Environmental Studies Advancement to Candidacy

Whether you are doing a comprehensive exam, project, or thesis, be sure to communicate with the Environmental Studies advisor at enst_advisor@fullerton.edu for the latest information and deadlines.


  • At least four months before you plan to graduate, complete your online application for graduation following the guidelines from the Graduate Studies office. Deadlines vary each semester, so be sure to start early and be aware that grad checks require a $115 fee.
  • Environmental Studies comprehensive exams are usually offered during the 3rd month of each semester.
  • Theses (ENST 598) are due approximately one month before the end of each semester, following the thesis guidelines set by the Grad Studies Office. Carefully review all the information on that thesis guidelines page, and allow time for your entire thesis committee to sign off on your thesis before the thesis deadline. 
  • Projects (ENST 597) are usually due the week before final exams. All Environmental Studies projects include a public presentation or the equivalent, usually held the Friday before final examinations in May. This is a chance for your professors, family, friends, and classmates to hear about your work and celebrate your research.
    • If you have completed a project or a thesis, be sure to remind your advisor to email your grade to the ENST chair and ENST grad advisor.
  • The ENST program holds commencement ceremonies once each year, usually in May. See the commencement website for more information, or email the Environmental Studies program coordinator at elewinnek@fullerton.edu  


Past Projects

For your ideas and inspiration, here is the flier from past ENST student presentations. If you would like to see complete samples of past ENST projects, email the Environmental Studies advisor.

List of titles of ENST projects from Spring 2021

Graduate Studies 700 (GS-700)

As explained in the policies of the Graduate Studies Office, graduate students must maintain continuous enrollment. You can enroll in courses, apply for a leave of absence, or -- if you need additional time to complete your comprehensive exam, project, or thesis -- enroll in GS 700. Please consult the Environmental Studies advisor for additional information.

Time Limit for Completion

There is a five-year limit for completing all graduation requirements at CSUF. If you need additional time, you can petition for an additional two years by filling out the time limit extension petition form via the Grad Studies office. This may require a petition for validation of outdated coursework.