Student-Related Faculty Concerns

Whenever one works with large numbers of individuals, there are bound to be issues related to behavior, emotional well-being, or conflict. If you experience a problem with a particular student or group of students, you are encouraged to seek advice from your department chair. In addition, you may find the following resources helpful:

Connie Moreno Yamashiro, HSS Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Humanities 112 
Connie Moreno Yamashiro’s role is to assist students on challenges they may face primarily related to their out-of-classroom experiences, which may affect their academics. This includes supporting students in addressing sensitive personal issues that affect their well-being, connecting students to campus resources to support their mental health, and guiding students holistically so they are successful Titans.

Brittney Swanson, HSS Assistant Dean for Student Academic Services

Humanities 112 
Brittney Swanson works with students who are experiencing academic issues, such as grade concerns, difficulties with a professor, and other academically related concerns.

Lynn Sargeant, HSS Interim Associate Dean for Student Relations

Humanities 211F
Lynn Sargeant works with individual students that need assistance resolving school-related problems. She advises students on petition processes and often mediates student-faculty disputes.

Amanda Davidson, Interim Director of Student Conduct

Phone:(657) 278-3211 
TSU 243 
Amanda Davidson should be contacted for consultation and guidance about any aberrant or disruptive student behavior, including suspected cheating or plagiarism. Additionally, Amanda can be a resource for strategies on how to proactively prevent disruptive behavior or policy violations.  Find more information about Student ConductOpens in new window please visit their website.

Carmen Curiel, Associate Dean of Students

Phone:(657) 278-3211 
TSU 243 
Carmen Curiel provides support to students of concern who struggle with academic, personal/emotional, and behavioral difficulties that negatively affect their education. She connects them to university resources and services they need to manage their distress and restore their well-being.  Find more information about Care Services on the Dean of Students website.

Wellness Center

CSUF has an excellent Wellness Center that encompasses the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)Opens in new window , Disability Support ServicesOpens in new window , Health ServicesOpens in new window , and TitanWellOpens in new window .  Please visit their individual websites for further information.