Women & Gender Studies Affiliated Faculty

Faculty from across the disciplines at Cal State Fullerton teach courses for the Women & Gender Studies and Queer Studies curriculum.  Our students benefit from a wide range of disciplinary knowledges, multiple pedagogical approaches to gender issues, and many supportive faculty mentors in this interdisciplinary program. 

Here are our affiliated faculty:

Kristin J. Kleinjans (Economics)- kkleinjans@fullerton.edu
Amy Coplan (Philosophy)- acoplan@fullerton.edu
Eliza Noh (Asian American Studies)- enoh@fullerton.edu
Dana Collins (Sociology)- dcollins@fullerton.edu
Jill Rosenbaum (Politics, Administration and Justice)- jrosenbaum@fullerton.edu
Kristine Dennehy (History)- kdennehy@fullerton.edu
Paticia Perez (Chicano/Chicana Studies)- pperez@fullerton.edu
Jennifer Yee (Asian American Studies)- jyee@fullerton.edu
Emily Lee (Philosophy)- elee@fullerton.edu
Kendall Radcliffe (Afro-Ethnic Studies)- kradcliffe@fullerton.edu
Pamela Steinle (American Studies)- psteinle@fullerton.edu
Stacy Mallicoat (Politics, Administration and Justice)- smallicoat@fullerton.edu
Leila Zenderland (American Studies)- lzenderland@fullerton.edu
Natalie Fousekis (History)- nfousekis@fullerton.edu
April Bullock (Liberal Studies)- abullock@fullerton.edu
Reyes Fidalgo (Modern Labguages)- rfidalgo@fullerton.edu
Shelly Arsneault (Politics, Administration and Justice)- sarseneault@fullerton.edu
Pamela Fiber (Politics, Administration and Justice)- pfiber@fullerton.edu
Cora Granata (History)- cgranata@fullerton.edu
Valerie O'Regan (Politics, Administration and Justice)- voregan@fullerton.edu
Craig McConnell (Liberal Studies)- cmcconnell@fullerton.edu
Shari Starrett (Philosophy)- sstarrett@fullerton.edu
Debra Winters (Visual Arts)- dwinters@fullerton.edu
Terri Snyder (American Studies)- snyder@fullerton.edu
John Ibson (American Studies)- jibson@fullerton.edu
Carrie Lane (American Studies)- clane@fullerton.edu
Sandra Perez-Linggi (Modern Languages)- splinggi@fullerton.edu
Jarret Lovell (Politics, Administration and Justice)- jlovell@fullerton.edu
Lezlee Hinesmon-Matthews (Afro-Ethnic Studies) –lhinesmon-matthews@fullerton.edu
Tom Fujita-Rony (Asian American Studies)- tfujitarony@fullerton.edu
Alexandro Gradilla (Chicano/a Studies)- agradilla@fullerton.edu
Jeanette Solano (Comparative Religion)- jsolano@fullerton.edu
Barbara Erickson (Anthropology)- beerickson@fullerton.edu
Gayle Brunelle (History)- gbrunelle@fullerton.edu
Nancy Fitch (History)- nfitch@fullerton.edu 
Jasamin Rostam-Kolayi (History)- jrostam@fullerton.edu
Michael Perez (Sociology)- mperez@fullerton.edu 
Rachel Lindheim (Liberal Studies)- rlindheim@fullerton.edu