Spanish Clubs

Asociación de Alumnos y Ex-Alumnos de Español (A.A.E.E.)

The A.A.E.E., also known as the Spanish Students and Alumni Association, is an academic/social organization that emphasizes the Spanish language, culture and community. For more information, visit the TitanLink directory or visit their Instagram page.

Adviser: Dr. Emily Kuffner

Grupo de Teatro en Español

The Grupo de teatro en español is a student theater group whose mission is to use performance arts to promote use of the Spanish language on campus and increase visibility of Hispanic and Latinx cultures. Club membership is open to all CSUF students. For more information, visit TitanLink or visit their Instagram page (@grupodeteatrodecsuf). 

Adviser: Dr. Emily Kuffner
President: Karol Zaldivar

Latin American Studies Student Association (L.A.S.S.A.)

L.A.S.S.A. is a campus club open to anyone with an interest in Latin American culture. You don't have to be pursuing a Latin American Studies major or minor to participate. Any major is welcome to join and paritcipate at our events! As a member, you can expect to visit Latin night clubs, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, museums, cultural events or other events that celebrate Latin culture.

Adviser: Dr. Juan Ishikawa
President: Joseph Valencia