The Women and Gender Studies Student Lounge, Humanities 212, is OPEN!

The department office, in H230, is also open and ready to support students. You can reach the WGSTQS staff by phone or email at 657.278.3888 or


Welcome to the Women and Gender & Queer Studies Programs!

Welcome to the Women and Gender Studies student lounge!

Welcome, and come on in!
The WGST/QS student lounge, Humanities 212, is open and a great spot to get coffee, study, watch a film, or just hang out!


A message in these unprecedented times from the WGST/QS Faculty:
The Women and Gender Studies and Queer Studies Department stands in solidarity with our Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) communities across the country as they respond to multiple recent acts of violence, associated spikes in hate crimes, and the historical systemic racism that predicts such acts. We join in solidarity with CSUF's Asian American Studies Dept. demanding an end to anti-Asian racism and violence and "an end to elected and public leaders’ intentional use of racist, anti-Asian language that scapegoats and blames APIDA communities for the COVID-19 pandemic and other social and political issues." Please read CSUF's ASAM Dept's multiple statements here.

As such times demand, we also and simultaneously hold up, affirm, and stand in solidarity with our Black students, colleagues, and communities across the country as they, too, respond to the systemic violence, racism and police violence that continues. Please read CSUF's African American Studies Department's Letter of Support To Our Students.

Additionally, the WGST/QS Deptartment collectively support the rights of transgender people, and transgender students, to be treated with dignity, to use their accurate names and pronouns, and to participate in athletics and other activities that match their gender identity.

The CSUF Women and Gender and Queer Studies faculty believe that all people have a right to live in safe and affirming communities. We are commited to dismantling white supremacy, systemic racism, transphobia and homophobia on our campus, in our communities, and across our country.


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WGST/QS students and faculty working for social justice!

About the Women and Gender Studies and Queer Studies Programs:
Women and Gender Studies and Queer Studies courses explore the myriad ways in which the culturally-constructed understandings of gender, sexuality, and experiences and meanings related to the body and embodiment shape our identities, cultures and institutions. We pay particular attention to the intersectional modes through which these identity categories, and related effects of power, are experienced, including the influences of racialization, race, and white supremacy, class, religion, citizenship, ableism, heteronorms, and other social constructed categories. Our courses are designed to move students from exploring ideas through a variety of theoretical frames, to the application of these by way of active engagement with contemporary social issues. This can take many forms, including campus and community organizing and activism, writing, research, and publishing workshops and opportunities, along with occasions to work collaboratively with faculty and other students on a variety of projects. 

What you can do with a degree or minor in Women and Gender Studies and/or the minor in Queer Studies:
The expertise WGST/QS majors, double majors, and minors gain in critical thinking, research, problem solving, leadership, social justice principles, diversity and global perspectives, and oral/written communication positively distinguish them for a variety of private and public positions, as well as being exceptional preparation for advanced university degrees. WGST/QS graduates have gone on to make significant contributions in the fields of law, social services, arts and literature, education, community development, health, human resources, business, government, psychology, and higher education, among others.

Whether you are interested in bolstering your qualifications for employment, or applying to graduate or law school, a degree or minor designation in Women and Gender Studies and/or Queer Studies demonstrates a breadth of knowledge from a diverse, interdisciplinary perspective that positively distinguishes our graduates.

Please make an appointment to meet with a WGST/QS faculty member if you'd like more information.