Graduates listening

Commencement Speeches

2016 SPEAKERS PDF FileOpens in new window
Ruth Platt  B.A. in Women and Gender Studies
Carlos Ibarra  B.A. in Sociology
Amanda Arroyo  B.A. in History and Anthropology
Katlin Katsuki  B.A. in Liberal Studies
Raul Gomez  M.A. in Spanish
Natasha Lynn Bonner  B.A. in Geography and Ethnic Studies
Yamillet Brizuela  B.A. in Communicative Disorders and American Studies

2015 SPEAKERS PDF FileOpens in new window
Albert Ferranco  B.A. in Asian American Studies and History
Christian Coloso   B.A. in Sociology
Maria Grando  B.A. in Liberal Studies
Olivia Green  B.A. in Political Science
Priscilla Truong  B.A. in Liberal Studies
Martha Contreras  B.A. in Chicana/Chicano Studies and Sociology
Vi Pham  B.A. in Women & Gender Studies
Moses Morgan  B.A. in African American Studies

2014 SPEAKERS PDF FileOpens in new window
Artun Ereren  B.A. in History
Frank A. Ramos   M.A. in Anthropology
Gloria Lopez   M.A. in History
Jaime Munoz Velazquez  B.A. in Psychology
Jamal A. Batts   M.A. in American Studies
Lisa Antonucci   M.A. in Liberal Studies
Renee Ann Torres   B.A. in American Studies & Minor in Communications
Trevor Allred   B.A. in English

2011 SPEAKERS PDF FileOpens in new window
Gavin S. Fort  M.A. History
Grace Kim  B.A. in French
Samantha Guzzi  B.A. in History
Juliette Marie Dumont  B.A. in Liberal Studies

2010 SPEAKERS PDF FileOpens in new window
Claire Wilson   M.A. in Geography
Sister Clara Garcia-Rocha, MC  B.A. in Modern Languages, Spanish
Cody Ross  M.A. in Anthropology
Maria D. Quintero   B.A. in History and Latin American Studies
Peter Roberts   M.A. History
Travis Patterson   B.A. in Psychology

2009 SPEAKERS PDF FileOpens in new window
Jacqueline Alvarino   B.A. in History
Jesus Cortez   B.A. in English and Chicano/a Studies
Katrina Lacerna   B.A. in Asian American Studies
Liza Alvarez Valdez  B.A. in Latin American Studies
Sama Wareh  M.A. in Environmental Studies
Sam H. Muhaidly  B.A. in History
Teresa Lloro-Bidart   M.A. in Environmental Studies

2008 SPEAKERS PDF FileOpens in new window
Aline Gregorio  B.A. in Geography
Andrew Diaz   B.A. in American Studies
Anna Schultz   M.A. in American Studies
Erin Fitzgerald   M.A. in Anthropology
Katie Manzer  B.A. in Psychology
Kevin Livergood   M.A. in Environmental Science
Lisa Ho   B.A. in Asian-American Studies
Lynna Landry   B.A. in History