Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


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  Catalog Years

Fall 2018 – Current

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The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science requires 48 units in the major: 42 units in Political Science and six upper-division units in related disciplines such as American studies, anthropology, criminal justice, economics, geography, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and statistics.


POSC 100, a graduation requirement for all students, is not part of the major, but is a prerequisite to further work in political science. No more than 12 units total may be in the lower division.


Introductory Requirements (3 Units)

  • POSC 200 - Introduction to the Study of Politics


Political Philosophy Requirement (3 units)

  • POSC 340 - Political Philosophy


Breadth Requirements (12 Units; courses must come from 4 of the 5 subfields)

  Choose four of the following subfields:

  • American Politics
    • POSC 310 - Political Behavior and Motivation 
      POSC 315 -   Politics and Policy Making in America
  • Public Administration
    • POSC 320 - Introduction to Public Management and Policy 
  • Comparative Politics
    • POSC 330 - Politics in Nation-States
  • International Relations
    • POSC 350 - World Politics in the 21st Century 
      POSC 352 - American Foreign Policy 
  • Public Law
    • POSC 375 - Law, Politics and Society 


Reaserch Methods Requirement (3 Units)

Choose one of the following courses:

  • POSC 321 - Research in Public Management
  • POSC 407 - Polls, Statistics and Political Interpretation


Related Fields (6 upper - division units)

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Electives (21 Units)

If you are a transfer student, please meet with an advisor as soon as possible to determine where any transfer political science courses may count toward your major.

  • Writing Requirement Courses (6 Units; writing requirement courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. If the writing requirement is met in another major, 6 units of any 400-level POSC courses are still required here): 
    403,  405,  410,  411,  412,  416,  417,  421,  422,  426,  427,  431T,  432,  437,  438,  442T,  446,  448,  456,  457,  458,  460,  461,  471,  472,  473,  474,  475,  476,  485
  • Additional 400-level POSC course (3 Units)
  • Other POSC electives (12 Units)


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