About the Minor in Queer Studies


Queer Studies examines the dynamics of heteronormativity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender roles, the body, and embodiment, and the influence of these intersecting factors on our daily lives, cultural institutions, political discourses, media representations and within the arts.

A Queer Studies Minor designation on a student's transcript distinguishes them affirmatively in application to graduate school across many fields. Additionally, it makes students more competitive for employment and internships in fields including social work, counseling, education, healthcare, social service, government, the law and nonprofit advocacy. In a private-sector job market with increasing demand for sensitivity and nuance to issues of diversity, social marketing, and critical/intellectual flexibility, a Queer Studies Minor positions CSUF graduates on the leading edge of cultural, social, political and scientific knowledges, and it recognizes their specific expertise in one of the most culturally and politically relevant topics of our time.

Requirements for the Queer Studies Minor

The CSUF Queer Studies Minor Proposal can be found herePDF File Opens in new window