Chinese Minor

 Intermediate-level competency is required in Chinese prior to pursuing the minor.  Students can achieve this level of competency by completing any of the following: lower-level division courses at CSUF, community college and/or high school; AP examinations; and/or study-abroad at a foreign institution.

Upper-Division Requirements (12 units)

Six units from the following:

CHIN 315 - Introduction to Chinese Civilization (3) or
CHIN 325 - Contemporary Chinese Culture (3)
CHIN 385 - Advanced Chinese Cultural Communications (3)

In consultation with an adviser, six units from the following: 

CHIN 310 – Mandarin Chinese in the Business World (3)
CHIN 311 – Mandarin Chinese for International Business (3)
CHIN 390 - Chinese Culture through Cinema and Literature (3)
CHIN 407 – Chinese Film (3)
CHIN 466 – Introduction to Chinese Linguistics(3)  

Total (12 units)

Questions may be directed to the Chinese Program Coordinator, Dr. Jack Liu: