Political Science Scholarships

Below is a list of the scholarship opportunities available to Political Science majors at CSUF. If you have any questions contact Dr. Matt Jarvis.


The Karl Kahrs Scholarship 

Amount: Varies

Established by: The Karl Kahrs Scholarship was established to assist students who are studying Political Science or Public Administration who will be studying abroad in an EU country. Dr. Kahrs, Professor of Political Science Emeritus specializing in Germany and the EU, served in the Department of Political Science for over 30 years.

Open to: Successful candidates are currently enrolled in classes and will be traveling to an EU country either during the summer or the next academic year as part of a study abroad program.

Criteria: : Political Science or Public Administration major ♦ Be an upper level (junior or senior) undergraduate or graduate student ♦ minimum 3.0 GPA or better

Application Procedure:

  1. A completed application form (see Division Office in GH-511 for more information);
  2. A copy of your current Titan Degree Audit or Transcript;
  3. Submit an essay that highlights what you hope to gain from studying in a European Union country AND how an award will support your education experience abroad; 
  4. Submit materials to GH-511

Application Deadline: see Division Office in GH-511 for more information

The Stambough-O’Regan Scholarship

Amount: $750 (1 award)

Established by: The Stambough-O’Regan Scholarship was established by friends and alumnae of the Cal State DC program in honor of Professors Stephen Stambough and Valerie O’Regan for their dedication and commitment to student success and alumni relations in the Cal State DC program.

Criteria: Political Science major in the Cal State DC program with a preference for seniors who intern in offices related to the Intelligence Community, global issues, or political campaigns during the Spring Semester of the program.

Application Procedure: All Political Science majors who are accepted to the Cal State DC spring program are automatically considered for the award.

Application Deadline: Not applicable



 Scholarships Open To All Majors