Dean Sheryl Fontaine

Welcome from the Dean

Dear Guests and Prospective Students,

Welcome to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences!  Our college includes more than 20 departments and degree programs that provide you with the breadth of a traditional liberal arts education in the humanities and social sciences as well as with preparation for a wide range of professions, for graduate school, and for advanced professional study in fields such as law, education, public administration, clinical psychology, and business.

If you intend to become a teacher, many of our departments provide a study track for entry into the elementary school teaching credential program, and the College offers secondary credentials in English/Language Arts, Foreign Languages, and History/Social Science. Students who graduate with a degree from the disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences are assured of having depth of understanding in their field of study and a set of core skills that are most attractive to prospective employers and to success in graduate school.

Of course important learning takes place outside of the formal structure of classes as well. Our College provides many opportunities for students to be involved in faculty research projects, to participate in professional internships, and to be active members of student clubs.  Students can study in Washington, D.C. or in one of several overseas programs that take place during the regular academic year, summer, and intersession. The HSS Interclub Council (ICC) provides additional leadership opportunities for students in the College, as well as promoting communication among more than 50 clubs and organizations run by and for Humanities and Social Sciences students.

I look forward to meeting you at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 18th at the Dean’s Greeting Meeting. I will be there with the College Associate Deans who work most closely with students and faculty as well as with our Assistant Deans who lead our college advising staff. After we meet, you will have the opportunity to attend a zoom meeting with faculty in your major department as well as those in departments you may be considering taking courses for a minor. 


Be well!

Dean Fontaine



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