Environmental Studies Affiliated Faculty


John Bock jbock@fullerton.edu Dept. of Anthropology. Specialties: behavioral ecology, evolution of humans & nonhuman primates, biological/biocultural anthropology, and CSUF's Center for Sustainability

Tony Bomkamp tbomkamp@fullerton.edu Program in Environmental Studies. Specialties: endangered habitats, wetlands, species conservation

April Bullock abullock@fullerton.edu Dept. of Liberal Studies. Specialties: environmental ethics, food studies

Matthew Calarco mcalarco@fullerton.edu Dept. of Philosophy. Specialties: animal studies, environmental philosophy

Joe Carlin jcarlin@fullerton.edu Dept. of Geological Sciences. Specialties: marine geology

John Carroll jcarroll@fullerton.edu Dept. of Geography. Specialties: GIS, disasters, conservation

Antonia Castro-Graham  antonia.c.castro@gmail.com Program in Environmental Studies. Specialties: sustainable cities, public administration

Daniel Curtis  dcurtis@fullerton.edu Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Specialties: atmospheric aerosols and global climate.

Peter Fashing pfashing@fullerton.edu Dept. of Anthropology. Specialties: conservation biology, nonhuman primates, tropical ecosystems, Africa

Sara Fingal sfingal@fullerton.edu Dept. of American Studies. Specialties: North American borderlands; environmental history; California culture

Philip Gedalanga  pgedalanga@fullerton.edu Dept. of Health Sciences. Specialties: public health and the environment, microbial water quality

John Haan jhaan@fullerton.edu Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Specialties: electrochemisty to address alternative energy options including fuel cell technology

Frank Haselton fhaselton@fullerton.edu Program in Environmental Studies. Specialty: environmental planning.

Scott Hewitt shewitt@fullerton.edu Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Specialties: kinetics and reaction mechanisms of atmospheric species; lab studies of tar

Volker Janssen vjanssen@fullerton.edu Dept. of History. Specialties: California history, history of technology

Sara Johnson sjohnson@fullerton.edu Dept of Anthropology. Specialties: urban food systems, community food security, urban biodiversity, environmental influences on growth and development, community based research, and CSUF's U-Acre Program

Danny Kim dannykim@fullerton.edu Dept of Health Sciences. Specialties: environmental chemistry, environmental health, occupational health, relationships between diet and disease

Jeff Kuo jkuo@fullerton.edu Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Specialties: bioremediation systems, wastewater treatment, site assessment and fate analysis of environmental toxins

Sudarshan Kurwadkar skurwadkar@fullerton.edu Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Specialties: insecticides, micropollutants, and remediation of conatminants

William Laton wlaton@fullerton.edu Dept. of Geological Sciences. Specialties: hydrogeology, hydrology, remote sensing, oceanography

Elaine Lewinnek (coordinator of ENST) elewinnek@fullerton.edu Dept of American Studies. Specialties: urban history, built environment, and California culture

Craig McConnell cmcconnell@fullerton.edu Dept. of Liberal Studies. Specialties: History of modern physics and cosmology, literature and science

Phoolendra Mishra  pkmishra@fullerton.edu Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Specialties: hydrology and fluid dynamics

Nga Nguyen nganguyen@fullerton.edu Dept. of Anthropology. Specialties: population biology, reproductive ecology, conservation biology, Africa

Natalie Novoa nnovoa@fullerton.edu Dept. of African-American Studies. Specialties:  African American history, urban history, race and sport, Black recreation & leisure

James Parham jparham@fullerton.edu Dept. of Geological Sciences. Specialties: biodiversity and evolution 

Nilay Patel npatel@fullerton.edu Dept. of Biological Sciences. Specialties: g ene expression, xenobiotics, and neurodegenerative diseases

Andrea Patterson apatterson@fullerton.edu Dept. of Liberal Studies. Specialties: history of science, history of public health and medicine, African American health and healthcare, racial health disparities, genomic medicine and pharmacogenetics

Morteza Rahmatian  mrahmatian@fullerton.edu Dept. of Economics. Specialties: resource and environmental economics, regulatory economics, and international trade 

Darren Sandquist dsandquist@fullerton.edu Dept. of Biological Science. Specialties: desert ecology, plant ecology

Nicole Seymour (graduate advisor of ENST) nseymour@fullerton.edu and enst_advisor@fullerton.edu Dept. of English. Specialties: contemporary American literature, culture, and film; environmental humanities/ecocriticism; gender and sexuality studies

Parvin Shahrestani pshahrestani@fullerton.edu Dept. of Biological Sciences. Specialties:  evolutionary genomics, population genetics, experimental evolution, aging, immunity,  Drosophila melanogaster

Leaa Short,  leshort@fullerton.edu Dept of Geography and the Environment. Specialties: environmental geography

Paul Stapp  pstapp@fullerton.edu Dept of Biological Science. Specialties: Wildlife population and community ecology, species interactions, wildlife-habitat relationships, invasive species, and conservation biology.

Garrett Struckhoff gstruckhoff@fullerton.edu Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Specialty: environmental engineering

Jon Taylor jtaylor@fullerton.edu Dept. of Geography. Specialties: political ecology, Japan

Justin Tucker justintucker@fullerton.edu Dept. of Political Science. Specialties: public policy, environmental policy, research methods, regulation, and comparative institutions

Jindong Wu jindongwu@fullerton.edu Dept. of Geography. Specialty: remote sensing

Robert Voeks rvoeks@fullerton.edu Dept. of Geography. Specialties: ethnobotany, medicinal plants, African diaspora