Alumni Highlights

Michelle Yerke (Class of 2010)

Social Services Supervisor

Senior Center in Central Park, Community & Library Service, City of Huntington Beach

Michelle Yerke

Michelle first discovered her passion for working with older adults through a CSUF Human Services internship. After the internship, Michelle secured a position and worked as a lead Care Manager with the local senior center for several years. Ultimately she returned to CSUF and earned a Master’s in Gerontology which helped round out her knowledge base and provided great connections with others in the field of Gerontology.


Currently she is the Social Services Supervisor at the Senior Center in Central Park and oversees the Care Management, Home Delivered Meals, Transportation, and Volunteer Services, all of which are possible through exceptional staff and volunteers.  Go to the Huntington Beach website to learn more about the programs that Ms. Yerke runs.


Denise Noguera (Class of 2012)

Call Center Manger (Program Administrator II) 

Ventura County Area Agency On Aging 

Denise Noguera-Valenzuela

Denise has worked for VCAAA almost 9 years. She started as a Case Manager for Care Transitions, then a Program Coordinator for the Fall Prevention Program, followed by the position of Case Manager for the Housing + Program with Housing Authority, and then became a Program Manager I where she supervised staff & managed several of short term case management programs within the agency: Title IIIE Family Caregiver, Title IIIB Social Model Case Management, DA Elder Abuse XE, Alzheimer's Disease & Related Dementias & PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active Rewarding Lives). She also worked as their Grants Administrator and now as the I & A Manager (Call Center Manager). 


She has found that her degree in Aging Studies has rewarded her with many opportunities to do the work she loves.  She enjoys being a part of new projects and watching her staff learn and grow. 

Ryan Dickey (Class of 2015)

Information Technology Project Manager

CSUF Information Technology Department

Ryan Dickey

Ryan leverages his BA in Sociology from UCSB and his MS in Gerontology from CSUF to on a daily basis understand and bridge gaps between team members while he managing various projects both on and off campus.  Age differences are one of the key leaders to miscommunication and disconnection among groups, and his background allows him to navigate those intricacies to mitigate potential issues. 


A father of 2 and currently pursuing an MBA with an Information Systems emphasis from CSUF, he continues to look for opportunities to grow his knowledge in the management of people, processes and projects.  Ryan is also a leader and moderator of an online community of over five thousand individuals of all ages, ethnicities and genders.  He found having the ability to understand and emphasize across all age ranges that he gained through his Gerontology degree has been key to keeping order through the potential discord of a large community. 


Ryan was also the president of the CSUF chapter of the Sigma Phi Omega Gerontology Honors society from 2014-2015.

MSG Program Alumni

These alumni have let us know how they are using their Master of Science in Gerontology.  If you are an alumnus and would like to be listed here, please email


Graduating Class of 2016

  • Rosa A. Garcia
    Organization: Orange County Children Therapeutic Art Center (OCCTAC)
    Title: Case Manager, Early Intervention Services for Older Adults (EISOA)
    In addition to work at OCCTAC, Rosa Garcia  also works at Santa Ana College as and Instructor for Older Adults.


Graduating Class of 2014

  • Olga Quezada
    Organization:  California Department of Public Health
    In addition to working for the State of California, Olga Quezada has recently published a book, Olga's Loving Grandmother.  If you have comments or questions, you may write to Olga at:
Olga Quezada, MSG, CPG
P.O. BOX 90034
Industry, CA 91715


Graduating Class of 2013

  • Harmony Kenny
    Organization:  Morningside of Fullerton Retirement Community
    Title:  Marketing Coordinator 
    Harmony Kenny helps clients and their families transition from home to the retirement community.


Graduating Class of 2011

  • Jena Chomchavalit
    Organization: Council on Aging Orange County
    Title: Community Relations Coordinator
  • Maricela Villa
    Organization: County of Orange, Social Services Agency
    Title: Employment and Eligibility Specialist


Graduating Class of 2010

  • Lauren Short
    Organization: Acacia Villas & Cambridge Court (both facilities are owned by the same company)
    Title: Activities Director
    Responsibilities: Oversee the activities department, the activities assistants, volunteers and interns at both communities.
  • Jessica Litchfield
    Organization: Atherton
    Title: Director of Life Enrichment/Volunteers
  • Marilyn Fedorow
    Organization: Council on Aging Orange County
    Title: Editor, Program Director, Answers Guide


Graduating Class of 2009 

  • Lori Davis
    Organization: Attentive Home Care
    Title: Director of Care Management
    Responsibilities: Assessment, Care Plan, Care Management, Training
  • Michelle Fox
    Organization: St. Joseph Heritage Health
    Title: Social Worker
    Responsibilities: Medical Social Worker
  • Ruth Ledesma
    Organization: Adult Protective Services
    Title: Senior Social Worker
  • Anne Uhlig
    Organization: (unemployed in profession of either OTA or MSOT)
    Title: Occupational Therapy Assistant
    Responsibilities: Teach Tai Chi in community


Graduating Class of 2008 

  • Lauren Anderson
    Organization: South County Adult day Services
    Title: Geriatric Care Manager
    Responsibilities: Social services and referrals for older adults in a supervised setting and their families


Graduating Class of 2007 

  • Susie DiGiovanna
    Organization: City of Newport Beach OASIS Senior Center
    Title: Social Services Supervisor
    Responsibilities: Information and Referrals, Transportation Program, Education and Outreach
  • Rosaneli Loza
    Organization: SCAN Health Plan
    Title: Geriatric Care Manager
  • Benjamin Surmi
    Organization: Washington State Vancouver; Koelsch Senior Communities
    Title: Professor; Director of Life Improvement; National Program Specialist


Graduating Class of 2006


Graduating Class of 2004 

  • Katherine Herreid
    Organization: Alzheimer's Association-South Dakota Chapter
    Title: Program Director