Students of Asian American Studies have wide, interdisciplinary interests, ranging from counseling, psychology, education, kinesiology, business, engineering, sociology, medicine, and the law to history, American studies, gender and sexuality studies, cultural studies, languages, and the arts. What most ASAM students have in common is a desire to learn about identity and community, as well as a desire to use their education toward becoming effective community members and impactful leaders. As critical scholars, majors and minors within the department learn through active engagement inside and outside the classroom, whether in the form of community-focused research, service learning, or student leadership. ASAM students maintain close affinities with the Asian Pacific American Resource Center and the larger professional field of Asian American studies. As community-builders, ASAM students often come together in formal and informal settings, such as student clubs, annual banquets, and departmental gatherings open to all students seeking belonging within a close-knit community.


One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was adding Asian American Studies as my second major. Ever since I majored in Asian American studies, I have been lucky enough to work with the most amazing mentors who have helped me realize my potential as a student and as a leader. I will always take what I have learned as an ASAM major with me as I pursue my goal of helping my community.

-Tracey Nguyen, ASAM and Psychology

 Asian American Studies was the first step that allowed me to really claim my own space on this campus. Not only has it taught me to understand and learn more about the complexities of APIDA history and community, but it also has guided me through a journey of self-exploration and growth. I am excited to see where it will continue to take me in the future!

-Minji Kim, ASAM and Psychology