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What are our alumni doing now?
In general, prospective students are interested in finding out what kinds of jobs Environmental Studies Students are prepared for, and it is difficult to offer a simple response. Essentially, the ENST program offers choice and flexibility. The skills that each student leaves the program with are directly related to how they chose to build their study plans. Due to the flexibility of the program, students are able to choose the kind of emphasis they wish to pursue. For a listing of the kinds of courses that ENST students have to choose from, take a look at our List of Suggested Courses. Below you will find a short list of the kinds of careers that ENST alumni are employed in:

  • Air Quality Management
  • Environmental Planning
  • Wetland Consultancy
  • Health & Safety Inspection
  • Environmental Activism
  • Nature Center Management
  • Endangered Species Protection
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Teaching (all levels)
  • Ecotourism