HSS Study Abroad 2022

Study Abroad: Bali 2022

June 1 – June 30

Program Dates

June 1 – June 30

Program Application

A link to the application will be available soon. Meanwhile, if you are interested, please email Jaycee Cover or Nicole Seymour to be added to the interest list. 


Program Summary 

Vienna, Austria is one of the major capital cities of Europe. It boasts high walkability, excellent public transportation, and a rich history as a center of music, arts, and culture—from the opera to the coffee house scene. Its beautiful center is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Vienna is also one of the four “UN cities” in the world and home to offices such as the UN Refugee Agency, the UN Environment Programme, and the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River. In this program we will explore all of these cultural resources while also learning hands-on about one major feature of Vienna’s physical environment: the Danube River. 

St. Charles Church in Vienna, Austria.


Program Highlights & Activities 

  • All majors can apply
  • Earn 6 upper division credits while studying in Vienna, Austria 
  • Welcome dinner 
  • Excursion to Salzburg for 3 days/2 nights 
  • Historic walking tour 
  • Visit to the Jewish Museum 
  • Visit to Mauthausen Concentration Camp & Memorial 
  • Visit to Donau & Auen 
  • Rafting adventure on the Danube River 
  • Service-learning project in conjunction with the Danube Day event 


Free Walking Tour Salzburg Vienna


Why I Studied Abroad

"Only one percent of college students study abroad, and I'm so glad that I chose to be one of them. Studying abroad was a dream come true, and being able to support my expectations with some firsthand experience was both a challenge and a reward. If you're truly prepared to immerse yourself in another culture and ingest what it has to offer, it will change you - for the better. I highly recommend that you take the plunge!"

- Kirsten O'Brien, 2016

Program Courses

HSS 350: Life and Culture in Vienna (3 units) [GE – C.3 & Z]

The Danube flows through 10 countries, more than any other river in the world. Like many European rivers, the Danube was extensively dammed and put into the service of hydroelectric power plants. But after a massive environmentalist demonstration in 1984, public and government sentiment turned against such engineering and toward restoring or “rewilding” the Danube. This course will contextualize this restoration in terms of the larger “Rewilding Europe” movement, as well as its associated controversies. More broadly, it will teach students about the environmental, economic, and sociocultural importance of rivers—in part through critical comparative thought. For example, we will compare the 1980s protests in Vienna to the U.S. anti-dam movement, and the Danube’s restoration to that of the L.A. River. We will discuss how such efforts can, sometimes inadvertently, contribute to the problems of “green gentrification” and environmental injustice.
Ideally, we will secure a partnership with the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, where students will volunteer several times a week. If timing allows, students will also volunteer for and/or participate in Vienna’s version of Danube Day, an event celebrated annually across Europe in late June, featuring everything from scientific presentations to folk performances. 
ENGL 301: Advanced College Writing (3 units) [satisfies writing requirement*]

“Writing expository prose for non-English majors. Precision in rhetoric and development of individual style by concentration on matters of diction, audience, emphasis and persuasion. Meets upper-division writing requirement for approved majors, with a grade of ‘C’ (2.0) or above.” *Please confirm with an advisor in your major department.

In this course, you will experience Vienna and then write about it! You will practice both informative and persuasive writing; you will think about audience, context, and genre as you do so; and you will gain experience in research and collaboration. You will also have the unique opportunity to analyze, discuss, and refine the kinds of writing many of you already do on a daily basis, including social media posting. In short: think of this as a travel writing course, updated for the digital age.  



Nicole Seymour 
English, CSUF  


Vienna skyline in the afternoon.



Program Fee


The program fee includes the following items: 

  • Housing
  • All program fieldtrips, excursions and service-learning project 
  • Ground transportation  
  • Group lunches  
  • International travel insurance 


The program fee does not include the following items: 

  • Round-trip airfare 
  • Passport or visa fees if applicable
  • Personal meals 
  • Personal expenses 
  • CSUF  tuition and textbooks 
  • Additional fieldtrips and excursions that are not listed

Wiener Musikverein, Golden Hall.



Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available to qualifying students. Follow these links to learn more!


Scholarships for All Students


Scholarships for HSS Majors and Minors


Financial Aid


Vienna cityscape at dusk.


For More Information

Visit Us: Student Success Center / HUM-112 / 8am-5pm, M-F
Email: Jaycee Cover
Attend Info Session: Dates TBD


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