Transfer Student Orientation

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Website updated July 7, 2020.

STEP 1: Watch your Major Specific Advising Webinar

 Thank you for attending our major specific advising sessions. If you missed the live webinar on Monday, June 22 at 9:30am, please select your major below to view the recorded webinar. Please ensure you have completed all required steps below.


STEP 2: Review Academic Roadmaps for your major and Department Advising pages

To learn more about your major and required coursework, visit the web pages below.

Academic RoadmapsOpens in new window       Department AdvisingOpens in new window


STEP 3: Watch the General Education and How to Register videos prior to registering for Fall courses

If you want to learn how to register for classes and gain insight about upper division level General Education requirements, the videos below will walk you through these important details.  Please note that different departments might have specific recommendations about the general education courses that best compliment the major.  These course recommendations may be shared at the webinar by your major department or during one-on-one advising.  

General Education and How to Register videosOpens in new window


Additional Campus Resources

  • Disability Support Services (DSS)
    Should you need accommodations during orientation and/or while at CSUF, DSS is available to support you and answer any questions or concerns that you may have during this time. DSS staff will be responding to emails and inquiries remotely and meeting with students via Zoom during their usual 8am - 5pm business hours.  Please visit DSS website for further details.

DSS websiteOpens in new window

  • Center for Careers in Teaching
    If you are interested in becoming a teacher, we encourage you to visit the Center for Careers in Teaching website for further details:

Center for Careers in TeachingOpens in new window