Minor Internship

For a minor, you are required to complete one semester of internship units. An academic internship is a work-learning partnership between a student, the university, and a host company or organization that bears a direct relationship to a student’s major and professional goals.


The aging studies minor has its own internship class, AGNG 495. Students are able to take either AGNG 495, or they may take an internship course in their own major while making sure the internship site deals with older adults.



The Internship Class requires the approval of the Aging Studies Internship Coordinator and registration with the CSUF Center for Internships and Community Service (CICE). Further information can be obtained by on their websiteOpens in new window .


You should register for the class as you would for any other class. The class will be listed under your major. You should also contact the Aging Studies Internship Advisor after registering for the class through Titan Online to begin the process of locating a suitable location and completing the necessary forms.


TIME requirement

You will complete 120-150 internship hours at your desired location. This equates to 8+ hours per week at your internship site. Here is a link to a pdf file of the Internship Time Sheet that will be signed and approved by the supervisor at your internship site:  

http://www.fullerton.edu/cice/_resources/pdfs/student/Timesheet.pdfOpens in new window



You should select an internship location that matches your interests. Many sites are already approved as an internship location with the Center for Internships and Community Service (CICE). If the site you have chosen is not yet approved, approval takes 2-3 weeks. You may contact the CICE Office for further information.


The Aging Studies Internship Coordinator will guide you with class registration, site location and site registration. You may locate your own internship location. Alternately, you will be matched with several potential locations that may suit your interests.



If you are interested in attending an internship site that is already signed up with the CICE, simply go to the Jobs and Internships link on the career center website:

http://www.fullerton.edu/career/students/jobs-internships/Opens in new window

  1. Login using your campus login.
  2. Use key terms like “older adult”, “hospice”, “palliative”, “adult day care”, and restrict your search to Orange County or Fullerton and healthcare.
  3. Then contact the primary contact people for your preferred site.



  • Plan ahead! Getting an internship can take time, especially if you are interested in signing up your site with the CICE.
  • Keep the Aging Studies Internship Coordinator up to date with your internship decisions. The current coordinator is Professor Karen Wong.Opens in new window
  • Occassionally, research that involves working with older adults or a previous internship can be counted as your minor internship. Check with the internship coordinator to see if this will work for you!