2022 New HSS Faculty

Welcome Our New Faculty

Representing the humanities and the social sciences, four new faculty members joined Cal State Fullerton's College of Humanities and Social Sciences in the fall of 2022.

Pablo Alvarez

Pablo Alvarez
Women and Gender Studies

Pablo Alvarez holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies and a master’s in Chicana and Chicano Studies. In addition to his research focus on Latinx and Chicanx queer activism, archives, oral history, and cultural productions, he has successfully taught courses in Feminist Theory, U.S. Women of Color Feminism, Intersectionality, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Globalization, and Masculinities with an Indigenous, queer, transgender, and gender non-conforming focus. He believes in interdisciplinary training and coalition practices that fuel access to education, healthcare, and community equity. Pablo came to academia as a first-generation college student, activist, and as a Chicanx queer community scholar. His own understanding of pedagogy and research is influenced by scholars, colleagues, and mentors who root their practices in social justice. His academic career was manifested through familial sacrifices, community activism, and through resources and programs developed to support underrepresented communities in academia such as the McNair Scholars Program.

Montserrat Fuente-Camacho

Montserrat Fuente-Camacho
Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish Peninsular)

Montserrat Fuente-Camacho is an Assistant Professor at California State University, Fullerton. She has a PhD in Hispanic Studies, specializing in 20th and 21st century Spanish and Latin American literature and culture, with special emphasis on disability and gender studies, and Education and Second Language Acquisition. Her research interests include: 20th - 21st Centuries Spanish and Latin American Literatures and Cultures; Disability Studies; Women’s and Gender Studies; Second Language and Heritage Language Pedagogies and Education; Digital Humanities; Spanish Cinema and Comics.

James Garcia

James García

Dr. García is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. He has completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Health/Rehabilitation Neuropsychology, Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare, with a PhD in Clinical Health Psychology from University of North Texas, a M.S. in Clinical Psychology from University of North Texas, and a B.A. in Psychology from California State University, Northridge. His research interests center on identifying racial/ethnic and LGBTQ people of color (PoC) Health Disparities, including racial/ethnic and intersectional discrimination as social determinants of health for racial/ethnic and LGBTQ People of Color. He has completed a Certificate in Effective Instruction from the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) and the American Council on Education (ACE).  When he instructs courses in health psychology, racial/ethnic health, and LGBTQ PoC Health, he uses active teaching strategies, inviting students to be part of the learning process.

Judit Palencia Gutierrez

Judit Palencia Gutiérrez
Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish Peninsular)

Dr. Judit R. Palencia Gutiérrez is Assistant Professor of Spanish at California State University, Fullerton. She received her PhD in Hispanic Studies from the University of California-Riverside (2022) with a focus on Contemporary Spanish Peninsular Cultural Studies. Professor Palencia Gutiérrez's research interests include trauma, memory, psychoanalysis, political philosophy, transitional justice, literary theory, and critical pedagogies. She also works as managing editor for the Spanish Portuguese Review journal, from the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). In her free time, she enjoys night photography, yoga, playing the drums and spending time with her pets Noam and Agustín.

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