Welcome to the Women and Gender & Queer Studies Programs!

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Welcome to the Women and Gender Studies student lounge!

Welcome, and come on in!
The WGST/QS student lounge, Humanities 212, is open and a great spot to get coffee, study, grab a snack, or just hang out!

   About the Women and Gender Studies and Queer Studies Programs:

We offer a Bachelor's Degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies (36 units), a Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies (24 units), and a Minor in Queer Studies (21 units).

Our courses explore the ways that gender and sexuality work to shape people’s lives. We explore the lives of women (cis and trans), men (cis and trans), nonbinary & two-spirit people, and gender-expansive folks, through texts, art, social and cultural practices, and social institutions, both local and global, historical and contemporary.

We also examine the structures of inequality, movements for social change, and the intersections of gender with other dimensions of difference and inequality, such as race, class, sexuality, disability, religion, and national origin.

What can I do with a BA or a Minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies and/or a Minor in Queer Studies?

Our graduates are prepared to find work in every career field. You can find our students working in business, law, education, health, nonprofit, and social services to name a few. 

If you plan to attend graduate school, GSS provides great undergrad foundation for programs in gender studies, sociology, law, social work, education, psychology, public administration, and multiple health programs (med school, public health). The possibilities are endless! 

Our majors, double majors, and minors learn how to research, problem-solve, advocate, collaborate, and be innovative leaders. As a result, the education we offer equips our graduates with critical thinking and analytical skills that make them highly adaptable and successful in a broad range of careers.

Our graduates become:




Social Workers



Non-Profit Directors 


Business Leaders

Community Activists



* To declare the WGST major or one of our minors please contact our Department Advisor, Cam Batiste, here: https://hss.fullerton.edu/womens/Students/advising.aspx