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Is Liberal Studies Right for You?

In the department of Liberal Studies, we specialize in the connections between ideas, the connections between branches of knowledge. We ask big questions, and we help you discover your own answers.

Our faculty members are international as well as interdisciplinary. They are passionate about science, the arts, history, and philosophy, and they will seek to provide you with a multifaceted window into your world, a college education that will help you to face the future with a firm grasp of the past, and an understanding of the connections between the great variety of human expression and understanding.

Cal State Fullerton is a big campus, but we provide our students with a small college atmosphere. Students and faculty share a common space built around a comfortable study area where they receive support and friendship along with a shared sense of intellectual purpose.

What Can I Do With a Degree in Liberal Studies?

Liberal Studies students receive a well-rounded, interdisciplinary education that prepares them for success in a variety of professions and/or graduate studies. The Liberal Studies degree provides excellent preparation for those seeking multiple subject, single subject or special education credentials, as well as foundational level credentials in mathematics or general science. By combining the Liberal Studies core with courses organized around themes such as sustainability, science studies, pre-law, global studies, and cultural heritage studies, our graduates are well prepared for careers in fields such as education, law, business, social work, and more.

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We encourage you to learn more, and find out if a Major or Minor in Liberal Studies is right for you! Visit our website or call to speak to an Liberal Studies adviser who can answer all of your questions, and help lead you down the right path.


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Alumni Feature

Laleh Dorri

Middle School Teacher, Math and Science

 Laleh Dorri


"I couldn't imagine attending school without taking more courses in Humanities and Social Sciences or exploring various academic areas. Liberal Studies at CSUF was the best fit for me!"

It had always been Laleh’s dream to teach. She believes that in order to be an effective teacher, it is important that one be an enthusiastic learner. Prior to CSUF, Laleh attended Cypress College for 2 years. “I enjoyed every moment of being enrolled in courses such as philosophy, history, and science…I couldn't imagine attending school without taking more courses in Humanities and Social Sciences or exploring various academic areas. Liberal Studies at CSUF was the best fit for me!” she explains.

After graduation Laleh entered the credential program at CSUF where she completed a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and went on to teach elementary school for 4 years. Being the enthusiastic learner that she is, from there she returned to CSUF where she earned a Master’s degree in Education with emphasis in Mathematics. Nowadays she teachers Math and Science at the middle school level.

In her experience, Laleh has found that most educational organizations emphasize the importance of teaching “21st Century Skills” in their mission and their actions. That is to say that students should be “strong problem solvers, critical thinkers, and communicators at a global level.” She believes that the curriculum, faculty support, and welcoming and collaborative environment offered by the Department of Liberal Studies prepared her to effectively uphold that mission.


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The Department of Liberal Studies is a part of the larger College of Humanities and Social Sciences at CSU, Fullerton. H&SS offers its students more than 20 unique degree programs ideal for students who plan to continue their studies in graduate programs, or who want to work in areas such as education, law, politics, business, psychology, public administration, and more.

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