Women & Gender Studies Program Council

The Women's Studies Faculty Council comprises full-time and part-time members of staff and faculty, adjunct faculty, at-large faculty, and former Women's Studies Program coordinators. In addition, one student is elected each academic year to serve as a student representative on the Council. The members of the Council are committed to supporting, developing and extending the Women's Studies Program. Council meetings are dedicated in large part to personnel evaluations and curriculum decisions, as well as scholarships and award offerings.

Shelly Arsenault 
(Political Science)
Kristin Beals 
Terri Snyder 
(American Studies)
April Bullock 
(Liberal Studies)
Dana Collins 
Cheryl Cooky 
Amy Coplan 
Barbra Erickson 
Pamela Fiber-Ostrow 
(Political Science)
Reyes Fidalgo 
(Modern Languages)
Natalie Fousekis 
Cora Granata 
Erin Hollis 
Craig McConnell 
(Liberal Studies)
Valerie O'Regan 
(Political Science)
Patricia Perez 
(Chicana/o Studies)
Michael Perez 
Jennifer Yee 
(Asian American Studies)
Leila Zenderland 
(American Studies)