Dr. Smythe Lecture





What is Women and Gender Studies and Queer Studies?

Women and Gender Studies and Queer Studies students explore a wide variety of historic and contemporary topics, which include gender, sexuality, queer theory, race/racism, culture, activism, privilege, and social and reproductive justice/injustice through theory, philosophy, art, literature, film, and the social sciences. Our students engage, explore, and interrogate these topics in challenging discussions that move beyond the surface, as a way to practice and improve critical thinking. We believe that learning happens through critical thinking and meaningful interactions. 

Why a degree in Women & Gender Studies or Queer Studies?

Students who choose to add the Women and Gender Studies major or minor or the Queer Studies minor do so because they are looking for a level of learning beyond job preparation. Getting an education consists of more than acquiring a skill set that you may or may not use in the future. Women and Gender Studies students are not treated like potential workers who are only valued for their ability to become productive members of society. Our students are valued as human beings with the capacity to think critically and take action. Because of the nature of our curriculum, Women's Studies graduates come to the world with valuable insight that travels through many disciplines. As a result, our graduates are prepared to pursue careers in a variety of fields such as education, law, counseling, social work, health care, journalism, art, business, human services, nursing, and many professional arenas.