What is the TESOL CLUB?

The TESOL Club invites all M.S. in TESOL, TESOL Certificate majors, as well as TESOL undergraduate students to
participate in regular club activities, which may include speakers, conferences, eating out, and holiday celebrations.
Students have also participated with faculty on classroom and school-based research projects, poster and paper
presentations at professional conferences, and conference planning. CSUF TESOL CLUB

The purpose of this organization is to provide students who are interested in the field of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language a place to network and exchange ideas. The focus will be on developing our professional knowledge of language teaching, and expanding our intercultural awareness through professional development and academic
enrichment through the hosting of lectures and events. These include, but are not limited to, the sponsoring of Orange County CATESOL conferences or events, professional development workshops, lecture series, and social networking events.

Benefits to Membership:

Professional Events

Professional Events

    Social Networking Events 

Sending student presenters to
professional conferences with funding
through the H&SS Inter-Club Council

Facilitating professional workshops 

Collaborating with OCCATESOL

Honor Cord Ceremony


Collaborating with CICE for Project SHINE
(Students Helping in the Naturalization of Elders)
Orientation and Training

Peer Mentorship Program

TESOL Club Party 

        (New student orientation potluck party)

Harvest Festival

White Elephant Holiday Party

Board Game Night

Post Comprehensive Exam Dinner   

Book Scholarships


End of the Year / Graduation Party 

What is ICC?

ICC stands for Inter-Club Council. This is a student organization on campus that is funded through ASI, Inc. Ideally, one representative from each departmental organization represents their major students at ICC meetings, which are designed to provide funding to student organizations for student member travel and club activities and events. 

For more information please contact TESOL CLUB at: tesol.csuf@gmail.com