Minor in Public Policy

21 units

The purpose of the Minor in Public Policy is to introduce students to the field of public policy analysis and prepare them from a wide variety of majors for careers that require public policy knowledge and skills. The field of public policy analysis identifies and evaluates solutions to public problems and prepares students to be future government executives and administrators, high-level personnel in the non-profit organizations and a rapidly expanding set of other careers in a global community. The minor complements preparation in such fields as political science, public administration, criminal justice, economics, law, business, and other social sciences. Students who plan to do graduate work in these fields would also benefit from the Public Policy minor .

  • CORE REQUIREMENTS (12 units)
  • ECON 201 - Principles of Microeconomics
  • POSC 315 - Politics and Policy Making in America
  • POSC 321 - Research in Public Management OR POSC 407 - Polls, Statistics and Political Interpretation
  • POSC 425 - Policy Analysis
  • ELECTIVES (9 units)
  • The remaining nine units must be from the following courses, and at least three units must be POSC

  • CRJU 405 - Criminal Justice Policy

    CRJU 491 - Applied Policy Research 


    ECON 330 - Comparative Economic Systems

    ECON 332 - Economies of the Pacific Rim

    ECON 333 - Economic Development: Analysis and Case Studies

    ECON 334 - Economics of Latin America and the Caribbean

    ECON 335 - The International Economy

    ECON 355 - Economics of Gender and Work

    ECON 361 - Urban Economics

    ECON 362 - Environmental Economics

    ECON 416 - Benefit Cost and Microeconomic Policy Analysis

    POSC 305 - Introduction to State of Local Politics

    POSC 309 - Introduction to Metropolitan Politics

    POSC 320 - Introduction to Public Management and Policy

    POSC 324 - Nonprofit Organizations

    POSC 352 - American Foreign Policy

    POSC 421 - Government and the Economy

    POSC 424 - Health Policy

    POSC 427 - Metropolitan Politics and Policymaking

    POSC 456 - National Security

    POSC 497 - Internship in Public Administration OR POSC 498 - Internship in Politics


These are the minor requirements for the 2020 - 2021 Catalog. Please consult your TDA and Catalog year for your specific minor requirements.

For all minors 12 units must apply exclusively to the minor and a 2.0 GPA is required.