Passage to the Future

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Students who will be eligible to apply for a Passage paid internship will have completed the prestigious Passage to the Future program where they have augmented the knowledge and skills gained through their degrees with career readiness skills. Students who have completed the Passage to the Future program have: 

  • Completed additional coursework that clarifies how their particular talents and passions would fit in an organization;
  • Cultivated their leadership skills through involvement in clubs and community organizations;
  • Honed their knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusivity practices; 
  • Developed career preparation skills

As Humanities and Social Sciences students, Passage to the Future students are second-to-none in their ability to construct original arguments using a variety of sources and data sets. When you bring an HSS student into your team you gain someone who has been trained to analyze organizations, societies, and cultural and intellectual trends. Through their coursework they have become attuned to how different individuals and groups may experience, and be impacted by, practices, policies, and technologies, thus offering a key diversity, equity, and inclusion lens. And their supreme written and oral communication skills make them natural leaders in their organizations and effective communicators to external stakeholders. 
What Passage to the Future Students can do for you:


Humanities and Social Science Students are trained to work in uncharted territory and construct original arguments. They can: Internship areas that would capitalize on these skills:
Identify trends using a variety of sources and data sets; operationalize and present those trends clearly Compensation/benefits/job analysis
Market research
Compliance office
Intelligence analysis
Forensic science
Management analysis
Understand different perspectives; predict how different practices, policies, and
technologies will differentially impact various groups and individuals
Management analysis
Industrial-organization psychology
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
Social and Human Services
Inspire and instill confidence through their written and oral communication skills Sales
Public Relations
Customer Service


 Support the Program
A donation of $3000 will support one student internship.