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French Courses Offered at CSUF in Fall 2019

Please register early!  TITAN registration begins April 15, 2019.  If you are an upper-division French student, it is important that you register ASAP in 300 and 400 classes in order to avoid class cancellations.  

For registration details, see here.

If you are uncertain of your current level of French, please consult Dr. Fanny Daubigny for advisement.

FREN 101 - Fundamental French-A  (5)

Section 1:  TuTh         2:30-4:45pm                                                       KHS 164                   
Section 2:   TuTh       10:00am - 12:15pm                                        LH 322
Section 3:    MW          4:00-6:15pm                                                        H 321B
Introduces essentials of the French language: fundamental vocabulary and grammatical structures. Conversational and reading/writing skills are equally stressed, and relevant cultural aspects are considered. Conducted in French.

FREN 203 - Intermediate French-A   (3)
Section 1:     MW       10:00-11:15am                                               H 513
Prerequisite: French 102.
Intensive practice in conversation and composition involving intermediate-level use of language and further exploration of French culture. Practice in the language laboratory is required. Conducted in French

FREN 308 - Advanced Composition and Grammar  (3)
Section 1:      ThTh  1:00-2:15pm                                                             H 513
Prerequisite: FREN 204 .
Helps achieve advanced levels of oral and written expression. Literary materials provide a basis for discussions, systematic study of complex modes of expression and thoughtful compositions. Conducted in French.

FREN 315 - Origins of Modern France (3)
Section 1:   MW     2:30am - 3:45pm                                                       H 513
Prequisite: French 204 or equivalent.
Social, intellectual and artistic origins of French civilization. Conducted in French.

FREN  375 — Explorations in Literature (3)
Section 1: MW      11:30am-12:45pm                                                      H 513
Prerequisite:  French 204. 
Promotes deeper understanding and appreciation of French literary texts. Each genre (narrative, dramatic, poetic) introduces great writers. In-depth study of selected works initiates students to critical modes of reading and tools for literary analysis. Conducted in French.

FREN 407 - French Film (3)
Section 1:  Th  5:30-8:15pm                                                                                H 516
Prerequisite: French 204 or equivalent and sucessfull completion of 3 units of upper-division course work in French.
Developing art of the French film, with special emphasis on the many roles of language. Montage, visual/verbal meaning, literary/cinematic narrative, non-realistic language, read language, non-narrative continuity. Conducted in English.

FREN 409 - Techniques of French-English Translation (3)
Section 1:  Tu   4:00-6:45pm                                                                                  H 513
Prerequisite: Fench 307
Overview of theories of translation; examines several types and examples of translation (technical to literary). Actual translation from English to French and French to English.

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