Latin American Studies Faculty


Brenda Bowser
Specialization: Ethnoarchaeology, Indigenous communities, Amazonia.
Office: MH-426D

Karen Stocker
Specialization: Peoples of Latin America, Cultural Change, Tourism.
Office: MH-477E

Carl Wendt
Specialization: Archaeology, Mesoamerica, GIS.
Office: MH-061

Business and Economics

Gabriela Best 
Specialization: Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Mexico.
Office: SGMH-3379

Denise Stanley
Specialization: Economic Development, International Migration from Central America.
Office: SGMH-3393

Chicana/o Studies

Alexandro Gradilla
Specialization: Ethnic and Racial Studies, Political Theory, Social Movements.
Office: H-324F

Erualdo González
Specialization: Urban Planning, Community Development, Cultural Change/Public Policy.
Office: H-312B 

Monica Hanna
Specialization: World Literature, Nationalisms and Transnationalisms, Migration.
Office: H-324C

Gabriela Núñez
Specialization: Cultural Studies in the Americas, Ethnic U.S. Literatures.
Office: H-324D

Patricia Pérez
Specialization: Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Immigrant Status in Education.
Office: H-312G


Ricardo Valencia
Specialization: Transnational Public Relations, Global Media, Political Communications, Nonprofit Activism, Public Diplomacy, Race and Ethnicity, and Whitness.
Office: CP-460-23

English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics

David Kelman
Specialization: World Literature, 19th & 20th Century Latin America.
Office: GH-438


Robert Voeks
Specialization: Cultural Ecology, Ethnobotany, African Diaspora, Brazil.
Office: H-407 


Stephen Neufeld
Specialization: Military History, 19th Century Social History, Cultural History of Mexico.
Office: H-735L

Philippe Zacair
Specialization: 19th Century Caribbean nationalisms, Colonial and Modern Latin America.
Office: H-710D

Modern Languages and Literatures

Eric Carbajal
Specialization: Spanish American Literature and Culture, History and Politics, Quechua and Indigenous Languages of Latin America.
Office: H-825H

James Hussar
Specialization: Spanish, Portuguese, Jewish Latin American literature.
Office: H-835C

Juan Ishikawa
Specialization: Spanish, Portuguese, Transpacific Studies
Office: H-820C

Sandra Pérez
Specialization: Spanish, Cultural Studies, Colonial literature.
Office: PLS-160E

André Zampaulo
Specialization: Spanish and Portuguese, specializing in Phonetics, Phonology, and Historical Linguistics.
Office: H-820A


John Koegel
Specialization: History of Music, Ethnomusicology, Music of Mexico.
Office: CPAC-237

Political Science

Valerie R. O’Regan
Specialization: International Relations, Women and Politics, Politics of Latin America.
Office:  GH-519


Lucia Alcala
Specialization:  Child Development, Indigenous Communities of Mesoamerica, P'urhepech and Tucatec Maya Chile Rearing Practices.
Office: H-730H

Visual Arts

Elisa C. Mandell
Specialization: Pre-Columbian, Colonial, & Modern Latin American Art, History of Museums
Office: VA-190A