Philosophy Scholarships

Below is a list of the scholarship opportunities available to Philosophy majors at CSUF. If you have any questions contact Dr. Emily Lee.


William H. Alamshah Scholarship in Philosophy

Amount: $1,000

Established by: This scholarship was established and funded by William H. Alamshah and is awarded in both the fall and spring semesters to a Philosophy major.

Open to: This scholarship is open to majors pursuing an undergraduate degree in Philosophy.

Criteria: Good academic standing ♦ financial need.

Application Procedure: 1) Compose a personal statement describing your philosophy education at CSUF and your financial need. Please keep the statement to 1-2 pages (single-spaced). 2) Submit your statement with a grade report to H-230. Application deadlines listed below. Please contact the Philosophy Department for more information.

Application Deadline: March 1


William H. Alamshah Memorial Prize

Amount: $400 first prize and $200 second prize

Established by: This award was named for the late William H. Alamshah, professor of Philosophy, founding member and first chair of the Philosophy Department. The award is given annually for the best philosophy essay by a CSUF student. Essays are judged by the thoughtfulness of the approach and the skillfulness with which they are executed.

Open to: This award is open to currently enrolled CSUF students who have not previously won the prize. No one may submit more than one paper per competition.

Criteria: Philosophy essay. Details:

Application Procedure: Remove any features from the paper that would identify you as the author. Submit your 10-page paper (under 4,000 words) via email to Jennifer Schorz or in person to the Philosophy Department, H-230.

Application Deadline: April 10


 Scholarships Open To All Majors