justice.

Gonzalez Chosen for KPCC Panel
Erualdo Gonzalez

Associate Professor Erualdo Gonzalez will speak on AirTalk as part of a panel. The discussion will touch on Gonzalez's new book The Latino City: Urban Revitalization, Politics, and the Grassroots.

GEAR UP Alum Now Leads By Example
Joseph Camacho

Alumnus leader, Joseph Camacho participates in GEAR Up? Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs ? as a leader in the community.

Senior Success Camp Helps High Schoolers Prep for College
Senior Success Camp

The federally funded Education Talent Search program guides new students to higher education with the participation of thirty seniors from Anaheim, Katella, Magnolia and Savanna high schools in the Anaheim Union High School District.

Seymour's First Book Wins Award

"Strange Natures: Futurity, Empathy and the Queer Ecological Imagination," the first book by Nicole Seymour, assistant professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, is a finalist for the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment's 2015 Book Awards. The winners will be announced this month. 


Grant Aids Research on Women and Activism

The Center for Oral and Public History's "Women, Politics, and Activism" project has been selected by The John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation for a $211,550 grant.

Six Members of CSUF Moot Court Team Advance to NationalsOpens in new window
Moot Court Team

The six finalists will attend nationals this coming January to compete for the National Championship Tournament of intercollegiate moot court at the Florida International University College of Law in Miami, Florida.


Professor to Speak on Gossip in American HistoryOpens in new window
Erica Ball, Ph.D.

Cal State Fullerton American Studies professor Erica Ball, Ph.D., will be featured in a panel titled "Can We Talk? Gossip in American History and Life." The forum will take a look at everything from gossip in politics and the media, to religious and legal cultures spanning from the 17th century to the blogosphere of today.


Lyon Family Pledges $150,000 to COPH
William Lyon

The William Lyon family has pledged $150,000 over three years to support the Center for Oral and Public History's Renovation and Expansion Initiative. This gift will be part of the matching funds applied to COPH's National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant. The center's research area will be named "The William Lyon Family Reading Room."


Reyna Grande to Speak at Titan Dreamers Resource Center
Reyna Grande

The award-winning author will be on campus Dec. 3 to read from her memoir, "The Distance Between Us," described by Booklist as one that "puts a face on issues that stir vehement debate."

Former MARC Scholar Focuses on Special Needs in Higher Ed
Vanessa Costello-Harris

As an undergraduate, Vanessa Costello-Harris '09 was taking a developmental psychology class with Nancy Segal when the psychology professor told her about the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Scholars. Now acting assistant professor of psychology at Indiana University, Kokomo, Costello-Harris says the program made a big difference in showing her how to pursue her academic goals.

Finding Your Niche: Titan Archaeology ClubOpens in new window

CSUF faculty member speaks from experience: `We are blessed with hardships to humble us’

"Having a brain injury has taught me invaluable things about how to live. It is those who are broken who truly know the value of being fixed." Daniel Andre Ignacio graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 2015 with a master of science degree in psychology (clinical) and now teaches in CSUF’s Psychology Department.


Although there is no archaeology major available at Cal State Fullerton, there are classes on the subject within the anthropology department. For students who want to start a career in the field, there's the Titan Archaeology Club.

Bakken Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Gordon Bakken

The Coalition for Western Women's History has bestowed its Lifetime Achievement Award to Gordon Bakken, professor emeritus of history, for his support of the field of Western women's history.


California Water Topic of Geography Conference

California water is one of the topics of discussion during All Points of the Compass, Cal State Fullerton's annual geography symposium.

Symposium Commemorates 25 Year Anniversary of Berlin Wall DestructionOpens in new window

Cal State Fullerton's European Studies Program and The Division of Politics, Administration and Justice commemorated and discussed the legacy of the Berlin Wall as the physical manifestation of the Iron Curtain, and as a reference point for politics today during a Monday symposium.


Faculty and Student PublicationsPDF File Opens in new window

Alumnus Gorge A. Romero '08, '13 (B.A., M.A. psychology) and Aaron T. Goetz, associate professor of psychology, co-authored "The Implicit Rules of Combat" in the October issue of Human Nature.