WGQSSA Meeting Notice

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About Our Students:

WGST and QS students discuss, debate, analyze and critique current cultural and social issues, grounding their discussions in feminist, queer, and intersectional theoretical frames. Putting theory into practice, WGST and QS classes are invloved in conferences, staged interventions, social justcie events and protests, public education actions, and many other forms of activism and public engagement in the interest of promoting social justice.


For Our Students

All enrolled and interested WGST & QS students are eligible for membership in the Women & Gender & Queer Studies Student Association (WGQSSA).

Curious about what its like to be a part of the Women and Gender Studies and Queer Studies Department at CSUF? Take a look at our News and Events page where you can learn about our 2019-20 Valedictorian and read about some of the experiences of the 2020 graduating class.