H&SS Committees for 2022/2023


Barbra Erickson (ANTH) (2021-2023)

Volker Janssen (HIST) (2021-2023)

Emily Kuffner (MLL) (2021-2023)

Robert Robinson (PAJ) (2021-2023)

Elise Wang (ENGL) (2022-2024)



Faculty Awards

Lucia Alcalá (PSYC) (2021-2023)

Jochen “Joe” Burgtorf (HIST) (2022-2024)

Andrew Howat (PHIL) (2021-2023)

Myungjung "MJ" Kwon (PAJ) (2021-2023)

Elizabeth Pillsworth (ANTH) (2022-2024)

Hiromi Tobaru (MLL) (2021-2023)


Research & Grants

Ahmed Afzal (ANTH) (2021-2023)*

Joshua DiPaolo (PHIL) (2022-2024)

Margaret Garber (LBST) (2022-2024)

Adam Roberts (PSYC) (2022-2024)

Jasamin Rostam-Kolayi (HIST) (2022-2024)

Mugdha Yeolekar (RLST) (2021-2023)*

College Personnel Standards Review Committee (CPSRC)

Dana Collins (SOCI) (2022-2024)*

Reyes Fidalgo (MLL) (2022-2024)

Sarah G. Grant (ANTH) (2022-2024)

Tu-Uyen Nguyen (ASAM) (2022-2024)

Georgia Spiropoulos (PAJ) (2021-2023)*

Sue Sy (PSYC) (2022-2024)


Student Scholarships

Eddy Alvarez, Jr (CHIC) (2021-2023)

Iris Blandón-Gitlin (PSYC) (2022-2024)*

Christopher Gibson (SOCI) (2022-2024)

Ángeles Sancho-Velázquez (LBST) (2021-2023)

Karen Stocker (ANTH) (2021-2023)


Study Abroad

April Bullock (LBST) (2022-2024)*

Cora Granata (HIST) (2021-2023)

Gabriela Nuñez (CHIC) (2022-2024)

Zia Salim (GEOG) (2022-2024)

Nicole Seymour (ENGL) (2021-2023)

Devon Thacker Thomas (SOCI) (2021-2023)

*Second Term



Committee members are elected for two-year terms. Ideally, committees will be composed of three continuing and three new members. If a committee member cannot complete a full two-year term, a replacement will be elected for the second year.


Faculty Awards Committee: If a member of the committee is nominated and submits materials for one of the H&SS Faculty Awards, then the member must recuse him/herself from reviewing any applications for any of the Faculty Awards.

Research & Grants Committee: If a member of the committee applies for a grant reviewed by the committee, then the member must recuse him/herself from reviewing any applications for the grant.

Committee memberships are constrained in the following ways:

  • There shall be no more than one member from a single department on any H&SS standing committee.
  • A committee member may be re-elected for a second term on the same committee. When the second term ends, the committee member may not run for a third consecutive term; after two consecutive terms, the faculty member must wait at least one academic year before running for a seat on the same committee.
  • Because faculty are encouraged to serve the department, college, and university, a faculty member may only serve on one H&SS committee in any academic year.
  • A faculty member who has a planned leave or will be away from campus (such as for study abroad) for an upcoming semester may not run in an election for that year.
  • In any election, an individual may accept a nomination for only one committee, i.e. a person may run for election for only one committee each year.
  • Because undue absences place an extraordinary burden on other committee members, if a committee member misses three or more meetings, the chair of the committee may request the Dean to appoint a replacement.
  • Given the difficulty of scheduling committee meetings for five or more members, committee members should plan to make themselves available on a wide range of days and times.