Chinese Studies Society

Chinese Studies Society (CSS) is a non-profit and non-partisan cultural student organization at California State University, Fullerton for students interested in learning Chinese culture and language. Our topics in the past have ranged from holidays and festivals, traditional culture, modern culture such as hip hop and pop music, Chinese medicine, dialects and accents, and much more. Our workshops have included calligraphy, lantern-making, and knot-tying. We also welcome guest speakers to discuss career opportunities, study abroad, and other outreach opportunities in the community.

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Chinese Studies Society 2021-22 Board Members:

President: Selena Liu (Business Administration; Accounting and Finance),

Vice President: Program Diretor, Marketing Director: Nathan Tang (Communications),

Treasurer: Geroge Chang (Psychology & Chemistry),

Designer: Peiying Liang (Fine Arts; Graphic Design),

Student Advisor: Laura Anderson (Business Administration; Accounting and Finance),

Alumni Advisor: Titus Sudarno (Compueter Science and Economics),


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If you are interested in joining the Chinese Studies Society, contact us through any of the above outlets and we can add you to our Facebook chat.
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You can also find us on Instagram: @csufchinese
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Adviser: Dr. Jack Liu
President: Laura Anderson