Our mission is to expand critical thinking, communication and civic-mindedness through an engaging and interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on the arts, humanities and social sciences. We aim to prepare our students for future academic and employment endeavors in order to be successful leaders.

Our vision is to establish and uphold a premier Chicana/o Studies Department that promotes social justice through student-centered teaching/mentoring, research and service that focuses on Chicana/o- and Latina/o-origin communities.


The Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies, Concentration in Chicana and Chicano Studies is designed to provide students with the opportunity to expand their critical thinking, communication and civic mindedness through an engaging and interdisciplinary curriculum focused on the arts, humanities and social sciences. The program in Chicana/o Studies offers students an interdisciplinary education rooted in social justice-based traditions, writing, reading and expression. The program’s students learn to be ethical, culturally competent leaders in their communities. Alumni have gone on to graduate school and careers in education, mass media, marketing, community development, community organizing, social work, medicine, law and a wide variety of positions in federal, state and government.

student learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history and contemporary developments of the field of Chicana/o Studies—its intellectual traditions, theories, and methodologies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the role of critical theoretical and interdisciplinary perspectives to understand power dynamics.
  • Demonstrate literacy in qualitative and quantitative research traditions.
  • Develop and communicate clear, well-organized research papers through multiple delivery methods for diverse audiences.
  • Engage in technology and multimedia oral presentations.
  • Engage in group communication and projects.
  • Engage in social justice practices in communities.


The Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies offers courses for advanced study in the following graduate degree programs: