Jarret Lovell, Ph.D.

Professor of Criminal Justice

Jarret  Lovell, Ph. D

Phone: (657) 278 - 2290

Email:  jlovell@fullerton.edu

Office: GH 539

Office Hours: TU/TH 10:30-11:20 AM & 2:30-3:30 PM & W 2:00-3:00 PM   
Or by appointment




  • 2001, Ph.D Criminal Justice, Rutgers - State University of New Jersey
  • 1997, MA Criminal Justice, Rutgers - State University of New Jersey
  • 1994, BA Cognitive Psychology (with honors), University of California, Irvine


Research Areas

  • Civil Disobedience and Political Dissent
  • Animal Rights/ Animals as victims
  • Criminological Theory
  • Influence of Media on Police Behavior
  • Crime and Popular Culture


Courses Regularly Taught

  • CRJU 315  Policing
  • CRJU 330 Theories of Crime & Delinquency
  • CRJU 474 Animals, Law & Society
  • CRJU 435 Civil Disobedience & Social Justice
  • CRJU 406 Crime & Popular Culture
  • CRJU 445 White-Collar Crime
  • Critical Thinking (Honors Program)




  • 2009 - Jarret S. Lovell, Crimes of Dissent:  Civil Disobedience, Criminal Justice & the Politics of Conscience.  New York:  New York University Press.
  • 2003 - Jarret S. Lovell, Good Cop/Bad Cop:  Mass Media & the Cycle of Police Reform.  Boulder, CO:  Lynn Reinner.


Scholarly Work

  • (forthcoming) - Jarret S. Lovell ‘We are Jamaicans:’ Living with and challenging the criminalization of homosexuality in Jamaica.  Contemporary Justice Review.
  • (forthcoming) - Jarret S. Lovell Behind a veil of secrecy: Animal abuse, factory farms, and Ag-Gag legislation.  Contemporary Justice Review.  
    2013 - Jarret S. Lovell "Public Information in the Age of YouTube: Citizen Journalism and the Expanding Scope of Police Accountability." In Brian D. Fitch (ed.) Law Enforcement Ethics: Classic and Contemporary Challenges for the New Millennium. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • 2012 Jarret S. Lovell "On Mice, Butterflies, and Tigers:  Mark Twain's 'Ten Commandments' and Circumstance-Based Justice"  Contemporary Justice Review,Vol. 15:2:173-176.
  • 2006 Jarret S. Lovell "This is not a Comic Book:  Jarret Lovell interviews graphic artist Peter Kuper." Crime, Media, Culture, Vol. 2:1: 75-83.
  • 2002 Jarret S. Lovell "Nostalgia, Comic Books, and the "War Against Crime!" An Inquiry into the Resurgence of Popular Justice."  Journal of Popular Culture.  Vol. 36.2: 335-351.
  • 2001 Jarret S. Lovell "Crime and Popular Culture in the Classroom:  Approaches and Resources For Interrogating the Obvious."  Journal of Criminal Justice Education.  Vol. 12:1:229-244.