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Announcing the Women and Gender Studies 2020-21

Student Awards

The Women and Gender Studies Department is very happy to recognize the exceptional work of the following students.

Congratulations on your many accomplishments!


Ruben Cruz

Rubén Cruz - OCEC Queer Studies Award
Hello folks, I’m Rubén Alejandro Cruz and I’m a non-binary Indigenous POC that is on the cusp of graduating with a B.A in Human Services and a double minor in Psychology and Queer Studies. My trajectory is to work with LGBTQ+ continuum as an executive director for a non-profit organization. I plan on becoming a linkage to care and a lead in program development that is inclusive to our community and fellow allies. I hope this scholarship will propel my focus to aid this target population while engaging in abolitionist progression.



Leaonna Duran

Leaonna Duran - Student Leadership Award

Leaonna is a graduating student majoring in Women and Gender Studies & English, with a minor in Queer Studies. They are a Co-President of the Women, Gender and Queer Studies Student Association, a member of Students for Quality Education, and a Peer Facilitator for Gender Chat at the WoMen's Adult Reentry Center. When Lea isn't studying they are usually baking sweets, reading queer comics, watching a horror movie, or going to the beach for dip in the ocean. They are passionate about violence prevention, transformative justice, learning trans and gender variant history, and creating safe and comfortable spaces for important conversations.

[Image description: Pictured is Leaonna (they/them) is a non-binary Latinx person of mixed heritage with medium brown skin with large dark brown eyes and lovely large lips. They are wearing a pink and white flannel with a white shirt against a white background sporting their long, dark brown, wavy hair.]




[Picture comiing soon!]

Marisabel Hernandez - OCEC Queer Studies Award




Kit Lam

Kit Lam - Student Scholar of the Year
Kit Lam is a senior with majors in Sociology and Women & Gender Studies. They are a Vietnamese American, trans nonbinary, queer, and first-generation college student. After graduation, they plan to take a gap year before attending grad school. Kit is best described as a modest, empathetic, and curious soul, always eager to learn.




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Yuridia Lopez - Evy Bauman Award



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Ale Ramirez - Titan Shops Outstanding Graduating Senior




Jaslene Salas

Jaslene Salas - Diane Ross Scholarship
Firstly, I would like to thank the department for honoring me for this award. Being a first-generation college student is never easy, but luckily I have a team who supports me endlessly. I don’t know where I would be today if I didn’t major in WGST. I am forever indebted to the people and experiences of the department that have been on this journey with me. Being able to learn about social issues through an intersectional lens has prepared me for my future career. Again I would like to thank the department for their continued support and consideration for this award.



Cheyanne Seay

Cheyanne Seay - Evy Bauman Award
Hello Everyone!  My name is Cheyanne Seay and I am a Spring 2021 Graduate!  I am so thankful to have won the Evy Bauman Award for the 2020-2021 academic year!  It has been an amazing journey here at CSUF, and it is truly thanks to the Women and Gender Studies/ Queer Studies Department that I found my home as a Titan.  Life after college is definitely scary, but I know I am more prepared thanks to the professors and mentors I have had a long the way!  If I could encourage any of you to do one thing for yourselves at any point in your college career it would be to find a place that makes you comfortable and fuels your fire!  I cannot express my gratitude enough for this honor!  Thank you WGST/QS!




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Lauren Tju - Sandra Sutphen Book Scholarship




Janica Torres

Janica Torres - Activist of the Year
Janica Michelle Martinez Torres is a queer Pinay activist and journalist who serves as ASI's Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer. She lives to shake shit up and loves being part of the amazing WGST/QS community.




(TBA) - Valedictorian









The Women and Gender Studies and Queer Studies Department stands in solidarity with our Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) communities across the country as they respond to the violence of March 16, the spike in violence and hate crimes that has followed, and the historical systemic racism that predicts such acts. We join in solidarity with CSUF's Asian American Studies Dept. demanding an end to anti-Asian racism and violence and "an end to elected and public leaders’ intentional use of racist, anti-Asian language that scapegoats and blames APIDA communities for the COVID-19 pandemic and other social and political issues." Please read CSUF's ASAM Dept's multiple statements here.

As such times demand, we also and simultaneously hold up, affirm, and stand in solidarity with our Black students, colleagues, and communities across the country as they, too, respond to the systemic violence, racism and police violence that continues. Please read CSUF's African American Studies Department's Letter of Support To Our Students.

CSUF's WGST/QS Community is commited to dismantling white supremacy and systemic racism on our campus, in our communities, and across our country.


WGST SQE Flyer WGST SQE Zoom Conference

WGST/QS students and faculty working for social justice!

About the Women and Gender Studies and Queer Studies Programs:
Women and Gender Studies and Queer Studies courses explore the myriad ways in which the culturally-constructed understandings of gender, sexuality, and experiences and meanings related to the body and embodiment shape our identities, cultures and institutions. We pay particular attention to the intersectional modes through which these identity categories, and related effects of power, are experienced, including the influences of racialization, race, and white supremacy, class, religion, citizenship, ableism, heteronorms, and other social categories. Our courses are designed to move students from exploring ideas through a variety of theoretical frames, to the application of these by way of active engagement with contemporary social issues. This can take many forms, including campus and community organizing and activism, writing, research and publishing workshops and opportunities, and occasions to work collaboratively with faculty and other students on a variety of related projects. 

What you can do with a degree or minor in Women and Gender Studies and/or the minor in Queer Studies:
The expertise WGST/QS majors, double majors, and minors gain in critical thinking, research, problem solving, leadership, social justice principles, diversity and global perspectives, and oral/written communication positively distinguish them for a variety of private and public positions, as well as being exceptional preparation for advanced university degrees. WGST/QS graduates have gone on to make significant contributions in the fields of law, social services, arts and literature, education, community development, health, human resources, business, government, psychology, and higher education, among others.

Whether you are interested in bolstering your qualifications for employment, or applying to graduate or law school, a degree or minor designation in Women and Gender Studies and/or Queer Studies demonstrates a breadth of knowledge from a diverse, interdisciplinary perspective that positively distinguishes our graduates.

Please make an appointment to meet with the WGST/QS Advisor if you'd like more information.