Chinese Minor (Total 12 units)

University Catalog Description

The Chinese minor prepares students to express themselves in spoken and written Chinese in culturally appropriate ways at an advanced level, while learning about linguistics, literature, culture, history, business and society in Chinese-speaking communities around the world. The minor enriches and complements any major field of study.

Intermediate-level competency is required in Chinese prior to pursuing the minor. Students can achieve this level of competency by completing any of the following: lower-level division courses at CSUF, community college and/or high school; AP examinations; and/or study-abroad at a foreign institution.

Required (12 units)

Choose in consultation with an adviser.  Any upper-division (over 300-level) Chinese course could be selected below:

CHIN 310 – Mandarin Chinese in the Business World (3) (Spring)(Conducted in Chinese)

CHIN 311 – Mandarin Chinese for International Business (3) (Fall)(Conducted in Chinese)

CHIN 315 - Introduction to Chinese Civilization (3) (Fall , Summer) (Conducted in Chinese)
CHIN 325 - Contemporary Chinese Culture (3) (Spring) (Conducted in Chinese)
CHIN 385 - Advanced Chinese Cultural Communications (3) (Fall) (Taught primarily in English)

CHIN 390 - Chinese Culture through Cinema and Literature (3) (Fall and Spring) (Taught primarily in English)


Questions may be directed to the Chinese Program Coordinator, Dr. Jack Liu:

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