Master of Science in Gerontology: Requirements


The Master of Science in Gerontology requires 30 units of approved graduate work with a minimum of 21 units at the 500 level.

A. CORE COURSES (18 units)

Gerontology 500: Applied Gerontology/Professional Development (3)

Gerontology 501: Research Methods in Gerontology (3)

Gerontology 503: Aging and Public Policy (3)

Gerontology 507: Biopsychosocial Aging (3)

Gerontology 535: Evaluation and Program Planning (3)

Gerontology 595: Gerontology Internship (3)

B. ELECTIVES (9 units)

Electives are offered directly through the Gerontology Program or are cross-listed with other departments. Given that Gerontology is a multidisciplinary program, students are required to take, in addition to Gerontology-housed electives, electives from some of these other departments. Contact the   Gerontology Department Advisor   or the   Gerontology Academic Programs Office   for more information regarding electives.


In addition to the completion of coursework, you will be required to complete a culminating activity for the degree. You may choose either a thesis or a project.

Gerontology 597: Project (3)

Gerontology 598: Thesis (3)