Minor in Japanese

In addition to the major in Japanese, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers a minor in Japanese. The minor consists of 12 units of upper-division course work. Prior to enrolling in upper-division courses, students must have successfully completed Japanese 204 or have an equivalent proficiency in the language as determined by an advisor. 

Lower-Division Japanese courses:

Japanese 101, 102 Fundamental Japanese A, B (3 units, 3 units)

Japanese 203 Intermediate Japanese A and JAPN 213 Japanese Cultural Conversation and Composition A
(co-requisites: 3 units each)
Japanese 204 Intermediate Japanese B and JAPN 214 Japanese Cultural Conversation and Composition B
(co-requisites: 3 units each)

Upper-Division Requirements (12 units) Six units from the following:

Japanese 305* Advanced Japanese A (3 units)

Japanese 306* Advanced Japanese B (3 units)

Japanese 307* Advanced Spoken Japanese (3 units)

Japanese 308* Advanced  Grammar and Composition (3 units)

*Native speakers should consult with their advisor.

Six units from the following:

Japanese 310 Japanese for Business (3 units)

Japanese 311 Japanese for International Business (3 units)

Japanese 315 Introduction to Japanese Civilization I (3 units)

Japanese 316 Modern Japan (3 units)

Japanese 375 Introduction to Literary Forms (3 units)

Japanese 408 Advanced Writing on Current Issues (3 units)

Japanese 420 Medieval Japanese Literature (3 units)

Japanese 440 Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature (3 units)

Japanese 450 Japanese Culture and Society in Film (3 units)

Japanese 466 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics (3 units)

Japanese 467 Japanese Language and Society (3 units)

Japanese 468 Japanese-English Contrastive Analysis (3 units)

Japanese 485T Senior Seminar: Variable Topics in Japanese (3 units)

Japanese 499 Independent Study (1-3 units)