Alissa R. Ackerman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Ackerman


  • 2009 Doctor of PhilosophyThe Graduate Center, CUNY, John Jay College of Criminal Justice,Dissertation: “Registered Sex Offenders in the Community:A Test of Agnew’s General Strain Theory”Emphasis Area: Criminology and Deviance
  • 2006 Master of Arts in Criminal JusticeJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • 2003 Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal JusticeFlorida State University


Research Areas:

  • Sex offender policy and management
  • Sexual violence prevention
  • Restorative and transformative justice with sex offenders



Manuscripts in press or published

  • Sacks, Meghan, Ackerman, Alissa R., & Shlosberg, Amy. (accepted for publication). Rape Myths
    in the Media: A Content Analysis of Local Newspaper Reporting in the United States. Deviant Behavior.
  • Harris, Danielle A., Ackerman, Alissa R., & Haley, Molly. (2017). Losing my religion: An
    exploration of religion and spirituality in men who claim to have desisted from sexual offending.
    Criminal Justice Studies.
  • Levenson, Jill & Ackerman, Alissa R. (2016): The Relationship between Sex Offender Height
    and Pedophilic Interest. Deviant Behavior , DOI: 10.1080/01639625.2016.1254986
  • Ackerman, Alissa R. & Burns, Marshall. (2016). Bad Data: How Government Agencies Distort
    Statistics on Sex-Crime Recidivism. Justice Policy Journal, 13, 1-23.
  • Cooper, Rebecca, Heldman, Caroline, Ackerman, Alissa R. & Farrar-Meyers (2016). Hidden
    Corporate Profits in the Prison System: An Analysis of the American Legislative Exchange Council.
    Contemporary Justice Review, (Online First), 1-21.

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