Environmental Studies Scholarships

Below is a list of the scholarship opportunities available to Environmental Studies majors at CSUF. If you have any questions contact Dr. Elaine Lewinnek.


CSUF Environmental Studies Research Scholarship

Amount: $50-$200

Established by: Titan Shops

Open to: Any student completing a Masters in Environmental Studies who is carrying out supervised research in ENST 597 (Project), 598 (Thesis) or 599 (Independent Study).

Criteria: Masters in Environmental Studies

Application Procedure: Students must submit a written email request to the Environmental Studies Office, with the following information:
            -title of the project and name of project supervisor
            -costs associated with the project (equipment, travel)
            -how the research project will benefit the student professionally and personally

Application Deadline: November 1 and March 1



 Scholarships Open To All Majors