About Our Alumni 



Alumni of Asian American Studies apply their education across a wide variety of careers and interests. Graduates become educators (elementary and high school teachers, student affairs professionals, university faculty, or independent scholars), social workers, artists, health/medical professionals, public health advocates and policy makers, entrepreneurs/business leaders, engineers, legal advocates, and community organizers, leaders, and activists, to name a few. Whatever their career paths, ASAM graduates take with them a holistic educational experience aimed toward creativity, self-determination, civic mindedness, and lifelong learning. Alumni draw from their ASAM education not only to adapt to changing job markets but also to shape their careers and lifelong development. ASAM graduates envision and work toward fostering healthy communities and a just society and world. The sensitivity and attachment to community that ASAM graduates develop lead many alumni to give back to current ASAM students through mentoring, contributing financially to the department, and participating in departmental initiatives.



My name is Quyen Le, and I am a CSUF ASAM alumna from 2013. Currently, I am a graduate school applicant in the hopes of becoming an ethnic studies professor someday. Like many people, I did not come into college expecting to pursue Asian-American Studies, but something clicked for me the first time I ever took an ethnic studies class. This program made me the person I am today. It reaffirmed an intrinsic belief that the world is good place, and that there is always space for healing and growth. ASAM is my home and the love of my life; I am grateful to have been found by it.

-Quyen Le

 Declaring a major in Asian American Studies was the best decision of my undergraduate experience at Cal State Fullerton. Whether I am planning festivals for Little Tokyo or out with friends, the ASAM curriculum at CSUF has provided me with a foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills that I use every day. I recommend the major or minor to any student that wants to enhance their college experience with a caring and accessible faculty as well as a curriculum that will encourage and challenge them to think deeper.-

-Kent Marume

Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Community Engagement Manager