Aging Studies Program Affiliated Faculty

Students are encouraged to reach out to any of the people listed below for research help.


John Doyle, Human Services

Email:      Office: EC-474          X2254

Academic Interests and Research Areas: cultural diversity competence, professional ethics in the helping professions, issues of development and aging over the lifecycle, developmental disabilities, technology in human services education, and technology in human services delivery.



Karen Fazio, Public Health/Gerontology

Email:      Office: H-735          X3729

Karen Fazio's research interests include the impact of exercise on healthy aging, spirituality and the aging process, and family caregiver stress.



Sara Johnson, Anthropology

Email:      Office:MH-426L          X5762

Research interest: Aging & the life course, societal transformation & the roles of the elderly.



Sang June Oh, Engineering

Email:      Office: CS-503          X7161

Research interests: control applications in biomedical engineering, assistive technology, and iterative learning and repetitive control design for aerospace applications.



Nilay Patel, Biology

Email:      Office: DBH-111A          X2483

Research interests: Gene regulation of apolipoportein E (apoE), role of apoE in Alzheimer's Disease.



Jennifer Piazza, Public Health

Email:      Office: KHS-243          X7137

Research interests: developmental and health psychology, psychophysiology, stressor reactivity, aging and emotional experience



Carter Rakovski, Sociology

Email:      Office: CP-900-20          X2737

Research interests include Caring Labor, Gender and Work, Nursing Homes, HealthCare, Employment and Fibromyalgia.



Carl Renold, Human Services

Email:      Office: EC-460          X5106

Research interests: Successful Aging, Survey Research, Technology and Aging, Autism and Asperger's Syndrome, and Caregiver Stress.



Adam Roberts, Psychology

Email:      Office: H-730F          X 4655

Research utilizes advanced microscopy combined with optogenetics to observe memory formation in vivo. Current projects are using light sensitive proteins to map and control memory-related neural circuits.



Nina Robson, Mechanical Engineering

Email:      Office: E-406          X 3723

Research is in the areas of Kinematics, Mechanism Design and Robotics/Bio-robotics.



Rose Sakamoto, Nursing

Email:      Office: EC-676; RGC-18C         X7649;X3392

Research Interests include Preventive - Care/Lifestyle, Health Promotion /Disease Prevention; Nutritional Cardiovascular Epidemiology: Vitamin D; Aging, Care of Older Adults- Gerontology, desire to specialize in mental health issues: Depression/Dementia; Public Health: Health Disparities; College Health; Anti-Coagulation Specialist. Robust Aging Program Coordinator, Ruby Gerontology Department



James Santucci, Comparative Religion

Email:      Office: UH-312          X3727

Research interests: Theosophy, the Theosophical Society, Vedic literature, Theravada Buddhism, and Samkhya.



Parvin Shahrestani, Biological Science

Email:      Office: MH-103E          X 4233

Research Interest: Evolutionary genomics, population genetics, experimental evolution, aging, immunity, Drosophila melanogaster.



Dominick Sturz, Public Health

Email:      Office: EC-475          X 3316

Professor Sturz’s research interests include various domains of gerontology (particularly aging workers), spirituality and religiosity (especially in aging), mental health, and education.



Stephanie Vaughn, Nursing

Email:      Office: EC-127B          X7927

Dr. Vaughn’s research interests include stroke prevention behaviors, management of stroke sequela in both men and women, and social presence in online learning environments of diverse student populations.