Bachelor of Arts in Political Science



  • Why Major in Political Science?
  • Whether your goal is to become an informed citizen, a community leader, or a player on the political scene, the major in political science will provide you with life-long skills well suited for a variety of career paths. Political scientists learn to apply sound reasoning and develop insightful critical thinking skills; they learn to do research and write intelligently about their findings; they develop the skills to work in collaborative groups and practice oral presentations. When our students leave Cal State Fullerton, they are prepared to excel in any field that seeks a well-rounded person with relevant, marketable skills.
  • Career Opportunities
  •  Because of its emphasis on the processes of governments, many political science students seek careers in the public sector and in law. Our program has an excellent history of preparing students who go on to law schools, including the major programs at Harvard, Columbia and the University of California. Our graduates are city managers throughout California and are employed at every level of government. They also teach, do research, and enjoy careers in the Foreign Service, military, journalism, public relations, and business.
  • Outstanding Faculty and Staff
  • Our faculty members include former diplomats, elected officials, community leaders and researchers and scholars. Our staff members have won university awards for their willingness to assist students.
  • Flexibility
  • The degree may be completed during day and/or evening classes. In addition, we offer many courses cross-listed with other departments to ease your academic planning. The major itself is highly flexible, with only a few required courses, and the bulk of the major is electives .
  • Experiential Programs
  • A tremendous advantage of our program is the many experiential programs we offer majors to enhance their educational experience outside the classroom.  These include Cal State DC, Intelligence Community Scholars, Model United Nations, Moot Court, OC Fellows internship program, Prelaw Society, and Pi Sigma Alpha (the national political science honor society).

Minors in Political Science

There are four minors available.

Each - political science; public administration; law, politics & society; and international politics -- requires 18 units and has varying requirements. Consult the Minors link for more information.   

What is Special at Cal State Fullerton For Political Scientists?

Teaching Credential

If you are interested in teaching at the high school level, you are strongly advised to see the credential advisor early in your academic career. For more information, please visit the website of the Center for Careers in Teaching at

What courses will transfer from my community college?

Every community college in California has an equivalent course for POSC 100. Beyond that, many courses articulate to specific courses at CSUF is long. Generally speaking, community colleges often offer courses that articulate for POSC 200 and 201. Additional courses in Political Science taken at a community college are generally counted as electives.  Please meet with an advisor to determine which community college courses you have taken may articulate to specific courses at CSUF.