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Ashley Prevo (communications / English) Reflects on her Time Studying Abroad in England and Ireland

Ashley Prevo

“Because of my time spent studying abroad, I am a more compassionate and understanding individual."

“Studying abroad was an opportunity to not only explore cities that I have grown up fascinated by, but also to learn more about myself in a different setting.” Says Ashley Prevo (Communications Major / English Minor) as she reflects on her time in Europe during the Spring 2015 semester and Summer 2016.

Prevo, who walked in the commencement ceremony this past spring, first dreamed of studying abroad during her freshman year when she learned of the semester long London program. And during her junior year she realized this dream when she spent the spring semester 2015 studying and interning there. “In London, I was traveling alone and out of the country for the first time,” Prevo explains, adding, “It was such a growing experience.”

 Prior to the trip, Prevo had always been interested in travel – but she says that actually going through with it really ignited a new passion. And so, this past summer, on the heels of commencement, she decided to finish off her undergraduate career with one last trip, this time to Ireland. “Ireland acted as a transition from school life to ‘real life.’ It helped grow my confidence in myself and allowed me to take time to reflect on what I have planned so far for my future.” She says.

To hear Prevo describe it, studying abroad provides students with a unique perspective that can’t truly be obtained by simply studying, or traveling alone, “I was able to learn about something in the classroom and then walk down the street and see it in real life. It was such an immersive educational experience.”

“It [studying abroad] is something that I highly encourage!” Prevo exclaims. Concrete proof of this is evident in that fact that as a Resident Advisor in Housing, she helped organize a Study Abroad Week during which she hosted a panel where students could ask questions and receive answers to help them ease potential concerns and get excited about the possibility of studying abroad.

“Because of my time spent studying abroad, I am a more compassionate and understanding individual… It has also made me appreciate home more and helped me to see the beauty in everyday.” Prevo says, adding that, “it also, hands down, improved my educational experience!”


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