Grading Policies

Grading practices are guided by UPS 300.020.PDF File Opens in new window It is recommended that all new instructors become familiar with the elements of this UPS that covers:

  • Definition of Administrative Grades such as AU (Audit), RD (Report Delayed) and RP (Report in Progress)
  • Grades and Grade Point Averages Distribution Report (the GPA for each course is published within 60 days of recording final grades)
  • Classes with Habitually Inflated Grading
  • Class GPA on Transcripts and Grade Reports

+/- Grades

Instructors are required to place a statement on the course syllabus as to whether or not +/- grades will be used. It should be remembered that for some courses in GE and in the Major, a C- will not meet the requirement. If the instructor considers 70% a passing score, strategic placement of the cut-of for the C- grade should be considered.

Withdrawal Unauthorized (WU) Grades

This grade is appropriately assigned when a student has not officially withdrawn from the class but has stopped attending. If, in the judgment of the instructor, there is insufficient basis for assigning a grade based on performance, the student should receive a WU. The WU calculates as an F in the student’s GPA, but indicates that the failure to receive credit for the course was due to lack of attendance and participation rather than poor performance. It is University policy that all WU grades will become W grades when they occur in the student’s first semester at Cal State Fullerton; this stems from the assumption that the student did not understand the ramifications of walking away from classes without officially withdrawing. UPS 300.018PDF File Opens in new window governs the WU grading policies.

Incomplete (I) and Incomplete Charged (IC) Grades

The grade of “I” is appropriately assigned when the student has completed a significant majority of the course requirements but, for reasons outside the control of the student, complete the remainder of the course requirements in the timeframe of the regular semester. An Incomplete must be made up within one year following the end of the term in which it was assigned. If the student does not complete the prescribed requirements within that one year period, the grade is administratively converted to “IC” which stands for Incomplete Charged. An “IC” calculates as a failing grade in the grade point average.

When an instructor assigns a grade of “I”, the instructor shall file with the department a “Statement of Requirements of Completion of Course Work.” The student should receive a copy of the statement so that it is clear to all what is expected of the student to complete the class. The requirements may not include retaking or attending a major portion of the course.

When the remaining course requirements are met, the instructor completes a “Change of Grade” form which is then signed by the department chair and the associate dean before forwarding it to Admission and Records. The student should never handle the “Change of Grade” form.

If at the end of the one year period, the student fails to complete the course requirements, the instructor may assign a letter grade based on the completed portion of the course requirements.

UPS 300.017PDF File Opens in new window provides the policy for assigning and administering grades of “I” and “IC.”

Submitting Final Grades

Faculty members have the right and responsibility to provide careful evaluation and timely assignment of appropriate grades each term. When final grades are due can be found on the academic calendar.

Grade Changes

Grade changes are governed by UPS 300.023.PDF File Opens in new window Grade changes may only occur in cases of clerical/administrative error (e.g. inadvertently selecting the wrong grade) or where the instructor discovers a computational error was committed in the calculation of the final grade or within an individual assignment. A change of grade shall not occur as a consequence of the acceptance of additional work or reconsideration beyond the specified course requirements.