Spanish Assessment

The following goals and learning outcomes have been established for students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish:

a) Understand language as a system and as a tool for communication
and recognize discrete language segments

b) Distinguish synchronic and diachronic factors of language variation
and the catalysts behind such changes

c) Interpret and distinguish literary works and genres

d) Understand the historical and cultural roles of Spanish-speaking countries
and peoples in a global context

e) Identify past and current regional trends in the Hispanic world,
as well as their role in shaping cultural expressions

f) Synthesize varying critical perspectives and distinguish among them using appropriate terminology

g) Formulate sound arguments and support them with appropriate evidence

h) Communicate in the target language in an effective and culturally appropriate manner,
in oral and written form, and in a variety of social and professional circumstances

Assessment will be conducted every semester in the capstone courses, which are SPAN 475T, SPAN 480T, and SPAN 485T.