Public Administration Major Requirements

Major: 39 upper division (300-400 level) units in Public, Administration & Justice + 9 upper division units in related disciplines.
Prerequisite for all PA classes: POSC 100. But it does not count towards the 39 units in the major.
(W): Course satisfies upper division writing requirement. POSC/CRJU 320 Intro. to Public Mngt. and Policy

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Core Courses: Take all 3 of the following courses. (9 units)

POSC/CRJU 320: Intro to Public Mngt. and policy
POSC/CRJU 421: Government and the Economy (W)
POSC/CRJU 422: Human Resources Mngt. (w)

Computer Applications and Statistics: Take the following 2 courses. (6 units)

POSC 321: Research in Public Managment
POSC 407: Polls, Statistics and Political Interpretation 

Urban and Public Policy: Take any 3 of the following courses. (9 units)

POSC 300: Contemp. issues in CA Gov. and Politics
POSC 309: Introduction to Metropolitan politics
POSC 315: politics and Policy making in america
POSC 322: leadership for public service
POSC 411: art of administration
POSC 427: current issues in urban & metro. policy
POSC 446: corruption, ethics and public policy
POSC 456: the national security establishment
pOSC 475: administrative law

Electives: Take any 4 courses from the following. (12 units)

POSC 305: Introduction to state and local politics
POSC 324: nonprofit organizations
POSC 352: american foreign policy 
POSC 375: law, politics and society
POSC 402: cal state dC
POSC 403: Politics and policy in sacramento 
POSC 416: presidents and the presidency 
POSC 473: introduction to constitutional law
POSC 474: civil liberties

MGMT 441: labor-management relations
POSC/AFRO 317: Black Politics
POSC/CHIC 460: chicano politics
POSC/CRJU 404: capital punishment
POSC/CRJU 472: the judicial Process
POSC/GEOG 478: Urban planning principles
POSC/GEOG 484: urban planning methods
CRJU 405: criminal justice policy

Internship: Take the following course. if waived. take an additional elective course. (3 units)

POSC 497: Internship in Public Administration 

Courses in related fields: students must complete 3 courses in related disciplines. see list. (9 units)

Related Disciplines ListPDF File