French Course Rotation

2020-2028 French Course RotationPDF File

French Courses Offered at CSUF in Spring 2022

Please register early!  TITAN registration begins November 1, 2021.  If you are an upper-division French student, it is important that you register ASAP in 300 and 400 classes in order to avoid class cancellations.  

For registration details, see here.

If you are uncertain of your current level of French, please consult Dr. Helen Domon for advisement.

FREN 101 - Fundamental French-A  (3 units)

Section 1:        MW         10:00-11:15am                                      H-321B                    
Section 50:     TBA                                                                             WEB-OF
Section 51:     TBA                                                                             WEB-OF
Category: Language & Culture | GE Category C2
Introduces essentials of the French language: fundamental vocabulary and grammatical structures. Conversational and reading/writing skills are equally stressed, and relevant cultural aspects are considered. Conducted in French. 

FREN 102 - Fundamental French - B (3 units)
Section 50:      TBA                                                                            WEB-OF
Category: Language & Culture | GE Category C2
Prerequisite: FREN 101 or equivalent
Continues introduction of fundamental vocabulary and grammatical structures. Maintains equal emphasis on speaking and reading/writing skills, along with considerations of French culture. Conducted in French. 

FREN 204 - Intermediate French-B   (3 units)
Section 01:      TuTh      10:00-11:15am                                     H-516
Category: Language & Culture | GE Category C2
Prerequisite: FREN 203 or equivalent
Intensive review of grammatical structures; developing mastery of conversational and compositional skills at the intermediate level.  Conducted in French.

FREN 310 - French in the Professional World  (3 units)
Section 1:      TuTh  11:30-12:45pm                                           H-516
Category: Language
Prerequisite: FREN 204 or equivalent
Working knowledge of spoken and written professional language usage in the French-speaking world. Emphasizes cultural and sociological contexts of professional interaction. Use of appropriate current periodicals and electronic resources. Conducted in French.

FREN 325 - Contemporary French Civilization (3 units)
Section 1:   TuTh     2:30am - 3:45pm                                      H-516
Category: Culture | GE Category C3
Prerequisite: FREN 204 or equivalent
Contemporary French culture organized along the lines of economics, geography, political life, social and artistic institutions. Conducted in French.

FREN 485 - Senior Seminar in French Studies (3 units)
Section 50:  TBA                                                                             WEB-OF
Category: All
Prerequisite: 3 units from 407, 408, 409, 435T, 466, 470, 471 or 472 (or consent of instructor) 
Students will develop an individualized research project to integrate and expand their knowledge and skills. They will analyze and synthesize, debate, and evaluate their own and other students’ projects on social, literary, linguistic, cultural, and/or philosophical issues related to the French-speaking world. May be repeated for credit with different topic.

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Club Advisor: Dr. Helen Domon
President: Alessadro Calame

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